Apenas uma prévia do clima de arraial que vai pintar por aqui. Em junho completamos um ano de existência! Vai ter muita novidade boa vindo!

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friday vibe | via our new friends at @seasidetones_aus | winter is on its way, what's your favourite season for apparel? ☀️🍂❄️🌻| #seasidetones #australianlabel #communityconceptstore #launchingthisspring

All smiles because tomorrow is FRIYAY & the beginning of a long weekend 😍🇺🇸✌🏻
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#intentionalliving ⛺️🏕⛺️ #homeawayfromhome @thefoxrun 🧡💋🦊 ladies, vixens, sisters, mothers ...you make my soul fly so high. Thank God(dess) for you ...each of you. May we all stay safe, stay true, stay wonderful & grow happier in this life...until we can hug again. My heart sends smooches & smiles! ☺️🔮🦋💯💋
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Sun’s out🌞florals out🌼

Ein Reisebus mit Japanern hat sich für den gegenüberstehenden Bullen interessiert, ich dagegen bin nur für sie gekommen: Das „fearless girl“ steht für mich für Zukunft, Zuversicht, Mut und natürlich für Girlpower und Feminismus ✌🏻❤️ Supercool oder? Da steht sie mit stolzer Brust mitten auf der Wall Street im Trubel der Finanzmärkte 👨🏽‍💼👨🏼‍💼👨🏿‍💼#supportyourlocalgirlgang

I had this crazy idea to
put a few women I adore, admire and root for in a room to personally tell them “I see you” and in Gods infinite power he made this dream a reality.
Women Of Influence was a moment for me to honor trailblazers in the digital space and their constant strive towards greatness. It’s difficult to put yourself out there, to try new things and to stay positive through the mess in order to get to the magic but these women among so many others made a decision to push through and THAT is the fairytale itself. Lots of love to each Queen that was in the room😍❤️💫 As you know, empowered women, EMPOWER women. That’s the only way to do it. That’s the only we rise and that’s the only we take over. Cheers to more checks and cheers to the Fairytale.....LET’S KEEP FIGHTING👑👑👑👑
To my @bumblebizz, @bumble & #OneTakeStace team, WE DID IT!!!! I love you guys so much,Thank you for believing in my vision.
SWIPE for the magic, there’s an abundance 🙏🏾
Photos by @mr.badbeard

Artesanal 🖤

Choker & earring set $20 🌞🌴 These are perfect for summer-super cute and easy. They both have a quartz pendant and the stud earrings are also quartz! .
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Tassel earrings are going online tonight babes!! ✌🏻🌟💕
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Antes de começar a desenvolver o layout do blog tirei um tempo para definir todos os assuntos que falaríamos nele.
Ao longo dos próximos dias vou compartilhando com vocês as pautas principais do blog.
Se tiverem alguma sugestão deixe nos comentários que eu vou amar saber! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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@ladiesgetpaid invited me to speak on their Recruiter Roundtable last night @moz_hq and despite being a human ball of sweat, I had so much fun. 💃🏼💃🏼 Most of my professional experience has been in recruiting, and it was SO RAD to be able to share information with a (packed!) room of smart, fearless, sassy, and amazing women. I remember feeling SO fucking confused when I started looking for my first job, and even though I don’t recruit 100% of the time anymore I get so much satisfaction helping badasses navigate the Narnia that is job searching. 👩🏼‍💻 Unrelated, but I need to make donuts for an event tonight and I cant decide if I should top them with gummy bears or oreos. Help! 🤷🏼‍♀️ #DonutsAndDownDog

Our store just got a huge makeover! We are filled with AMAZING new Spring collections, so come check them out! 🌺🌴💗 #supportyourlocalgirlgang #shoplocal #treatyoself #eastcoastwestcoast #wishdenver #wboutiquedenver

*strike a pose.

um pouco das fotos pra Severino (@severino.shop). só sigam, o que vem por aí tá foda demais! 📸

@danilocsa @xbx.jpg #supportyourlocalgirlgang

A veces reflejan la realidad, y a veces crean una nueva perspectiva. Quédate pendiente para que veas lo que hicimos de #temasixaya esta semana 🔮. #SupportYourLocalGirlGang

File under things I haven’t taken off since I made it. Cast from a leaf of a tree right outside the LMJ studio!! Snag a leaf ring tomorrow at open studio, or online in our FLORA section of the shop now 🍃

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