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Go Check Out My Lil Cameo In The New @traviskorey ⬅️(Full Video) 😂 Ft. @itsjbabyxo & @anamarte__ (I Promise I Didnt Really Pick It 💀🙄) #supportyourfriends Baseball Jersey x @mizizishop

Find a group of friends that uplift, motivate, and encourage one another, once you find that you've struck gold❤️ my group of girlfriends are the purest kind of beauty, beautiful inside and out, it's like we are a garden watering each other to help each other grow💕 I'm so lucky #bekind #everyoneswelcomehere #noonewantstobeameangirl #supportyourfriends #summer2017 #florida #nillythesquid #nillylife #squidworthy #squid #myfriendsarehot #whitegirls #youcantotallysitwithus #followthem

Confidence is the result of taking ACTION with Grace. Who's coming to @WanderlustFest to FLY and BASE! 🤘
I'm stoked to be teaching 7 Epic #AcroYoga classes with my talented Co Teacher and great friend @AubryMarie 💪😝☝️ I also have a dynamic group of epic yogis as my assistants to help you find the beauty of balanced connection through practice🙏 We have some epic classes planned for you to grow and discover your power to Trust and Support a community of friends! Get ready to #SupportYourFriends and make some #YogaArt⚡️😜 Did I mention @KevinParisMusic is here to serenade you and keep the Vibes high as we AcroYoga all day! Schedule is below 🙌😝✔️
Thursday July 20th
8:00 am: Calibrations: The Art of Just Right"
Friday July 21st
8:00 am: AcroYoga 101
4:00 pm: AcroYoga: Counterbalancing
Saturday July 22nd
10:00 am: AcroYoga: Beyond Connection
2:00 pm: Acrobatic Flying FUN
Sunday July 23rd
10:00 am: Therapeutic Flying Fun
2:00 pm: More Base! Super Fly

This woman right here is the real deal. She is a world missionary who loves people and never stops sacrificing to make sure people are taken care of. On any given day, she is responsible for the well-being of many lives and I'm grateful to have witnessed her in action. She is the reason I was able to come to Ecuador. It was an honor being able to meet the other missionaries, engage with your students, and share my music in Durán. Your lyricism and poetry is liberating. Your legend status is solidified. I can't wait to read your book one day. #SupportYourFriends #WorldMissionary

Thank you Chloe for my collage, I really appreciate it ❤️ @cdog_170

Cheesin' cause it's FRIDAY! Claim your own Chollette Crown today at Chollette.com 👑 •


If You Really Work Hard You Can Turn A Negative To Positive. The Homie @jbettis420 Was In A Dark Place But Found The Light. Buy His New Book #ThePowerOfWords Now #LinkInHisBIO #SupportYourFriends #HomeTownHeroes

Just us! 20 years later ❤️ #americancancersociety #supportyourfriends


Just two boss babe besties! Follow my bestie the personal shopper & stylist @_lolascloset ! Look out for a collaboration❤️. #supportyourfriends #besties

So you say you like #DeepSoulfulHouse music right? Well all of that music was birthed from this thing we call #DISCO. Tonight you have one of the masters gracing the decks to give you a proper lesson. Join @djkemit as he welcomes his special guest Nicky Siano to @musicroom327 for a night of great music. #mysquad #supportyourfriends #atldancesessions

I'm so happy I could cry! Fran you've blown me away since I met you in France. There's something about your style that's always drawn me in like a moth to a flame. I am ecstatic and honored to get to display one of your embroideries in my lil home. Thank you for making me this piece, I can't tell you enough how much I love it ❤️

Much love!! #supportyourfriends when it's for a good cause!! I'm trying to save my Black young son from this messed up system that's all!! #blackteensmatter don't let this system take OUR SONS!!

More friends doing awesome stuff. Bobby did the #shibori and Billy did the manufacturing. We're pretty into it all. .
#brothers #teamwork #wehavecoolfriends #supportsmallbusiness #brandblack #sneakers #theexception #artattackdiner #indigo #handmade #supportyourfriends #orlandosalon #alchemyorlando

Brought to you by a couple curators in the city of Philadelphia for our beautiful black people ❤️ Brunch next Sunday at Gunners run! 🥂 follow @beautifullyblackphl #linkinbio
#brunch #mimosas #supportyourfriends #blackisbeautiful #philly #philadelphia #phillybrunch

Happy Saturday ! Hope you all enjoy the weekend ✌️ #weekendvibes #saturday #supportlocal #supportyourfriends #quoteoftheday

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