Another welcome addition to #RefillBrentwood 💧 But can you guess where this sticker is...? 💗 I love this place 😊 There is always a warm welcome and you can now feed your word and biscuit habit at the same time 😉 I’ll give you a clue - they’re celebrating #ibw2018 this week 👍
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It’s @justacard campaign week and I thought this would be a good chance to introduce myself to all my new fellow crafty followers! I’m already late for day 1 (as per standard) so here’s prompts 1 and 2 combined: who are you and what does #justacard mean to you. .
1) Hi, I’m Sarah and I like to make cute charms and jewellery. I’m an illustrator and have just finished a degree in children’s book illustration— check out my illustration account @samcatillustration for my artwork! I am a relatively new craftmaker, I made my first polymer clay crafts last summer and didn’t make anything else for a while due to focusing on my uni course. I had a HUGE need to try more polymer clay and resin crafting though, and a couple of months ago I started again. So far I’ve made sea turtles, spooky cat chokers and heart phone charms, and I have plans to make lots more! I’m beginning to get more confident with polymer clay sculpting as I have been thinking of lots of new cute animal designs, and I’m still a beginner with resin but all the different possibilities excite me. While I enjoy making kawaii decoden type of items and accessories, I want to put my main focus on making jewellery that is unique just to me. Please bear with me while I do a lot of experimenting over the next few months while I figure out what I’m best at and what works well for me! I’m looking forward to embarking on this craft journey of discovery with you 🚢 🌊 .
2) They say that “when you order something from an independent shop, a real life person does an actual happy dance” and it’s SO TRUE! While I am still building up my online store, I have run a couple of craft fairs recently and it makes me so happy when people want to buy my things! Even if it’s just a £1 phone charm, it just makes me feel all warm and happy to think that something I have made is going to a good home. Starting out is really tough, but I’m hoping to keep making products I’m proud of so that someone can get a really unique made with love gift. 💗
Thank you @justacard for this campaign! Here is a little doodle of me doing some resin crafting 🧙‍♀️ take care everyone! Happy making!

You’re Fab! Well, it pretty much encapsulates what my small indie business needs to grow and provides a great support to help spread the message. Mainly that it doesn’t matter if you buy just a card, a pin, a frame, a bow...you are supporting a small business and keeping the #creativecommunity afloat. The #happydance 💃 is a definitely the go to response from myself when someone buys something from me. So keep buying and keep us dancing! We live in a time of change, our high streets are starting to reflect this. Places like @on_thehighstreet @no38vintageemporium @afterglow.olney @walterandmay @smallstuff_uk are just a few beginning the evolution from big brand to #shopsmall. It has influenced the way I buy, it means so much more. The internet has been a huge platform in spreading this message, as it has with allowing me space to sell my work. I’ve also met so many great folks and read wondrously positive stories from other #smallindiebusiness ‘ that power your next step. @justacard have paved the way for many, thank you. Laura x
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How dope is it to watch YOUR own brand come to life right in front of your eyes?! I said 2018 was my year. Looking forward to much success and having more opportunities to help others create art that they can be proud of!!! Thank you to EVERYONEwho has supported me, attended and/or booked one of my pARTies 🎉 I truly appreciate each and every person who has made my brand a success! #InvestInBre #BelievingInBre #bookedAndBusy #sipandpaint #paintandsip #adultparty #blackgirlswhopaint #PaintAndJuiceBoxpARTies #PaintandJuiceBox #paintpARTiesWithBre #art #bookedAndBusy #kidsparty #party #paint #childrensparty #party #paint #paintparty #baltimore #maryland #GetToKnowMe #GetToKnowBre #spreadtheword #supportlocalbusiness #supportindependentbusiness

Day 2 of @justacard challenge is What does the Just a Card Campaign mean to you?
Well it means so much - it is the sense of being part of a supportive community of like minded people. It is the feeling of fighting back against the domination of big companies and the flooding of the market with mass produced tat. It is about supporting originality and creativity.
Just a card is a brilliant slogan - each small purchase (our cats are our card equivalent) matters so much - to boost confidence, to validate all the hard work and lots of small orders all add up!
#justacard #supportartists #supporthandmade #buyfromartists #supportindependentbusiness

Those of you that know us know we don't sell anything. All we do is aim to help independent retail shops, gift shops, garden centres, galleries etc find new and interesting UK designed products.
Pop over to our website and have a look around. All we ask is that you let the Designer know you found them through us. That way we keep our jobs and can continue to hunt down the great designers out there!!!! Saying that we get a warm tingly feeling when ever one of our clients tell us they have made a contact that led to a sale thanks to our service.

I love to tingling !! So come on people support your local shops 💕💕🤸🤸🤞🤞👍👍💕💕
#justacard #myshopshoutout
@justacard #supportindependentbusiness
#shopsmall #indieretail

We just received beautiful Garlic Scapes from @holcombfarmcsa! We can’t wait to start cooking with them! 😍

Day 2 of the @justacard challenge and the theme is What the Just A Card message means to me.
Well, for me it gives me a platform to talk to customers/friends/family about how important literally "just a card" is to every independent business (or piece of fruit from the local greengrocer, cup of coffee from the independent café, single piece of fish from the fishmongers, single chop from the local butchers - you get the idea!).
It also helps spread the word that shopping with local business keeps the community vibrant and interesting and makes it a place that people want to live in and visit.
I don't know the figures but for every £1 spent locally a huge percentage of it stays locally. A tiny percentage of money spent in a big business remains in the local community. #justacardweek
#lovelocal #supportlocal #supportindieshops #supportyourhighstreet #supportindependentbusiness #smallbusiness #smallbiz #buylocal #justacard

The Costa in my town centre is shut for maintenance at the moment and I needed a coffee after my shift at work today so I went to a recently opened independent coffee shop instead and I had the best cup of coffee I've had in a long time. #supportindependentbusiness #coffeesnob #coffee #shopindependent #coffeeshop

Yay! We’re cool!!! ☃️ We’ll be open normal hours, till 5pm! Stop in for a refreshing Fountain of Youth smoothie.

Hello all you lovely people! 💚 it's @justacard week this week 18-22 June – They’re running a 5-day challenge where you can get involved and spread the message about encouraging more people to support independents. 💌 Day 1: ‘YOU: Share your story’: I’m Laura, the one woman behind @ljb_studio. I haven’t really shown my face on here before so thought it was about time! 👋🏻 I feel incredibly lucky to do what I love everyday, working in an industry I feel so passionate about. 4 and a half years ago I set out on a journey to launch my own studio, specialising in highly crafted and thoughtful print design. The love of craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail, enables my work to have a clear distinct, luxury and desirable quality – of which centres around multi-sensory design focusing on creating tactile experiences rather than visual appeal. I believe design should make you feel something and for me that's through the sense of touch where you can have a more immersive experience. 💛 I’m equally passionate about helping our creative industry, especially other independents. The #JustACard campaign is a great initiative to be part of, as it aims to encourage people to value and support Independent Shops, Designers & Makers, and I couldn’t be more for it!! Hope you’ll join me and share your story today 💚
#ljbstudio ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#justacard ⠀⠀⠀
#independentdesigner ⠀⠀⠀
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Still on my holibobs 😁🚗☀️ The road trip now has us camped up in the Dordogne. 🏕🏖Back next week in time for the @thenostalgiashow - hopefully see you there. Don't forget that it's @justacard week too and although I'm not there, there are thousands of independent businesses to offer your support to - see you all soon x
#frenchholiday #frenchroadtrip #dordogne #justacard #supportindependentbusiness #stillonmyholidays #backsoon #campingleparadis

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