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Wanna hear a maker secret?
We HATE shipping cost more than you!! Ok, maybe not a secret, but just in case you didn't know. 😉 High shipping cost could mean we don't make the sale. Also, wood signs are the worst 😩 and sometimes Etsy doesn't calculate the correct shipping and we end up covering the difference. We are always looking for ways to make the process cheaper on all of us.
So to those of you that purchase anyway, THANK YOU! and to those who don't , I GET IT! Shipping cost are a booger! :/
On a more positive note, I was recently introduced to this free priority tape by my amazing postal lady! It saves a ton! 😍

Thank you to all who made an order since yesterday's release, this collection is nearly sold out! To grab one of the final pieces, the shop link is www.toxicvisionstore.com . All orders ship by the end of the week! #toxicvision #supporthandmade #cloak #death #macabre #darkart #sewing #occult #alternative #handcrafted #cemetery #graveyard

Y'all really seem to be loving copper, almost every copper piece I've made recently has found its home! 💚 I'm listening to you beautiful souls! I have a handful of new copper necklaces that will be available soon but first - patina 🙌🏽💙
I always love watching the transformation!

🌻 Meine Tochter liebt Prinzessin Lillifee - ich eher nicht so, wobei diese Sache mit einem Einhorn als Haustier durchaus was für sich hat... Jedenfalls habe ich mich mal an meiner Version davon versucht. Gut, die Haare sind nicht ganz originalgetreu, aber so gefallen sie mir viel besser. Wie findet Ihr meine Prinzessin Lillifee? 🌻
🌻 My daughter loves Princess Lillifee - I think she is only known in Germany. Basically it's a fairy princess with a pet unicorn. I don't like her that much - apart from that unicorn thing, of course. Anyway, I made my very own version of her that I love so much even though I went kind of crazy with her hair. How do you like my Princess Lillifee? 🌻
🌻 Basierend auf / Based on "Yun Shu" by @crochetwawa - with severe modifications regarding the clothing, hair, and wings🌻

This is the face I make when folks come in and wanna take photos of me working. Strong hand. 🇺🇸

This maker is exhausted today 🕸


• April 6th
🔸Open to all 🔸BUY IN: $15usd as good and services ONLY
🔸PAYPAL: info@ciaoco.net
🔸payment guarantees spot.
🔸Add in the notes the following Info: IG name, # of followers, giveaway date and/or name. (If you don't do this we will have to cancel your payment and you won't be able to participate in the loop)

Herinner je het cadeautje 🎁 voor Koen nog? Dit is wat erin zat: Een unieke versie van "Noa& #34; met zijn naam erop. Hoe tof is dat?! 🙆🏻‍♂ Wil jij ook zo'n te gekke slabber voor 20 euro maak je er jezelf of iemand anders blij mee. 🍃 DM voor meer info.
#wensday #babymusthave #babykado #babykleding #zerowastefashion
Do you remember the present 🎁 for Koen? This is what he was getting: An one of a kind "Noa& #34; with his name. Isn't that awesome?! 🙆🏻‍♂ Do you also want one of those awesome bibs or make someone else happy with it? they are yours for 20euro. 🍃 DM for more info.

Moooorning! So much excitement going on here at the moment and I have to keep it all shhhhhs. 😒 which is really boring and no fun. But it is very very exciting! For now here's my unicorn money jar which seem to have turned a few heads yesterday! Still one of my favs 🖤🦄 avalible now from the etsy store. I'm off to try not to throw up at the smell of cold salsa in the fridge 🤢🤘🏻🖤

#bearclawco #unicorn #unicorns #unicorn🦄 #unicornlove #etsy #etsyseller #etsyfinds #etsysellersofinstagram #notjusttforkids #home #homedecor #moneyjar #savings #moneybox #kidssavings #pocketmoney #kids #kidsfashion #kidsroom #kidsdecor #supportsmallbusiness #supporthandmade #handmadewithlove

Thank you all for your support! Have loved my small business so far!!! Wouldn't be successful without all the compliments, brand reps and buyers wonderful feedback and photography skills!

🦇coffinzzz. Available on the site! 〰www.rabbitbonesx.etsy.com〰

It's starting to heat up now so there's no better time than right now to treat your feet. Foot scrubs are one of our best sellers. Use these for a few days and see the difference to your feet.
We have 4 fragrances to pick from.......but hurry as these sell out super quickly!

#MissIdeas #littleideaswithlove #handmade #smallbusiness #supporthandmade #LIWL #bathtime #pamper #relaxing #bathbomblady #footscrubs #htlmp


Thanks so much for all of your easter orders so far! I'll be closing my books on Sunday 2nd April so grab your treat bags /place setting favour bags soon as I'm only making a limited number! #girlfriday 🐣🐰@walterandmay

Ring dishes - so much more versatile than they name would suggest. Available on the website.
Link in bio 🌿

#gotthehotsforthepots #bluealwaysandforever

Treat yourself to a little Peony & Peppermint, the perfect companion to lighter and brighter days 🌸 Pic by @tempsec #naturalcandles #ecocandles #peonies #candlecult #currentlyburning

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