~ When old souls find each other again ~ "I don’t know how you are so familiar to me, or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before...in another time, a different place, some other existence." -Lang Leav

I used that same quote last year to describe this luminous queen and our profound connection to each other. I’m using it again today because no other quote fits so perfectly.

Two old souls reconnecting in a different life time. That’s what this picture embodies.

You know when you meet someone and you know in your gut it's not the first time? Well if there’s anything I’ve learned for certain in this lifetime it’s to...
Trust your gut.
Its crazy to think I’ve only known this dark haired goddess for less than two years, yet every second I spend with her I am reminded that I have in fact known her for much longer than my logical brain can even comprehend.
We are halfway through the @luminousheartyoga YTT together. It’s been a wild ride so far with so much love emulating in every direction that we actually attracted so much energy we found ourselves inside a lightening bolt. ⚡️ Literally. - Stay tuned for a post on that story later.
@wildhearted_yogini, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I'm so happy to have found you again! I love you more every second I get to spend with you! I'm so blessed to have you as a teacher in my life, but even more so as my soul sister and dear dear friend!
You are better than unicorns and sparkly purple biodegradable glitter combined. You’re even better then the scent of fresh snowflakes falling from the sky. ❄️
I choose you every time.
You are loved!
I 💕 U!!
Know that always.

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👙: @mardeurano_ .
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I Am A Strong Woman... Built From Tragedies. A lot of What I've Been Thru Made Me A More Resilient, Wiser Warrior. Do I let Anything Stop Me Tho?! Hell Nooo!! Once A Crowded Circle Now Turned Micro, lol, But Just As More Powerfully Blessed With Support That Has Never Broken Thru The Test Of Time. GROWING TOGETHER, SUCCEEDING TOGETHER IS THE BEAUTY GOD WANTS YOU TO ABSORB & WITNESS! WHO NEEDS FRIENDS WHEN FAMILY IS ALL WHAT BEING RICH IS ABOUT!! I LOVE YOU ALL ❤ 😘👫👭👭😘❤ #Libra #LoveIsLove #Family1st #SupportEachOther #2018

R U OK? When last did you ask someone that question? And I don't mean asking in passing. I mean asking with conviction! And when you get a; 'I'm ok'... asking again. Maybe even with a 'R U really OK?'
We don't, do we? We often get so caught up in surviving each day of our own complicated lives, that you feel like there isn't any energy left in you to deal with the response of that question if the answer is a negative one.
I get it. I've felt that way. Half the time, Im so busy working on my own mental health that I feel I don't have the capacity to help with anyone elses.
But we don't need to 'help'.
We just need to listen.
And we all have the ability to do that. A loving word, a simple text, a hug. These small gestures have so much power for someone going through a tough time.
If I have neglected any of my friends by not asking this question while you've been having a tough time, I am sorry! I urge you to not wait for me to ask in the future. I want you to know that you can call on me whenever you feel the need. And I promise to try harder going forward.
If there is someone you know who might be struggling, today is the day to START asking the question! #ruokday2018
(And if you have a cute sleepy (Balinese beach) puppy to take to said struggling friend. Do that.) 🐶❤️

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Too good to not post! 😂👌🏼#befree it’s your journey! #respectyourself #selfcare #passion #dreams #freedom

This store is so awesome! They started to honor their sister who passed away from cancer. Check them out!
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I love it when creatives support other creatives. Somewhat recently, I did a photo shoot with the lovely @pmelizondo to get some nice photos for my Instagram and website. And they were beautiful, many thanks! .
She had also asked for some red Puff Blossom earrings. And so we bought each others’ product and kept the support rolling
It can be hard and sometimes discouraging to be an artist, designer, writer, really any kind of creative entrepreneur, but getting support from other entrepreneurs is truly wonderful. So if any of you needs a photographer, @pmelizondo is your gal 😉
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As a former award-winning CPA turned biz owner, that 1st category is so smart. Accountants tend to be very risk conservative, which is the opposite of what you need to be as a #smallbusinessowner. It’s great for balance and perspective. As an #entrepreneur we can love some crazy, risky ideas that need to be reined in sometimes. So shout out to my fellow “calculator heads” as champions & advisors of #smallbusiness ———-
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Miss my long black hair, I have just spent the last hour going through old memories and images of my past and I am struggling to see an end to this madness. I genuienly feel every single bit of effort that I am putting into getting to meetings, making sure im attending relapse prevention & other groups that are supposed to help me deal with cravings/triggers etc whilst waiting on another application to get more funding for rehabilitation is not even taken into consideration. .

I'm currently sat on my bed dwelling on what else I can do, I know I physically can't do this on my own no matter how many meetings I go to etc I need specialised specific help, as an inpatient. I need 1-2-1 support in respect of counselling (deep, soul searching physciatry). .

Im very aware that I can get clean that's not the hard part, it's staying clean. Being able to deal with life, the emotions that I go through and the symptoms of PTSD/Bipolar is so hard to deal with on a day to day basis. Its ok chucking 8 pills a day at me for my mental health but the medications I have trialed and errored for quite a few years seem to turn me the complete opposite way; I'm in a zombie-like state. I don't feel anything, I just sleep, eat too much and sit in silence. I have no emotions, at all. .

I would love the opportunity to go to rehabilitation, it would be a step for me that I NEED to take. I AM DESPERATE. I just want to get to a place where I can have a bit of serenity, peace and be available to my family as a mother, daughter, sister, friend & citizen. I am so desperate for this. .

One thing with me is that I won't lose faith, I wont give up, ill remain teachable and grateful for being in the situation I am. God bless & please give a moment for those still struggling 💜. .

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Love2Dance Camp Vol.8
May 23.-26.2019
We will be there with Fit&Funky™️ and Yoga - Do you want to join our team? Write us a DM!
At the LDC not only are there at least 40 different dance and fitness formats like Zumba®️ Fitness, Yoga, Pound, Masala Bhangra Workout®️, Streetdance, BodyBalance®️, Kapow®️, Bollywood , Fit&Funky™️, Reggaeton, Jawaiian Jam, Island Fusion, Afro Brazilian, Salsa, Samba and much more....it really is all about dancing with friends and taking your time to get to know them better!
That is why the LDC is a 4 day event. All day classes, all night Party!

Yes, there is a spa, a beach, food... everything you need to relax, but mind you, you might not get a lot of sleep... but a lot of fun! Be part of it, join the fun... people from all over the world come together to enjoy the festival, the most wonderful instructors and each other!
@love2dance_camp @love2dancecamp_trainerpage
Why sleep if you can DANCE?!
Follow us fore more...
@ichange_nk @namaskar_yoga_uster @funkydance_tanz_fitness @fitandfunky.ch
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We want to take a moment to send a huge THANK YOU to our teammate, friend, supporter, and the brainchild behind the creation of this year's Austin Women's Racing Ambassador Cup. 🙌
Deb Bailey's vision and execution of the Ambassador's Cup has helped foster greater community, deeper friendships, and ultimately the growth of women's cycling in central Texas. Her efforts brought all of the women's teams together, and boy did they deliver on a fantastic year!🏆
If you see Deb around, make sure to give her a hug and a high-five for all she's done. Oh - and come celebrate this great program on Oct. 6th at 4pm at @eastsidetavernaustin! 🎉
#wcw #womendoingamazingthings #supporteachother #girlsrock #womenwhoride #bikes

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