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Sueño cumplido! Lucas conoció a #superwhy -Lucas : "Gracias , estoy muy feliz"


Lindas que vieram abraçar a Carol hoje no #teatrovannucci ! Obrigada pelo carinho 😍amanhã tem mais !!!
#superwhy no Shopping da Gávea as 16H

This is a mashup of "Hip Hip Hooray" from the kids show "Super Why" and "Pity Party" by Melanie Martinez. Super Why is a kids show on PBS kids that's about 4 super heroes who solve people problems by traveling into books and changing their stories to give characters a happy ending. (I don't watch kids shows on a daily basis lmao don't worry) Crybaby had no one at her party. She only had her stuffed animals and random hats hanging from the ceiling. Super Why got a call on his "Super Duper" computer that Crybaby needed someone at her party to give her company. The Super readers all ran to the Book Club to transform into their superpowers. They flew into the "Crybaby" book and they found Crybaby sobbing on the floor, cake dropping from her hands, and popped balloons everywhere. They were too late. But the Super readers can fix this! (I know this so so cliche lmao 😂) Princess Presto spelled out the word "Cake" and another Cake appeared. Alpha Pig spelled out the word "balloons" and balloons appeared everywhere. Crybaby was appalled at the use of magic and she happily clapped her hands. Crybaby tried to grab the wand from Presto, but Presto waved it away. Crybaby finally got a hold of it, and magic started spewing everywhere. It destroyed the cake again, it destroyed the pastel ribbons, popped the rest of the balloons, and sprawled the board games everywhere. Crybaby started to cry. Super Why felt bad for her and looked down at her story and it said "I'll cry until my Pity Party's in flames." Super Why nodded and replaced the words "in flames" with "restored." Every object that was destroyed gets restored, and Crybaby runs and hugs Super Why, now crying happy tears. Hip hip hooray, the Super Readers saved the day! Wonder Red finds a word that rhymes with "day" which is "cliche" cause this story is really cliche 😂😂😂😂 But still, Pity Party can still have an alternate ending because Crybaby deserves her happy ending ☺️ QOTD: Was that description exhausting to read? 😂😂😂 If you guys want to repost this, credit me @little.body.blue.heart 💦 @littlebodybigheart #superwhy #melaniemartinez #crybaby #pityparty

Super Because I Said So is the best show on TV.

Still cracks me up 😂#FavoriteShow #superwhy #FirstCrush?


Sewing and superheroes at Unhooked Crochet HQ today.

Coach real talk coming at you in 3....2....1.....
**Stop saying "It's too expensive" and start saying "I'm not worth it"**
The reality is you aren't willing to sacrifice 1) Money 2) Time 3) or you're letting fear hold you back. It's that simple. You don't view your life or your health as valuable enough to invest in. .
The cost to get started with me is less than most gym memberships. Did you realize that or did you just assume it was "too expensive" for you? .
There is no cost for my coaching or access to my groups. You get me for FREE with your starter pack (starter pack = tools to get you results aka workouts, nutrition guide, shakeology). My constant checkins, personal guidance, encouragement, and behind the scenes motivation. .
Your health affects more than just YOU. It affects your family. Your children. As parents we either set an example of habits you'd be proud of them to mimic...or we don't. What do you think your kids will do as adults if they grew up living on fast food? Or maybe you're in a different season of life and you feel like it's too late to start a healthy journey. That too, is an excuse. It's never too late. Your family needs you around for as long as possible! .
Stop saying its "too expensive" to get started or "its too expensive" too eat healthy and turn to your loved ones and say "you're not worth the sacrifice and the hard work".
Man, that doesn't sit right does it? Makes your stomach turn? Me too. .
I'm passionate about making a healthy lifestyle change. I'm passionate about helping others along the way. .
I am mentoring 10 women in a private online accountability group starting May 1, and 7 of those spots are TAKEN. I have 3 left, and tonight is the last day to hold your spot. .
If you're ready to take the leap and step out of the fear zone, I'm your girl. I'm good at what I do and I am fiercely passionate about helping you get results the healthy way. .
Drop your favorite emoji below and I will reach out to you. These 3 spots will go fast, so grab yours TONIGHT. We start in ONE WEEK!

Him and is plane are modeling chocolate. Everything on this cake is edible. #superwhycake #superwhy #specialtycake #specialtycakes #customcake #customcakes #cake #cakes #cakesofinstagram #grandmasecrets

Despite Whyatt being one of Mi's first friends, he was a little scared to meet him in person today at Victory Field. 😂 #superwhy #rolltribe

I realized I'm just as bad with this pregnancy and bump pics as I was with the first 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can never remember!
11 weeks with Aiden on the left, 9 weeks with baby #2 on the right.
Bumdate week #9
Food: Still hating the thought of eating. Doing better at eating every two hours to keep my sugar levels regulated but struggling with the I'm so sick I don't want to eat mindset with the I'm so hungry I'm going to be sick. Oh the struggle! I haven't had a veggie unless it was in a smoothie in three weeks, just being real here.
Emotions: A wreck, every little thing makes me cry LOL
Weight: Gained 2-3 pounds
Sickness: Yes, awful. Primarily from 2pm on.
Cravings: Sushi? Of course 🤦🏻‍♀️ That ones going to have to wait a while.
Energy: None 😝

Growing a healthy baby bean in there, and already starting to show more at this stage than I did with Aiden 😳

The Baldridge family is enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. Aiden has a snotty nose (teething? Sick? Allergies? Not sure) and Mommy is afraid of leaving the house before she has to. Doctor will send in a prescription for nausea meds tomorrow and then hopefully we will be on the up swing! Daddy took Aiden on a trip to get Starbucks for me (the first coffee in three weeks) and I got to rest and take a shower in the quiet. Sometimes it's the little things. Puzzle time with my boys...and Lexi of course 😜

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