Sunday vibes with @oprah 's Supersoul Conversations on the speakers and meal prepping just looking for me third arm 😆💞and what is with my rogue baby hairs? 🤦🏼‍♀️ I am not always great at meal prepping, but to be able to eliminate this decision making and time consuming task during the week creates so much freedom. It also ensures I'm eating the most nutritious, high vibe food I can and lowers the chances of me caving and wasting money on postmates or picking up less healthy food to go. Stress=reduced. ▫️
Today at our @next_health team meeting we talked about compounding interest in the context of our lives. What we do in each minute compounds, grows larger, and becomes the results we see in our lives. This can be moments of nothing in stillness to create inner peace, and moments of action to create outward success, and I want both 😉🙌🏼It's about being intentional. How cool is it by the way that this is what we talk about at meetings? I am SO lucky 🙏🏼❤️
What can you do on slower paced days to eliminate minuscule, unnecessary, time consuming decision making on busier days that demand more of your energy? What can you decide you'll do with the moment at hand right now to keep you on a trajectory of mastery and freedom? Woo this feels good! Much love and have a beautiful day!! ☀️😘

TFW when your typical insecurities become your favorite things about your photos. If someone hasn’t told you today, you’re a fucking snowflake. Happy Sunday. 🌈

Consciously choosing to practice patience. I am exactly where I need to be and so are you. It seems like ever since the year began, people have been telling me that “Everything happens for a reason.” And it’s so true. Such a simple, straightforward sentence. I’ve heard the saying so many times before but it was only at the beginning of this year when I truly understood what that meant. Everything that you’re going through right now, good and bad, is preparing you for what’s to come. Hold onto your faith because blessings are on their way. Self-care is of utmost important in this “waiting period”. Doing whatever makes you happy and feel in full alignment with your purpose and repeating that. Raising that vibration to match what’s coming. Whatever aspect of your life it may be that you need to practice the virtue of patience on, know that the ugly is coming out right now so you can address it now. So when the time comes that what you’re praying and working hard for is finally here, you’d just have your focus on that and be able to savor it, appreciate it even more. 🖤
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More than anything, I want to be an agent of change by bringing light, inspiration and hope to people’s lives, whereby the spirit of love always shines through. 💙 #change #positive #mission #purpose #light #katananatasha #agent #positivity #inspire #create #love #faith #music #create #supersoulsunday #carmel #monterey #montereypeninsula #LA #philanthropy #sing #music #create #producer #movies #songs #write #author #story #marketing #media #kcomedia #artistmanagement

Which way we going @sapasioux ??? Oh, right, we headed to Sturgis!!!! qUest’s wolfpack = @a.quest.called.tribe is headed out on our annual ride to @sturgisrally We leave with hearts open and ready to find our triBE. May the wreckage we leave behind, BE grace and peace over all we toUch. Grateful to @indianmotorcycle for being so rad.
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"SUNDAY FUNDAY" Barbecue Party 👉Chaque dimanche 3pm-11pm
GooseBar: #53 Route de Tabarre(Plaza BricoLocal)
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🔷Limiting beliefs can be crippling to our personal growth & development. It’s very easy to stay within your comfort zone and not move forward towards new opportunities, adventures and experiences. We could be using excuses to stop us from trying something new. 🔷As we know from Somatics, variety is the spice of life. Your brain loves to grow, change and learn. It is constantly creating new neural connections when exposed to new or slightly different habits and behaviours. 🔷When you move out of your comfort zone, you are allowing your brain to notice, sense, feel and experience something different to your ‘norm.’ As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘do something each day that scares you.’ I would alter that slightly and say ‘do something each day that CHALLENGES you.’
🔷We know that we love routine and can become creatures of habit. Yet if we continue to ‘spice up’ our daily activities to keep our brain conscious, rather than living most of the day subconscious or like ‘groundhog day,’ we will live more in the present moment. We will enjoy life and enjoy challenges rather than fear them.
🔷Your brain is truly amazing and you are capable of more than you know. If you regularly step out of your comfort zone, you will start to enjoy the adventure. Your limiting beliefs will be challenged and replaced with ‘I can do..’ or ‘I’m more than capable of...’
🔷To learn more about mindset, limiting beliefs and mindfulness skills, go to www.TotalSomatics.com.
🔷You’ll learn how movement, mindset and mindfulness work together. Together they help you grow and develop in to a physically, mentally and emotionally resilient person.
🔷My online program has been designed to work with your lifestyle. It’s available 24/7 at your convenience. I’ve created videos, audios, podcasts, downloadable support material plus much more to help you grow and develop in the areas of Somatic movement, mindset and mindfulness.
🔷To learn more, CLICK MY BIO or go to www.TotalSomatics.com
❤️Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

We create our own reality with our thoughts and intentions. What Emerson inspires us to recognize is that when we set out on a mission or open our hearts to connection, that endless and abundant opportunities exist to help us achieve our wishes. 💫 Outcomes are an interplay between our inner motivation and openness to change and the outer current coming from the opportunities around us. 🌎 Have a blessed #SoulfulSunday.

The first step towards true enlightenment is to lighten up on yourself. Give yourself credit for goals you’ve achieved. Feed your mind encouragement as you enter the new week, and never stop daydreaming. Happy Sunday🌱

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