Season 1 Episode 27
The Nighthawk Returns

Red Ranger Morph 1

the Rangers arrive at Hyco Mountain Park. they found Brandon but it’s fake. it is Nighthawk because he steal Brandon’s morpher & construction train and morph into Orange Express Ranger.
Nighthawk: hey guys
Brittany: Brandon you alive
Matt: we save you dude
Chris: it’s good to be back on the team Brandon
Nighthawk: ha ha ha!!! yes it is
Michelle: guys it’s not Brandon. it’s not his voice
Caleb: who are you in the ranger suit?
Nighthawk: don’t ask me a question
Chris: who is it then?
Nighthawk: it’s me Nighthawk
Michelle: you tricked us
Chris: tell us right now or we destroy you Nighthawk
Nighthawk: ok, ok. Brandon is inside the monster body by the name of Zaram
Chris: guys go find Zaram and I fight Nighthawk one on one
Rangers: right
Chris: it’s morphin time, color train start up!!! Hyper Express Mode hyah!!!
Chris morph into Red Express Ranger and power up into Hyper Red Express Ranger.
Chris: Rail Saber!!! come on Nighthawk I’m sick and tired play games on you
Nighthawk: bring it red ranger. Maintenance Breaker yah!!!
Chris and Nighthawk fight against each other while the Rangers go find Zaram
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The new cast members joining the Beast Morpher Rangers Announced! Welcome to the Ranger Family!

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❗️ANNOUCED TODAY❗️by @hasbro @powerrangers and several wonderful fans! The new cast members for Power Rangers Beast Morphers!! @colbyjamesstrong as Blaze
@lianakramirez as Roxy
@abraham.rod as Nate
@kristina_ho as Betty
@cosmedflores as Ben
What do you think of the new editions to the family b/c I’m excited? Comment Below!! #PowerRangers #supersentai #itsmorphintime #powerrangersbeastmorphers #gogopowerrangers #rangerslayer #shatteredgrid #beastmorphers ##redranger #blueranger #yellowranger #redroyals #family #castreveal

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