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⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀Vian ✨
Bisexual/ Demon / Jennifer's body / kinky bitch / mean af / blunt / horny / chokers / poly / dog lover / meat lover / daddy / lazy af / doesn't believe in love / the neighborhood / epy / SoundCloud babe / beach babe / soft blankets /
Comment your favorite breed of dog for a tbh ✨

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Doctor Strange
Lady Deathstrike
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So I finished this GROSS ass banner and finally will reply to all the dms I've ignored , maybe ? Also credits to EditedHelped bc I can't change the shit on the first spacer fuck you ig

I already did this you know who I am sksks #ridgeviewrpg

for my baby -;
Hey, I adore you and I have for three months, and will forever more? I remember the night we first met, and how I told you I was gonna take you out into town, and scare you. Spook ya a lil cause I've always been kinda an asshole. I remember getting to your house, and you not answering the door cause you lost a shoe, in your bathtub if I remember properly. I remember I couldn't stop myself from laughing at that, oh that, and you losing your leather jacket. You'd already made my night then, along with your side comments. Since the beginning your sarcasm always got the best of me, you've always been hilarious and then it was one of my favourite things about you.
After me trying to scare you, it didn't go far. Instead we went back to my place and you.... well you met my pets, I still remember your face when my little teacup pigs ran up to you. You were almost cuterthan they were, and oh god did I ever melt.
Then your smile was my favourite thing about you, that and your laugh. Music to my ears. Then it was your hair. Then the crinkle of your nose, then it was the way you looked at me, then I couldn't make up my mind. You moulded into the perfect person for me. The only person I wanted to picture myself with for the rest of my life. I remember when I started to have feelings for you, I felt ridiculous, I believed you were far too good for someone like me, and I was getting this huge schoolgirl crush on you. I don't regret telling me that you had to like me instead of anyone else, that will forever be my favourite thing I blurted out without thinking.
Now it's been over three months, and I still melt whenever you call me those little pet names. Three months and you still give me goosebumps on my skin, and butterflies in my stomach. You still leave me breathless with every kiss, or touch. You're forever going to be the only person that I'll come back to after a long day, and I grin like some fool upon seeing you. You'll forever be the person that sets my insides on fire from something as simple as holding my hand. Because as much as i think you'll be the end of me due to all these feelings, you're also a whole new beginning. I adore you endlessly.

FILTER creds to Drew and Vintagetextures and ?

Mori looked up at y/c and blushed. Y/c had just gotten out of the shower and sleepy mori was brushing his teeth in his boxers. "Y/c do you /have/ to go to work today?" He pouted hugging him #yaoirp #yaoiroleplay #yurirp #yuriroleplay #roleplay #seme #semeneeded #uke #ukeneeded #animerp #animeroleplay #dirtyrp #daddyrp #cleanrp #supernaturalrp #monsterrp

First off, I solemnly swear to respect you.
If you make the decision to RP with me, I have a few rules
1. You must be Literate and write in third person. Responses must be up to 3-5 sentences. No first person.
2. Must be pretty active. You can't respond like once a day. I understand if our time schedules are different and I will make due.
3. Please be nice! If you are not interested in the RP than just ask me to spice things up or just kindly tell me you don't want to RP with me. I won't be mad.

Now, I don't have any limits. I will write smut, angst, fluff. Pretty much everything.
DM me if you wanna RP! If you have any triggers or limits, let me know! Thank you!
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