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📖If you want to live in Heaven, you must have supernatural life! #CAMO 📖READ Article➡ Click LINK IN BIO

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BREAKING NEWS: Housefires will be joining us at the Supernatural Life Conference! Come and worship our GOOD GOOD FATHER this September in Harrisburg PA.
For more info: globalcelebration.com

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I been thinking about a lot lately @taesplacehairsalon thank you #supernaturallife

Overflow of believers
Overflow of anointing
Overflow of the #supernaturalLife
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United Pursuit! Elevation Worship! Todd White! The Banovs!! I need to go to this conference in PA!! Anyone want to road trip with me?! #letsgo #supernaturallife #heavencome
@grilla36 you can't say no. Block out your calendar at work today!!!

"The moment you accepted Jesus in your life, you are already equipped to see the power of God outworking in your life." - Pastor James, as he talked about how to live a supernatural life.

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#OwnYourStory hello followers 👋🏼my name is Paymi. 👋 I'm Dominican decent. Came to USA 13 year ago, we empty hands and a mind full of ideas that slipped my mind towards to years pass. I became a single mom of 2 daughters. no college education, living behind bills and no support whatsoever I did my best to provide to my daughter a decent 🏡 home and to give them the basic necessities even though I sacrificed the most necessary valuable treasure "our time" together. I found myself depressed, sad, lost and angry about my situation and own self. I really let myself go to the point I gained weight, I was eating junk, drinking alcohol and feeling tired all time. We all that I understood I needed a change, I felt a big gap living an unhappy life. And 3 years ago, I found herbalife Nutrition. And I made the decision, to make the effort to investment on taking good care of Me! Soon I started the nutrition, I changed my bad eating habits and I started working out, I lost 35 pounds, increased my energy. The most noticeable difference was in my "Attitude" Something switch at the moment I started to take good care my body. Everyone around me started to noticed the difference in me, and I couldn't resist sharing the nutrition to others to. I needed them to understand why I was feeling so Amazing. I began to help hundreds of people to reach their own goals by sharing our amazing nutrition and providing outstanding services, support and motivation. Today I'm a full time wellness coach. I'm not Longer working 48hrs weekly staring on my feets, with no vacation or the rights to sick says, no lunch breaks, that doesn't even met my bills and debts. Those Long days of work away from my daughters, missing the important moments and celebrations are over.Today I can truly say ALL SHALL PASS- God was always UnderControl I thank god for the STRUGGLES , because of it I started #Herbalife. Im #ForeverGrateful For this blessing😭🙏🏼 this is the result of HELPING PEOPLE💚 hard work, dedication, consistency but what I think I have done differently from before was LOVING MYSELF ENOUGH to GETTING OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST #SuperNaturalLife .
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When you're looking forward to all that God has in store for you there's no time for looking back. Learn to trust His process for your life because His plans are far greater than our own. Enjoy your your life and God's blessings along the way to your greater! 😊🙏👑 #Shift #Change #GlowUp #SupernaturalLife #Queenin


Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester born may 2 1983 to John and Mary Winchester. Sam is the second child in the family, he is younger than his brother Dean for 4 years and over, Adam for 7 years. Named for his maternal grandfather Samuel Campbell. Dean is the only person allowed to call him "Sammy". Crowley, by contrast, calls him "lazarou" (probably because of his hair, big build and lack an appropriate sense of humor).
According to the character of Sam, in a great measure like his father, the same determination and obstinacy, and because of this they often quarreled. Also Sam's not a little from grandfather to father, high intelligence and the desire to find out all the details of the case on which you are working. For that, Dean was often called the younger brother a nerd and a dork.

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Hello 😊 This is my first post, follow me for more beautiful pictures of this guys 😂❤️ #supernatural #supernaturalfamily #supernaturalfandom #supernaturalfans4life #supernaturallove #supernaturallife

Oils I scanned today using my @itoviscanner:
🌿Breathe (Respiratory Blend) -This is the first oil I ever tried! Breathe is a blend of laurel leaf, eucalyptus, peppermint , melaleuca, lemon, cardamom, and ravensara essential oils. Breathe supports respiratory health and helps with allergies. Diffuse, inhale directly from palms, or rub on chest or feet.
🌿Bergamot -This is the oil of self - love and self -acceptance. Bergamot is very happy and uplifting! Just diffuse or inhale when feeling stressed or anxious. Apply to the skin while showering or add a drop of your facial cleanser for its purifying skin benefits. Add a drop of bergamot to tea or water. Apply to the bottom of your feet at night to help you relax. Bergamot is a photosensitive oil. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.*
Link to order https://goo.gl/SQMxB6
Which oil do you use more Breathe or Bergamot?
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