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Yeah superman batman does rock!!!#supermansucks

Only took me 12 years to grow a beard lol. On a serious note. From senior year, to my heaviest and going down the ladder to where I am not. The biggest shoutout of this goes to my coach and friend Jorge @garagegymmiami . 3rd picture was right before I started with him in June 2016. With him my diet was whatever and my workouts were your typical pushes and pulls. Now I am on a diet that works for me and dynamic workouts that change daily. Would also like to thank my girlfriend, friends and family for being the moral support and my rock through this journey. Now in 2018 it’s time to get serious and see how far I can take this. #batman #batcave #eatbigorgotwig #garagegym #hiitworkout #lifting #justiceleague #catwoman #harleyquinn #poisonivy #rasalghul #superman #supermansucks #batmanisbetter

When you say my batman has no powers hahaha lmfaoooooo #lol #batmanboner #batman #supermansucks

One time I ran out of shaving cream and someone suggested to use mayonnaise so I did and it cut up my face real bad...like what a waste of mayonnaise #BearsBeetsBattlestarGallactica #SupermanSucks also @kayla_lynn____ made this gorgeously filmed video of me dancing with the off brand version of the coca cola polar bear so make sure she knows how amazing of a job she did! #KaylaIsTheGreatest

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