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Just channeling my inner @tylermohrfishing with these cute lil sunnys! 😉🐟

#superiornationalforest #fishies #justkeepswimming

A super secret waterfall on a lesser explored North Shore river...
#minnesota #waterfall #northshore #superiornationalforest

“Fall Color Drive” - Yesterday I had to drive to Duluth and I had plenty of time so I decided to drive the backroads on the way down and look at fall colors. While the colors inland from Lake Superior are overall past their peak, there is still plenty of beauty to be found. For this photo I purposely shot a slow shutter speed to blur the movement of the trees as I drove down the road. I had my tripod set up on the passenger side of the car and used a remote trigger to take photos as I was driving. For those that are curious, this was a 1/3 second exposure. #visitcc #fallcolors #backroads #superiornationalforest

Best of seven series clinched 4 - 2! #cribbage #bwcaw #bwca #superiornationalforest #noskunks

Took college roomie and his boys on their first #boundarywaters canoe trip. #onlyinmn #superiornationalforest

180 miles/5days/maybe 10 miles of pavement. super fun riding with @mplsbruja. keep kicking ass #superiornationalforest #surlybikes 🍁🤘🏞️💿🚚


Wisconsin and Minnesota welcome signs are way nicer than any other states I've seen. Same with the rest stops. Seems unimportant, but I appreciated it

A few leaves catch the light of a bright fall morning following a rainy night on Oberg Mountain in Superior National Forest. Oberg and its nearby counterparts Moose and Leveaux Mountains are formed from jagged porphyry, giving them their moniker: the Sawtooth Mountains. A good hike, although @northshorefanatic prevailed upon me not to stand on the edge of a cliff for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sitting at work reminiscing about some hunting trips I've been on & this one is back in 2014 when I was Black Bear hunting in Northern MN 🐻 Ironically, I never did see one over my bait during daylight hours, but I was plenty entertained by the pack of wolves that came in. Mainly pups, but really cool to see how they formed a perimeter around the bait & took turns eating so they couldn't be outflanked or attacked. A little eerie, but ultra impressive 🐺

4 days of forest bathing / technology fasting / harvesting / elemental absorption #northshore #superiornationalforest

Wildlife is moving and changing. The King is officially scared of the woods after dark, thankfully. Out there he'd be dinner within an hour right now. I encountered a Bobcat a couple nights ago that the cats alerted me to, big handsome and deadly giant a** scary and absolutely beautiful cat. Ha.
#Guardian #SpecialDog #KingOfTheCabin #WildlifeAlarm #SmartBoy #DogsOfInsta #DogsOfInstagram #BWCA #BoundaryWaters #NorthernWoods #NorthWoods #SuperiorNationalForest #BlueEyeBrownEye #ProtectingEachother #Minnesota

The deciduous trees are pretty well bare, but there's still a glow of tamaracks on the horizon. #larch #autumn #visitcc #gunflinttrail

Right where the Temperance River spills into Lake Superior. Just a little park right off the coastal highway, but one of the gems of the trip

One of the most visited wildernesses in the U.S. graces today’s #ParkSpotlight with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Minnesota. Hidden within Superior National Forest, the wilderness is a popular site for canoers and kayakers who wish to explore the 1,200 miles of canoe routs, 12 hiking trails, and 2,000 campsites. Winter also welcomes opportunities for skiing, dog-sledding, and ice-fishing. Explorers can have a chance to witness wondrous wildlife, panoramic views, and Native American history.

I've been pitying myself a lot this month. Just when I thought I had a crazy summer, the month of October got even busier. I've barely had a full day in the woods by myself, and I've been struggling to find birds. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to even have an hour of daylight left to be out walking in the woods, regardless of spotting a grouse. Sometimes I forget how awesome my job is, because it allows me to run around in the trees working on burn projects. I've been trying to remind myself to be thankful, and think about what it must be like to sit in a cube at a desk all day before driving home on a jam packed freeway. That lifestyle may satisfy some people, but it has never been an option for me. Living in Ely has been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old, and I'm determined to remind myself that I get to live my dream almost every day.

This was delicious. Almost went with Eagle Rare because it was so easy to find, but had to go with something local to sip by the fire

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