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😂 How I feel about leaving. Thank you for the hospitality Thailand, next stop - Tokyo, Japan. If you've been, do you have any recommendations for me? I'm thinking I have to visit Mount Fuji... 🗻

Heidelberg has been one of my favorite stops yet & this healthy café made it even better 😍 Anyone going here has to visit @yourgreenlove -- they have loads of superfoods, smoothies, acai bowls, chia pudding, freshly made vegan desserts, coffees, matcha, etc. I caught them just in time because they first opened in April 🙌
@bridgerharlington and I shared the croissant (freshest thing I've ever eaten), chia pudding with fruit & amaranth crunch topping, spinach acai smoothie bowl, and I got the matcha latté 🍵
BTW this was our appetizer before lunch 😅✨ #RGEtravel #superfoods #healthytravel #europe #heidelberg

Probably the best smoothie bowl I've ever had! 😍 we even got to eat the coconut meat from the bowl afterwards 🙌


Berry delicious oats going up on a Tuesday. 💃🏼 Yeah, yeah I know...like you've never heard that before. 🙃 Loaded this bowl up with all the berries (minus bluebs 😢) post @orangetheory run/row day, which are my favorite. 😎 And now ya girl is off to work. HAPPY TUESDAY Y'ALL! 🎉 #fuelyourbody#eatgoodfeelgood#amandafitlife

Guten Morgen, #fitfam! 🙋🏻 Zum #transformationtuesday gibt’s mal ein etwas anderes #transformationpic von mir. Das Bild links fand ich gestern zufällig auf meiner alten Festplatte – eins der wenigen Bilder, die es aus der Zeit nach meinem Unfall gibt. Für alle, die neu dazugekommen sind: 2010 brach ich mir 4 Tage vor Weihnachten auf Glatteis die Wirbelsäule. Das waren die schlimmsten Schmerzen meines Lebens & ich wusste nicht, ob ich je wieder laufen könnte. Über 3 Monate konnte ich nur liegen & nicht mal selbst auf die Toilette gehen. Laufen lernte ich erst langsam wieder – das Foto entstand knapp 3 Monate nach dem #Unfall, kurz nach meinen ersten unfassbar schmerzhaften Stehversuchen auf Krücken mit dem Physiotherapeuten. Zu dem Zeitpunkt konnte ich keinen einzigen Schritt gehen. Nur vorgebeugt stehen. Und das war schon die Hölle. 😱 Danach musste mein Physio mich langsam wieder in die Waagerechte bringen. 😓 Liegen konnte ich nur auf der Seite mit Gummiring im Rücken. Das war meine Realität. Damals hätte ich nie gedacht, je wieder Sport & oder gar solche Verrenkungen machen zu können. 😱👆🏻 Aber: AUFGEBEN WAR NIE EINE OPTON! Ich trat mit meiner Seele ins Zwiegespräch & mir wurde klar: Der Unfall war ein ALARMSIGNAL! 🚨 Ich musste mein Leben ändern. In jeder Hinsicht. Es war ein verdammt harter Weg. 😏 Aber ich wollte STARK sein & #Sport machen können. Diese Gedanken trainierte ich ständig & richtete meinen #Focus darauf. So schaffte ich es letztlich, mich aus dieser Misere heraus zu kämpfen. 💪🏻😈👊🏻 Ich kann Euch nur sagen: Seid #DANKBAR, #fit & #gesund zu sein. #bethankful Heute weiß ich, dass alles aus einem bestimmten Grund geschieht & der Unfall hat mich viel näher zu mir selbst gebracht. #FIGHTFORIT 💪🏻😈👊🏻 #believeinyourself #youarestrong ☺️🙏🏻 Jetzt schlürfe ich meine #Greens 🌱💚 von #MisterFit (➡️ #Stories#Rabattcode s.u. 👇🏻), dann geht’s ins #Gym zum #Brusttraining, danach spreche ich eine TV-Werbung 🗣🎙 & dann schreibe ich weiter #Supergirl. 👩🏻‍💻💻 Was steht bei Euch an? Habt einen tollen Dienstag! 🙋🏻☀️ -
#Supplements & #Superfoods 👉🏻 @misterfit.de 👉🏻 #Code CHRIS10 👉🏻 10% #Rabatt! ✅
#throwback #motivation #fitnessblog #loveyourself #transform #blog

Simple life is beautiful life. A healthy life means a Happy life, a Happy life means a Healthy life . Sounds fabulous isn't it 😍 This chiapudding is the most simplest chiapudding ever just one magical ingredient which is rose water 😋 and that's it . Super easy and your delicious breakie is ready . Some days all you need is Simple things to make you happy no fancy stuff .. Though I don't believe in fancy stuff... all you need is few handful ingredients and you still can create magic on your plate every single day . Food doesn't have to be complicated ... If you are a home cook like me then all you need is love love and love for yourself and for whom you are cooking 😍
Simple Kitchen rule 😍 We all are capable than we know 👍So enjoy simple things in life . Live life and love life . Have a fabulous day ahead.
Lots of love from Mon
Catch you later 🙋
For this Recipe you need
Coconut milk
Soy milk
1tsp rose water
Handful nuts
Raw agave

Sparkly, glittery, unicorn #toasttuesday brought to you by super goddess @vibrantandpure! 🦄🍞💖 Teach us your ways! We just can't get enough! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Smoothies are for toppings 😉
Make your fave smoothie and top it with @purely_elizabeth granola and plenty of @wild_friends 🥜🤤
Thanks to @jodiewurst_fitness for sharing your #wildfriendsfun 🐿

Started the day at @theclassbytt followed by trying out the new green smoothie bowl that's launching at @juicepress in the next weeks 🌱👌🏼 SOOO GOOD! Perfectly creamy, not sweet & topped with crunchy GF granola, coconut chips, cashews & tummy goth berries 🌞 Before it hits the shelves, try your own by blending almond milk, spinach, kale, banana, pomegranate powder, date & vanilla 🌟👍🏼 #breakfastcriminals


Check out @thehealthmason 's newest blog post on her favorite #supplements! We're proud to be among them, bringing you a daily dose of the best #superfoods on the planet. [https://www.health-mason.com/home/2017/5/23/supplementspt1]

I have a love hate relationship with these super seeds. I love what they can do, and I love to blend them, or even make deserts​ out of them...BUT they turn to gel my friends!! That is so weird for this texture eater!!! 😕
#chiaseeds #superfoods #supernatural #butweirdtexture

🌴ALOHA Ⓜ️orning🌺

#hawaii #waikiki #honolulu #instahawaii #islandvintagecoffee #asaibowl #fruits #genic_hawaii #superfoods #royalhawaiiancenter

Before stands you two vegetables I am not the biggest fan of. As you might have seen yesterday I have been forced into a meatless lifestyle by my local doctors and to be perfectly honest with you I was devastated. I have ALWAYS believed you can live a healthy and balanced life while still enjoying the occasional cheeseburger. So please help me out and share with me YOUR favorite way to cook it!

2 great products from Musclepharm! Also get a free pair of MP socks for winter with purchase👌
✅Armour-V Multi nutrient complex. Immune support with minerals, vitamins & antioxidants! Also omega fatty acids. ✅Vasosport Nitric Oxide booster, stimulant free pre-workout!

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This weather and my workout have me zapped of all energy tonight! I'm not feeling up to cooking so vegan cherry vanilla Shakeology and a movie are on the list instead. Shoutout to my husband for blending this baby up with lots of spinach and hand delivers it when I couldn't drag myself to the kitchen to do it myself! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #husbandsofinstagram #gloomyday #superfoods #shakeology #vegan #cleaneating #cleaneats #coach #coachlife #summeriscoming #summershred #roadtosummit2017 #movienight #harrypotter #hydrate #fit #fitspo #tuesdayvibes #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney

People always tell me, I can't do what you do. I can't lose the weight. I can't sculpt my body. My body type doesn't allow me to have abs. I wasn't built that way........
The problem is, you set yourself up to fail before you even try with a negative mindset! If you BELIEVE in yourself, block out the noise, stop listening to the nay-Sayers, you can achieve any kind of success you want.
Friends used to tell me I'd never get abs. They used to say to me, it's your body type, Kim. If I listened to all of that noise, do you think I'd be where I am today?!?!!
Don't let anyone who tells you--->"you can't change" stop you from CHANGING. Once you stop hiding behind that excuse, your only excuse left is you and your fear 😉 In the end, change can only happen if YOU really want it to 😉😘
Time is running out to join my June Summer Slimdown group. Wouldn't it be nice to join now so you can enjoy your long holiday weekend and know you'll be able to get back on track with the help of my group???? 😎👙
The choice is yours. I've got the tools to help you, you just have to believe in yourself and do the WORK! 💪🏻❤️

Açaí Bowl + coffee are good for the soul ☕️ #theyogibar

Goodness in, goodness out! ✨ #pouritforward 📷: @organicandrea

What's in it: 1 banana🍌, 1 cup of raspberries, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds that I ground in my coffee grinder, 1 ounce of goji berries that I soaked in about a 1/4 cup of hot water💦 (add the water to the smoothie too) and a 1/2 cup of @good_karma_foods flax milk with pea protein. Blend until smooth. I garnished it with frozen raspberries & a sprig of sweet mint from my garden. 🌱

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