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Blueberry Nicecream!!😊
Who loves blueberries?!😛 This absolutely scrumptious nicecream from Carolin @frauherzblut has my mouth watering🙌 *inserts 7 blueberry emoji's with an overloading amount of excitement and does a happy dance*😂💃 but seriously where's the Blueberry emoji?!😂 Happy Friday everyone🎉 Have a fantastic weekend😎
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10 Unexpected Uses For Seaweed That Will Make You Hotter Than Gigi Hadid 100% No Worries

Maca Overnight Oats with Vanilla @kachavatribe Superfood Meal by @healthymood_sf - Go to her feed for the full recipe

Always happy to find food that I can & wanna eat at street food markets<3
Spicy seitan sausage from the street food market here in Wuhan, China. This was so good~

Guten Morgen, #fitfam ! 🙋🏻 Heute habe ich ein kleines #Video von meinem letzten #EMS #Training mit @gregor_alexander_braun für Euch. Ich sag’ Euch, das kann man schon nicht mehr #Muskelmieze nennen! 💪🏻😼 Diese Art von #Workout erreicht die #Muskeln noch mal auf einer ganz anderen Ebene. 😆 SKELETT-Musekelkater deluxe! 💀😸🔥😭😆 Diesen "Raumanzug“ braucht man, weil da 4 Sekunden lang Elektroimpulse an die Muskeln abgegeben werden. 😂 Danach folgen 4 Sekunden Pause & so geht das die ganze Zeit. Parallel dazu trainiert Ihr unterschiedlichste Übungen, wie diese hier. 👆🏻 Der Reizstrom verstärkt die natürliche Kontraktion der Muskeln von außen & maximiert so die Anstrengung. Die #SpoHo #Köln hat nach sechsmonatigem EMS-Training sogar ein Muskelwachstum von 14% herausgefunden! Vor allem kann man damit auch sehr effizient Verspannungen lösen & Rückenschmerzen in den Griff kriegen. Oder, @nicolas_krause_fitness? 😜 Ihr wisst ja, dass ich mir 2010 die Wirbelsäule gebrochen hatte. Deshalb muss ich besonders auf meinen Rücken achten & da eignet sich EMS echt super. Natürlich ist das kein Ersatz für #Kraftsport & #Cardio , aber eine echt gute Ergänzung. Für mich ist da auch #Trainer wichtig, der keine halben Sachen macht. Der Gregor ist da schön unnachgiebig. 😜 Also top! 😎👍🏻 Auch hier gilt: In der bequemen Komfortzone hockend kommen wir nicht weiter! Nur, wer AUFSTEHT (von mir aus in #Lunges ! 😂) & AKTIV wird, kann etwas reißen im Leben! Das ist im Sport so, aber auch im Beruf oder im Privatleben. #vonnixkommtnix Wer will seine Zeit schon mit Schlaftabletten verbringen? Ich nicht… Dafür hat das Leben doch viel zu viel zu bieten… PACKEN WIR’S AN! #icaniwill 😈👊🏻 Und jetzt freue ich mich auf meine #Greens , dann düse ich zum #Armtrianing & danach geht’s weiter mit #Supergirl . 😁💻📇💥 Das WEIZENGRAS von #MyGreenz ist übrigens noch bis Sonntag bei @misterfit.de im Angebot. Da bekommt Ihr 34% Rabatt! 🚨💚 Zusätzlich spart Ihr mit dem Rabatt Code CHRIS10 noch mal 10%! 🙆🏻 Was macht Ihr heute? Habt einen tollen #Friyay ! 😊☀️
#Code : CHRIS10 = 10% #Rabatt auf alle #Supplements & #Superfoods bei @misterfit.de! ✅ -
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Breakfast served in a popsicle 🍦, because life is a circus 😜. Matcha, lime and coconut pops; I'll add the recipe (when I get time), but it includes all my fav breakfast foods- banana, oats, matcha, nuts and coco yoghurt ✌🏼️ p.s we are giving away 2 tickets to the Australian premier of 'What the Health' (the sequel to @cowspiracy) for this Tuesday (Astor Theatre). To enter, simply tag a friend two posts back! The event is a fundraiser for @animallib , and is held in conjunction with my lovely friend @raweventsaustralia . Hope to see you there (link in our bio for tickets!). 😘

Power matcha superfood fudge balls coming in hot for a preworkout snack😋💚💪🏼
I love the endless possibilities of flavor combos for bliss balls, but mine will always be loaded with healthy fats, superfoods, carbs, and protein for a balanced snack👍🏻
Power matcha maca bites
1/2 cup cashews
1/2 cup walnuts
2 TBSP pumpkin seeds
2 Tbsp @artisanaorganics raw coconut butter
2 Tbsp @bulletproof brain octane (or use coconut oil)
1 scoop @mrm_usa vanilla bean plant based protein powder
1 Tbsp @navitasorganics maca powder
2 Tbsp @yoursuperfoods power matcha mix
1/4 cup @navitasorganics hemp seeds
1/4 cup filtered water (add more of mix is crumbly)
Pulse everything in your food processor and roll into balls. Cover with 1/2 Tbsp melted coconut oil and 2 Tbsp @artisanaorganics Coconut cacao bliss. Store in freezer and let sit for a few minutes before eating.

So in a bid to make myself post more savoury stuff I give you.. Butter Chicken 😍 all vegan and no chickens involved! Because, savage. I'd never heard of butter chicken until I got @sobeautifullyreal 's cookbook and so I just had to try it 😛 it's nice with roti and some greens because I always need my greens 🍃 and I'm also a rice man so.. 🍚 #sobeautifullyreal

I learned from Kirsten @thehealthyhazelnut and Beth @superfoodrunner that today is National Chia Day. I didn't know that there is something like this but I decided to take it as an excuse to spam you with chiapudding 🙈! There will be a few more features for my 10k party and I'll start with these 7 amazing woman (just swipe to see them all): Jenny @jenny.rai AKA sweetheart 💗 from Indonesia. Jenny suffers from a severe addiction to pink and blue food - that's why I love her feed so much.  I wish I could beam me up to her kitchen table to indulge in all her delicious smoothies and fruit plates.

Carissa @creativegreenkitchen is such a busy bee.... 🐝. She hosts three different IG accounts and still manages to create the most drooling smoothie bowls and jars AND to write cook books. I am in awe 😲!! And her chiapudding is one of the prettiest I have ever seen!

Antonieta @m_antonieta_th is a beautiful woman from my hometown Berlin. I met her a few weeks ago and was so impressed by her kindness and humour. At the moment she spends time with her family in Chile. I do not only love her food pics but also her cat pics 'cause her kitties are the cutest 🐈 🐈! Susanne @fruitycorn from Germany is Fruit artist 🍍🍓. She creates stunning fruit plates and fruit covered cereal bowls. I am especially in love with her star shaped bowl 💫. She deserves much more followers, so head over to her feed and give her a follow!

Shafa @sunshinehealthyliving is from London. I found her account through my 10k party and enjoyed scrolling her feed so much. She shares the most beautiful 😍 smoothie bowls, chiapudding jars and macarons! She is also a mother of 3. Her kids must be so lucky to get such healthy food 🙏. Kat @fithealthyhappyliving is a young woman from Austria. Her feed is filled with chiapuddings and avocado roses, smoothies and baked treats. I also love her salads, they look incredible delicious 😋. Feel free to head over to her feed and say hello!

Sanna @vegtastickitchen lives in Dubai and has an amazing feed filled with middle eastern inspired healthy recipes 👌. Thank you for joining my party Sanna, so nice to meet you. Your chiapudding jars are simply adorable!


@brotherskeepercafe has recently opened on Glenferrie Road in Kooyong, and we can safely say it is absolutely amazing 🙌  be sure to add them to your Sunday brunch list!

🍑 New videos on our website! Find out what's new and why it's our mission to get B17 back into every body!
. 👉 apricotpower.com/videos

I've never tried a #glutenfree or #paleo cookie mix before. This @simplemills seems pretty awesome. Only 7 total ingredients, fully #vegan , low sugar & super simple to make. They smell delicious!!!

Friday's call for Unicorn Elixirs 🦄 especially when they are boosted with Om 💜✨ have you checked out @fitbrittnutrition blog to see how she uses Om throughout the day to get the magical benefits of Mushrooms?
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Weather's a bit dull but we're ready to roll for #earthday @ #eumundimarkets with our unique hand made #springrolls rolls and #superfoods #ricepaperrolls with our delicious #thaifood flavours until this evening. Come and try something completely different and a Eumundi markets must try.

Bananas, peanut butter & chia seeds never go wrong together!! 👅✨

Post workout/pre late dinner snack: carrot sticks, whole grains wasa crackers, mashed avo 🥑 Happy Friday!!🕺🏻Whats everyone doing tonight?!

Avocado toast with beet infused hummus 🙌 🥑 by @inspiredbynick

A rare family night in.👨👩👦👧
A "glass of wine for mommy and daddy🍷, and hot dogs for the kids🌭...
treats for all!🤗

Mint Cacao Chip N'ice Cream. #yourwelcome 😉🍦*
The other day my friend ordered mint chip ice cream and not gonna lie, that shiz has been on my mind. Decided to craft my own since I can't have the regular dairy kind. This is soooo good and sooo easy to make. You literally need a blender or food processor. That's it ya'll. The best part is ... your body will thank you after eating this! It's so clean and refreshing and kissed sigh superfoods and whole body goodness 😘😘
RECIPE On BLOG ☝🏻link in bio ☝🏻
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Starting the day right with beetroot & raspberry chia pud topped with dried blackcurrants & buckinis - umm, yes. Yes please! #breakfastbowl via @goingcoconutswithbrynleyking

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