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Please join us in welcoming @animamundiherbals to our Beauty Store. This line of ultra-potent rainforest superfoods and tonics is whole-food beauty from within made from heirloom species of plants primarily grown in Costa Rica.  In our store you'll find this heirloom rainforest turmeric powder that can be mixed into your smoothies 🥝🍓🥑, latte 🍵 and into your meals 🍛and Curam, a delicious tasting beaut tonic made with organic and wildcrafted Turmeric Root, Camu Camu Peel, Amla Peel, Mangosteen Peel, Fresh Orange Peel, Ginger Root, Black Pepper, and Ylang Ylang Flowers (it tastes 😋) Let us know if you've tried Anima Mundi products before and send us any questions about this new line in our Beauty Store.

From a broken, exhausted and stressed Mom to a HAPPY 😊, present and patient Mom, who dances and sings to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!! #uplevel

#TransformationThursday shout out goes to my fellow teammate Josh!!! Amazing job!!! THREE days left to SAVE!!! #NutritionalCleansing #SuperfoodNutrition #MoneyBackGuarantee

Next stop... Holland, Michigan! Thank you Western for giving me more booty gains than what I started with along with the endless friendships I have made there. Isagenix & clean eating for the win! 👆🏼💥#SuperFoodNutrition #isagenix #westernracquet

After a busy day working towards our goals there's nothing quite like a big, comforting bowl of pasta to come home to.

This light and summery whole wheat pasta bowl from Lazy Cat Kitchen looks incredible. Tasty, nutritious and naturally vegan. She uses organic veggies too...she's got the right idea 🙌
It's on our recipe list for next week. 📷Photo: Pinterest.

Happy Transformation Thursday!
How amazing is this!!!! 😍
Another reason why the scale should not be used with our program and the measuring tape is what one should check with!!
Our undenatured protein will help you gain that lean muscle, which is so important for SO many health reasons!!
So don't be worried if you only lost a few pounds so far! Hang in there, stay with it and see how your body changes throughout the 30-days!!
#fitfiercefabuloushollynicole #superfoodnutrition #leanmuscle #itsnotaboutthescale #wherewillyoubein30days

Dinner never tasted so good!

It was like having cookies and cream ice cream 🍦😋 but without all that stuff that's bad for you lol Instead I got all the vitamins and minerals I needed and also satisfied that small craving for something sweet. 😁

Can't wait to order more!

#superfoodnutrition #cookiesandcream #dessertfordinner #yummy #allthegoodstuff

🌟Free Enrollment All Week🌟

#transformation is going to Helen Costa Giles. This mama of 2 has no time for #excuses
She has released over 90lbs, gained muscle, and increased energy. On top of that she is a 2017 IsaBody finalist and earned herself $25,000 but something tells me she already won.
Congratulations on your success!!🍾🎉 Her story:
“I have two kids and a full time job. I know many people don’t start their fitness journeys because they have too many excuses. I like to share my story because it’s so relatable. I’ll be honest, I love everything about me. And that’s the first time in my life that I’ve been able to say that. I take so much pride in every inch of my body because I know what it’s been through.”
#superfoodnutrition #happyhealthy #IsaBodyChallenge


Any other vegans feel that it's their duty to try every new vegan product at their grocery store??🙋🏻😅

Do you thrive over the small victories as well as the big ones. I do in everything you must give thanks! Week 7 of my recovery from a broken foot these pants are a six and I have not gained any weight and if you look these pants have a bulge! #winning from the awesome intake of #superfoodnutrition #ateam #coachinglife #fitmamas #thursdaytransformation #bossbabe #isagirl #girlboss #weightlossjournal #fittofight

#TransformationThursday shout out goes to my fellow teammate Josh!!! Amazing job!!! THREE days left to SAVE!!! #NutritionalCleansing #SuperfoodNutrition #MoneyBackGuarantee

Well, someone's not as happy about "Black cat appreciation day" as I am...😂

💖All done💖 .
First colonoscopy ever done 12 years ago had pre cancerous spots removed one having embedded the colon wall and 22 polyps. At the age of 23.
Over the course of 10 years I continued with more "funky" fold/polyps ranging from 10-15 removed every year. .
In 3 years I've gone from 6 polyps annually removed to today's 1 "funky" fold/polyp ... it was embedded in the wall again BUT there's only 1 ... I've never had just 1 before 🙌
So here's to fighting off and preventing #coloncancer #holistically 💖 Today I graduated to getting scoped every 3 years! That's a non scale victory if I ever had one. .
Get rid of processed foods and consume as many "superfoods" as you can if you want to fight disease. Seriously. #eatclean #eatsuperfoods #fightback #cancer #superfoods #superfoodnutrition #shakeologyrocks #nonscalevictory

GLOW // there is nothing like feeling healthy from the inside out. Truly. I am so thankful to all of you who chose to walk this journey with me. Touching others' lives has become such a #passion and #joy -I am so incredibly #thankful .
#weightlossjourney #thankyousuperfoods #superfoodnutrition #bw #selfie #icanhelpyou #weightloss #gainmuscle #losefat #gainz

So what should you expect in your first 14 days of this nutritional reset I always talk about: ⠀

Days 1-4⠀
• You may not like me…⠀
• You might feel a little yucky⠀
• It’s DETOX⠀

Day 5… ✨⠀
• You probably slept better than you ever have⠀
• You might remember why you walked into a room⠀
• Things may not be getting to you as easily⠀
• Good hair day… Skin is showing the “Isa-glow”⠀
• Might wonder what is IN this stuff⠀
• Still not convinced...⠀

Day 7…⠀
• You are feeling better than you ever have!!! ⠀
• “Happy” is feeling GOOD 😁⠀

Day 10…⠀
• A mini panic attack happens⠀
• You are through one shake canister⠀
• You CANNOT picture yourself EVER without this stuff!⠀
• Might get territorial with your stash 😋⠀

Day 14…⠀
• WITHOUT EVEN TRYING… People are going to start noticing “something is different about you”⠀
• Spouse has “YOU” back⠀
• Kids notice⠀
• Friends notice ⠀
• Co-workers are jealous ⠀


I am SO excited!! A little while back Carol J Traynor trusted me to help her start her health journey. I take that very seriously, so when she told me yesterday that she's released 30 pounds and feels amazing I did a happy dance! Nutrition makes ALL the difference. I'm so happy for you, Carol! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #SuperfoodNutrition #NoDiets #FeelYourBest #HealthyLifestyle

I have been so spoiled lately by having my nutrition ready to grab and go. No more #mealprepping for me!! All I need is my #isaleanshake for breakfast and lunch, #freshfruit , veggies or #ampedproteinbars #isaleanbar #wheythins for a snack. No more spending my Sunday baking, measuring, weighing!! If you're wanting to make life a little simpler, I have the perfect solution for you friend! #legit #superfoodnutrition #nomealprep #motherofboys #kidssnacks

Taking this show on the road!! Road tripping to the beach for a framily vacation to end this summer with a bang!! .
I'll have plenty of time to put the finishing touches on our Bad Mom's Quickie Guide to Health group☺ Healthy shouldn't take a holiday so I'm looking forward to my "office" view while helping all our bad moms😁

#runningonsmoothies #runningonsuperfoods #healthylifestyle #health #healthy #wellness #simplehealth #badmoms #healthcoach #wholefoodnutrition #healthhacks #superfoodnutrition #likeamother #laptoplife #fitfam #fitmom

I challenge you‼️💥 Find this song and turn it on loud.. if you can by yourself !! Doesn't it make you feel good. Forget all the negativity out there in the world 🌎‼️🌿#tobemore #knowyourworth #nutritiongoals #girlswithmuscles #nutritionalfood #fitnessjourney #moderationlifestyle #positiveenergy #superfoodnutrition #ionixenergy #dance

Going through some old stuff and found all of these diet books and diet cook books! It feels so good to put them in the garage sale pile! So happy that I no longer live the 'diet' life. Now I get to live a healthy simple lifestyle without all the complicated pages of restriction! #healthylifestyle #byebyediets #nofoodrestriction #satisfied #eathealthy #superfoodnutrition #nomoreguesswork

After a busy day working towards our goals there's nothing quite like a big, comforting bowl of pasta to come home to.

This light and summery whole wheat pasta bowl from Lazy Cat Kitchen looks incredible. Tasty, nutritious and naturally vegan. She uses organic veggies too...she's got the right idea 🙌
It's on our recipe list for next week. 📷Photo: Pinterest.

Turn a boring package of ramen into a spicy #BokuSuperfood delight! Simply toss hot, cooked ramen noodles with a spoonful of peanut butter, the juice of one lime, a squirt of sriracha, a dash of coconut milk, and a half scoop of #BokuSuperShrooms. Stir till thoroughly combined and top with chopped green onion plus more sriracha to taste! #BokuHack

That sweet tooth is a pain in the 🍑, and this girl's is STRONG!
I could sit an eat a whole chocolate cake to myself on a good day, let's not get into bad days.....HELLO VANILLA BOURBON MADAGASCAR cake!! This stuff has literally been THE STAPLE in my weight loss/get fit journey. It has cut my cravings back by a long shot and has stopped me from overloading on sweets & treats. It keeps me satisfied and knocks off that sweet tooth edge!
And did I mention you can make brownies with it?? 😱😱 #mymilkshakebringsalltheboystotheyard #superfoodnutrition #cutsthecravings #nomorecravings #chocolatelover #proteinshake #morningglory #lifesaver #trickforsuccess

It's a daily habit!

Its quick.
It's easy.
It's delicious.
It's nutrient dense.
It's not full of fake junk.
It's full of over 70 superfoods that would cost me a bajillion dollars to purchase separately.
It's filling.
It kills cravings.
It makes my hair & nails grow super fast.
It helps me know that every single day I'm feeding my body at LEAST one thing that can help me reduce inflammation, boost immunity, combat stress and fight free radicals.
More please! 👌🙌

⭐️Throw Back Thursday⭐️ what I have slowly come to realize is that this beautiful life we are given isn't about us, it's about the lives we touch and make better... it's about leading with your heart, and being true to yourself and to others. When you give with love, your life will be amazingly rewarded. When you find others that are doing the same... it just reaffirms that you are not alone, and that love is everywhere. It's so easy to turn to the negative things, be grateful, be open, live in love! Make your own ripple effect with a grateful ❤! Truly magical things will happen when you let go of the negative and lead with a grateful heart.

Things I have gotten to hear from friends and family just in the last month:⠀

🏆 "I can't believe I am going to buy a smaller pair of jeans 😀😀😀"⠀

🏆 "I sleep like a baby and wake up with so much energy."⠀

🏆 "I'm less bloated."⠀

🏆 "I've lost 8 pounds and 17 inches."⠀

🏆 "Down 2 dress sizes!"⠀

🏆 " I feel like I am 21 again!"⠀
⠀ 🏆"....my skin is glowing"⠀

🏆 "I don't know what is in this but since I started I have noticed less hair fall."⠀

🏆 "I am going shopping for new smaller clothes and I am so excited! My confidence is back!"⠀

🏆 "OMG Mina I feel amazing. I have lost 23 lbs and 27 inches all over. I am motivated to join the gym now and work even harder to get a leaner toned my body!"⠀

🏆 "I feel so energized and I am able to do daily tasks with ease and I feel less stressed." ⠀

Each one decided to give My program a try. Each one said YES to their health. Each one is getting results. ⠀

Can you see why I love sharing this awesome program so much!⠀

30-Day Money Back Guarantee is ALWAYS available.💯⠀

💥Free enrollment is available now through Sunday, August 20. 💥⠀

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