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Blue bite-size coconut mound balls by @thehealthyhazelnut 💙

You will need
1 1/2 cups shredded coconut unsweetened
2 1/2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
Process up above ingredients now add in your superfood powder of your choice I used blue majik superfood just a 1/2 tablespoon then and form into a ball , Set on parchment paper then place in the fridge for 15 min
Next melt down some chocolate dip and place back on paper and back in freezer for chocolate to set once set store in fridge. Enjoy! #letscookvegan

Be looking for this amazing photo in our April issue, a part of our readers' photo series, pic by @artrawpaulina Send us your awesome high-res shots: food@mythrivemag.com! We're surprising 40 peeps next issue with their pics in print. Love this community! #thrivemags #veganfood #raspberry #figs #berries

Celebraring #nationalchiaday with Chia beetroot pudding with coconut yogurt 💕
Who wants?

Good morning my dears,
I can't resist those super cute mini coconuts called Coquitos! I'm so in love 😍 Therefore there are some little hearts instead of flowers on my smoothie 😅 #showwhatyoulove
AND: therefore I've got a cocolicious Coquitos #giveaway for you (see on my next post)! 😍

Smoothie recipe: 🌸 1 frozen banana
🌸 15 raspberries
🌸 1/2 cup coconut yoghurt (@coconutcollabde )
🌸 1/2 cup coconut milk
🌸 1 big date ("Medjool" @koro.drogerie )
🌸 1/2 tsp rosewater 💕 You can save 5 % on your next order @koro.drogerie with the code "CARINA" 💕

Es war #loveatfirstsight bei mir und diesen kleinen supersüssen Minikokosnüssen namens "Coquitos", die es bei der @koro.drogerie gibt. Sie sehen nicht mir aus, wie kleinen Kokosnüsse, sie schmecken auch wie Kokosnuss. Sie sind zwar etwas "knackiger" als ihre großen Verwandten, aber daher auch gut zum Snacken geeignet. Und mal ehrlich, mit so einem Hingucker sieht euer Frühstück gleich doppelt so gut aus 😁
Deshalb habe ich für euch ein kleines Giveaway organisiert, bei dem ihr eine Packung Coquitos mit Nussknacker gewinnen könnt (siehe nächster Post) 💕 💕 Mit dem Code "CARINA" könnt ihr übrigens 5 % bei eurer nächsten Bestellung bei der @koro.drogerie sparen 💕@healthycuisines

Crunchy Pesto Toasts topped with Basil & Tomato 🍅🥖 Crunch crunch and all gone on the side of veggie soup! ❤️ Inspired by Bahares yummy toasts from yesterday 😋💕@healthy_belly. I made this pesto type/kind of dressing/spread of a bunch of fresh basil, 3-4 tbsp pine nuts or lightly toasted sunflower seeds, sea salt, black and green pepper, virgin olive oil and lemon juice. 🌱🌿🌱🌿 #gardenparty #basil #cherrytomatoes #toasts #plantbased #greens #pesto #eattherainbow #snacks #veganeats

🌿 Scoop, sift, whisk, enjoy! 💫 Where the #matcha magic happens!! 🍵 (📷: @zulygoodies)
We are delighted to see this gorgeous capture of Zuly’s #MatchaRitual featuring our Meiko™ Ceremonial Matcha - Full-Bodied with Subtle Floral Aromas. 🍵 Definitely check out her remarkable #Matcha Dulce de Leche Alfajores — an ingenious Japanese spin on our favourite South American delights on her feed!! 😍 We cannot wait to see more of her amazing #MatchaCreations !!
Discover the mighty green magic 🌿 of our artisanal matcha with Matchæologist - visit us at Matchaeologist.com for premium-quality artisanal matcha 🍵.
👉Click the link in our bio @Matchaeologist
#Matchaeologist #MatchaRitual

Tag your coffeelover friends☕️❤️👇👇👇
☕️ #HungryMate
☕️ @kbj_lay 👍


Super food salad ...all the goodness: kale, spinach, seeds, avocado, eggs, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, feta and totally yummy ! #superfood #dinner

HAPPY #NationalChiaDay YA'LL, celebrating with this PB+ChiaJ 🥜 + 🍓 + 🍞 is the ultimate classic combo.
I loaded up a piece of @foodforlifebaking ezekiel toast then slathered it with @everlandfoods organic crunchy coconut PB + topped it off with @croftersorganic strawberry jelly + 2TBSP @navitasorganics chia seeds

@ahealthyhappyblog's healthy happy brekkie this morning to fuel up and fuel through the rest of friYAY!! 💪🏼
"Vegan eggs on toast sounds like the perfect recovery breakfast if you ask me😅🙌@matcha_mylkbar vegan eggs are like no other (pretty much the ONLY vegan egg!)✨and I'm having serious egg cravings😍🍳🌿"

Love coming home to free gifts I earned helping people get started on their journey! 🙌🏻 .
This little guy is awesome I was trying to set it up to listen to some PD and Adam had already hooked his phone up to it and he was in the other room and I'm sitting here and I hear his game he plays on his phone - the speaker connected back up to his phone before I could get mine hooked up 😂

Spring is hear and also the optimal time to take in bee pollen to support your immune system! The bees superfruit available soon on plockabra.com & on Hornstull Matmarknad!!! 🌼🌻🌺💮🌸
More science on the pollen coming soon BUT very important to soak and\or grind bee pollen before eating! For maximum health benefits 😘
#beepollen #superfruit #superfood #immunesystem #hornstullsmarknad #fresh #healthyfood #bipollen #raw #ecological

2 months ago I spoke to Agatha on the phone and she told me she was ready to make a real change in her health & mindset. She was tired of trying diets that didn't work and was ready for a lifestyle change. I remember thinking to myself on the phone, "this girl has a blessing in store for her and she doesn't even know it yet!" You see, I believe very much in the gift I was given 3 years ago. So much that I have the confidence to believe in people's transformations before they even happen.
Agatha is now 2 months into implementing Isagenix into her lifestyle. She's down 15 toxic lbs! She wrote to me today, "since I started isagenix, I am feeling happy and have more energy. Plus I don't feel hungry all the time!" Energy, happiness and a controlled appetite was something that diets in her past never gave her. When something restricts you, depletes you and places rules on your internal freedom, a war wages. You can come out worse then you went in. This program is not about restriction in any way shape or form and I am eternally grateful for that. There is peace in knowing that there is a nutritional company out there that support's a person's overall wellness and provides solutions for needs that go beneath the surface. Many of us have found it and we will continue to share the good news!🙌 Agatha, I am so very happy that you gave this a chance. Despite your past, you said YES, and now you are coming out a victorious healthy warrior! 🙌
Amen to that girl!

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