There’s a taste that’s been following you. You can’t quite place it, yet you can't forget it. The real cheese. The real butter. The real sourdough.

That wedding. That restaurant. Your best friend from college who throws that killer July 4th party. Yeah, it was probably us.

For decades, people everywhere have been serving up our CheeseCrisps and CheeseSticks at festivities of all kinds, and thank you. We are grateful for your support.

Now, it's time for a proper introduction.

If you should ever find yourself unsure of who was responsible for that special, crisp taste, 
you need only remember to ask for us by name.
We are the one and only, the original John Wm. Macy's.

Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef

It's all about the fresh ingredients when you're entertaining. Don't forget to add accents with fresh tomatoes and garlic. Aesthetically pleasing and delicious at the same time.

The Meal that Heals
Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef

If Garlic Romano CheeseSticks suggest the magic of pesto, then Melting Romano CheeseCrisps are sopping up the rich remains of the pesto on the plate with a baguette.

The perfect way to start your week!

Thank you Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef!

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeno Appetizer for Game Day. I love football and football food. No lyin', I can just gobble up snacks all day on game day. If you're having a party this Super Bowl, these are just the ticket #gamedaysnacks #superbowlsnacks #game

Our latest addition! Rosemary blends well with so many things, but its strong flavor is a perfect complement to the tanginess of the cheddar and asiago cheeses. One flavor does not overpower the other.

Back to Basic

Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef

Fresh organic dragon fruit spread

Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef

Raw frozen organic solo papaya salad with wasabi sour cream dressing

Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef

When does the game start?

at Amihan sa Dahican, Mati

Make your own healthy bowl


Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef

Feeling sick?
Eat and Drink only the ones that Heals your Body

Quirky Chef, Your Local Healthy Chef

looking for a really grate appetizer? try this three-cheese Cowboy Queso Dip, you can thank me later🧀😉

Enjoy summer picnics with John Wm. Macys's Asiago & Cheddar Crisps. What's your favorite picnic snack? 🌞

Mark my words: Someday my invention of pizza cupcakes will have its cultural moment.

Enjoy family BBQs with our Asiago & Cheddar CheeseCrisps. What's your favorite go-to snack? 😋

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