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*talks with lillie about how we got to alola* i came from kanto to alola! #sunxlillie

*holds cosmos together* we just got this from lunala and solgaleo! #sunxlillie

"Caption this" time! What do you folks think Sun and Lillie are scared/frightened of? Just post in the comments and I'll fill up the page accordingly. Just make it amusing and/or scary. Surprise me. ------------------------------------------------- #trainersun #dexholdersun #underwear #underwearbriefs #trainerlillie #lillie #sunxlillie #traditionalart #pencil #scary #blushing #beachwear #swimwear #pokemon #pokemonspecial #pokemonsunandmoon #pokemonsun&;moon

There's few quite as lovely as a nice long gaze into your crush's eyes, is there? That both of you seem to be glowing in the sunlight?

#spotlightmoment #spotlight
Art by chikorita85, commissioned by yours truly on deviantart.
If you like what you've seen, both this one and the others on her deviantart page, do feel free to commission her.


#pokemon #pokemonspecial #pokemonsunandmoon #trainersun #dexholdersun #trainerlillie #sunxlillie #bridalcarry #blush #sea #romance #pokeridesea #swimshorts

[English] " Scientifically speaking, there's no explanation of why we cry when we are sad or why we laugh when we feel joy "

This is just a small curiosity I heard time ago on the radio. Perhaps the information is outdated, but nowadays I still like to think over this quote. .
Great Art from: Yosiiiika in Twitter
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Español] " Científicamente hablando, no existe una explicación de porqué lloramos cuando estamos triste y apenados ni de porqué nos reímos cuando sentimos alegría "

Es una pequeña curiosidad que oí hace ya algun tiempo en la radio. Quizas la información ésta desactualizada, pero a día de hoy todavía me gusta reflexionar sobre esta frase.

We are all Nekos ✨
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| | |
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| | *
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| |
| *
*•°I'm not a champion because I'm strong,I'm a champion because my Pokémon and friends trust me°•*°•*so let's meet in Alola sometime*•°*•°
Credit to artist
(If ya know the artist pls tell me)
#pokemonselene #pokemonsunandmoon #pokemonsun #pokemonmoon #alola #alolaregion #lilliepokemon #gladion #gladionxmoon #sunxlillie #pokemonelio

Although I'm a huge fan of sunflowershippig (specially in the game version); have to admit that so far now the manga has developed more and in a better way the relationship between our Sunny boi🌞 and our fav Poison Maiden💀 Moon.

Therefore, if I have to stick with one ship at this point of the manga, I will stay Deliveryshipping. Cause I prefer the "ships" when they are well developed. 👌😌 But who knows, many things can change and happen until the end of the adventures in the Alola region.
This one was a cute moment 😋(if we ignore the fact of how Sun triggers by accident the traumatic events of Lillie's past 😅😂). QOTD: Any ship from pokémon you like in particular? .
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Español]

A pesar de que sea un gran fan de Sunflowershipping (en especial en la versión de los juegos); debo admitir que hasta ahora el manga a desarrollo en mayor medida y de mejor forma la relación entre nuestro repartidor favorito 🌞 y nuestra Poison Maiden🌙 favorita.

Por ende, si tuviera que quedarme con un ship en el momento actual en el que se encuentra la historia me quedaría con Deliveryshipping (MoonxSun para quien no lo pesa). Porqué prefiero los "ship" cuando están mejor desarrollos en la trama. 👌😌 Pero quién sabe, pueden cambiar y ocurrir muchas cosas hasta él final de las aventuras en Alola. Este fue un momento bastante mono 😋 (si ignoramos que Sun revivió por un swgundo los traumas de la niñez de Lylia 😅😂) .

PREGUNTA: Algún ship de pokemon qué os guste en particular?

Número 3 // Number 3

Lillie x Sun or Moon

Al final del juego ganarse el corazón de Lillie es la mejor recompensa, no importa si eres hombre o mujer

At the end of the game, winning the heart of Lillie is the best reward, it does not matter if you are male or female

#pokemon #pokemonsunandmoon #SunxLillie #pokemonlillie #moonxlillie

Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one ❤
Happy Valentine's day to all my lovely followers😄(@separatoripokemon ti taggo perché so quanto adori Miku mlmlmlmlml)
#valentinesday #valentine #saintvalentine #amour #love #crush #lovers #iloveyou #ship #pokemon #pokemonship #sunxlillie #lillie #nebby #lunala #pokemonultrasunmoon #anime #manga #japan #cute #cutest #cutestuff #stories #kawaii

Happy Valentine Day guys 💜💜
Admin : And happy sad day to my single friends including me .
Credit to the artist
#pokemon #pokemonsunandmoon #pokemonsun #pokemonmoon #trainersun #lillie #sunxlillie #lilliexsun


Yeap, is Valentine's Day 😌❤. I'm not very into this event of the year (I don't really care actually), but it is the perfect excuse to spam some cute art of our favourites ships & otp. 😃

Note: Lillie should be higher than Sun in this art. It's a kinda cute detail to see that in the games she is actually a bit taller than our main protagonist. .
Great art from: tet1nachi in Twitter
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Español]

Sep, es el Día de San Valentín 😌❤. No estoy demasiado interesado en este evento de año (me da bastante igual de hecho), pero es la escusa perfecta para spamear fotos de nuestros ships y otp favoritas. 😃

Nota: Lylia debería ser mayor que Sun en esta imagen. Es un detalle algo mono el hecho de que en los juegos ella sea un poquito mas alta que los personajes protagonistas.

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