Remington 1890, 1875

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Nothing like trying to bring yourself up back from the dead.

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Smith & Wesson 627 V-Comp 8 shot .357 magnum Performance Center revolver.
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Good art at the @showmastersgunshows

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G36CSD | 📷 @metalhead_1

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Do NOT try this at home 😂😂😂
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This is starting to become my favorite carry combo. Will go up to a glock 43 though instead of a 42.

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What gun? 😲 @triplermunitions

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G36CSD | 📷 @metalhead_1

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From @illmanneredgunrunner707

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Two is better than one
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Longslides🤘 @nighthawkcustom Chairman 6 inch Longslide Government 1911's at @otbfirearms .

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📸 by @drewhopkins ______________________________________________________
Multicam Life. 😊
14.5 build by @catawba_valley_armory
@leupoldoptics LCO/Devo optics
@lunarconcepts Contour Sling
@clouddefensive CDLCS with @streamlightinc Protac2L
@ic13arms INVRT Carrier
@trexarms Sidecar holster
Glock 19 @jagerwerks Slide
@nafsolutions Stippling

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So beautiful.. nothing else to say🔥
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@illmanneredgunrunner707’s totally custom Smith & Wesson 629-4 Mountain Gun .44mag revolver with factory porting. Original owner decided to drag it behind a truck for a few miles from the look of the finish so I had my man @sonomasportkote refinish her and then added some amazing @hogueinc G-10 grips to round it off. Absolutely beautiful.

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Regrann from @readygunner - Another unique AR15 build done through our shop! 🇺🇸

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