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Heyyyy sunshine, I am your lover! 💙

We silly sissy's😍. Oh how I wish I could be silly in person with ALL my Sissy's today. 😭💕

Good enough to eat 🍭🍉
*don’t eat paint kids.

It felt like -12 here last night and our furnace couldn't keep it up. Inside it was close to 60 even with the heat set over 80. So Velcro has been following the sun around the house all day to keep warm. Looks like she was lonely too, lol
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Here at BizzyBee we cultivate love for all things including alien babies 🙄! In all seriousness these are generally found in a the “succulent section” of the big greenhouses. These were found @wilsonslifestylecentre last spring. Little boutiques generally don’t put them out for purchase due to the unique care needs! So let’s go over their special love list to keep these guys happy. 🌵🌵. 1) pick one that is nice and firm 😏
2) keep them in their original container. But it you have to for prettiness reasons (<— is that even a word!?) plant them in a succulent mix ONLY. 🌿
3) Plant them only with other alien babies. Ideally with ones at the same growth stage. [more details on this later today] 🤰. 4) watering rule... if your debating if they need water or not don’t. Once a month a good soaking will be just fine. However if they are splitting leave them till they are done! [sometimes months] 💦💦💦
5) MR SUN 🌞! These guys loveeeeeee the cosmic energy they get from the solar rays. However, if you leave in Canada #yxe then your going to need a grow light. 🔥🔥🔥
6) Now if the lithop is getting “long” or “tall” more light! Or simply place the lithop closer. And by closer we mean almost literally right underneath. 🗽🗽 Stay tuned for our next post on how they divide, grow, where the leaves and stems are, and other cool facts 🤓🤓🤓. ✌️💜🌿 Is it lithop or lithops if you have two or more? Take a guess in the comments below! The ones who guess correctly get a Metta practice (aka positive vibes) dedicated to them from the BizzyBee family.

"You're getting the D wether you like it or not" - The Sun ☀️
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Parents!!! Momma paparazzied me this morning while I was sunning myself. .
It was down to -8 last night so that sunshine sure felt good.
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My reason for everything ☺️💜#daddysgirl #sunshineloving #finsup🐬

A little bit “Krabi” but still doing great! #Thailand .
Sunglasses are from @pointbreakapparel. I’m impressive with how well they have held up on this trip! Use my discount code CAR15X for 15% off at check out 😎 .
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Happy First Day of Winter from the Sunshine State🌴☀️🌴 #floridaliving #sunshineloving #smithsells #stpete #snellisle #tampabay #luxuryrealestate #forsale
1257 Snell Isle Boulevard North East
St. Petersburg, FL
$2,300,000 Signature Collection
5 Bed | 4 Bath, 1 Half Bath | 4,464 Sq. Ft.

Finding beauty in ordinary things...
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Cheers to having good days that you'll remember for a lifetime❤️ AJ and I got a call that our inventory will be in tomorrow so it's crunch time! We are so excited to start a new business🙅‍♀️#somuchtodo

My mug says" follow your heart" Well I followed mine to Florida and man is my heart happy☀️☀️☀️

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