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Sunset silhouette. This was how the daylight hours finished for me on Saturday. In a new location surrounded by birdlife and beauty. Prior to this I was meandering along the banks of the Yarra on my way to being captivated by the drama and delicacy of Spartacus at The Arts Centre. My day began with a fun photo shoot with like minded photographers at the Botanic Gardens. A day of craft, culture, fun and diversity. I love how life flows 😊

Boats at sunrise

Starting to believe that my perfectionist personality is the reason why I only see the not so good.
How are you feeling?

Today this beautiful city is one year older! Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. I love this city!! 😍🤗

Demasiada perfección
De mis lugares favoritos & adicciones a los atardeceres !!! Gracias Dios por otro súper atardecer . .

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Skyporn 🤤

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