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Tonight's sunset was EPIC. Soon, I'll get a closer view.... from da beach. 😻🔥🌅🔥

March 22 2018
✦ Photo by @brangelbr.
✦ Location Niterói - RJ
✦ Selected by @phaelmoraess.
✦ Admin @herinay @vanpad
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Trespassing at sunset: exhibit A

do @alex130869 - Dia desses...
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Criei o @ ataldajanela para divulgar as comidinhas congeladas que faço por encomenda. Por enquanto só Rio de Janeiro/RJ. 😊
Quem puder dar uma força lá eu agradeço! 😘😘😘 #sunset #pordosol #sky #skyporn #dajanela #clouds #sun #nature #sunset_madness #boanoite #sol #skylovers #sunshine #natureza #landscape_lovers

● Finally the spring equinox has sprung, it represents the first day of the rebirth season. Together with the solstices, they mark the rhythms of nature. So many myths and legends born about it. In the latin world, for example, the goddess of spring was Flora, the ancient divinity of central Italy that regulated the blossoming of flowers; later, associated with spring because it presided, in a broad sense, the awakening of nature and all that blossoms ( therefore youth, senses of love, beautiful hopes). A myth concerning the spring equinox is the greek one of Adonis, born from the bark of mother Mirra, transformed into a shrub and then become a young man of rare beauty, passionate about hunting. By mistake, Adonis wounds the goddess Aphrodite who falls passionately in love with him. Wounded to death by an angry boar, during a hunt, he is helped by Venus but too late, to the point where the goddess transforms the blood of the beloved into the red flowers of the anemone. Zeus, moved by the pain of Aphrodite, allows Adonis to live 4 months in the kingdom of Hades, 4 on earth together with is beloved and 4 where he preferred him. A myth that makes good the idea of sacrifice and subsequent rebirth is the Phrygian of Attis and Cybele. Attis, a beautiful young man born from the blood of the goddess Cybele and loved by him, wanted to abandon her to marry a mortal woman but Cybele drove him crazy and he turned into a dying man. From her blood violets were born violets and the Gods, unable to resurrect it, transformed it into an evergreen pine, a representation of the Cosmic Tree. In Rome the festivals in honor of Attis began on march 15 with penitence and fasting, continuing until march 25 when, in the Hilaria, the resurrection of Attis was celebrated and his return to the Great Mother, with the appearance of the sun that had just passed the celestial equator. Here is one of the most fascinating things, to relate these myths and identify them in our reality● ☀️🍃🌷💭🐚🤹‍♂️✨🧘‍♂️🎈🏅🌊🌅🚣‍♂️🎨🔥🥁🎶📽🔮🔱✔🔝💥🆓️🤗👍🧡🌍

È il tempo di vivere la vita che hai immaginato ..se abbiamo il coraggio di persistere i nostri sogni diventano realtà..


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