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A throwback to a favorite #sunset. It was a particularly good one I thought.

🙌🙌 Good morning! 🙌🙌 #sunrisesandsunsets #godsartwork #happywednesday


On the way back home to New Zealand now. Pretty amazing that there was a huge category 5 hurricane in this exact spot a week ago. Nature loves to keep us in our toes.
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Last one of Egyptian sunrise(have many more but I do like this one)#sunrise #sunrises #sunrisesandsunsets #egypt #nikon#nikonphotography #nikon_photography_ #d7100 #sea

Sunrises and Sunsets (By: Will Barber)
#poetry #writing #SunrisesandSunsets
The Morning Comes and the Morning Goes

The Evening Comes and the Evening Goes

Night and Day are two very different periods of a 24 hour cycle

However, the transition between the two is a period that is often overlooked by mankind

If one ever pauses to view a sunrise or sunset, they see something very extraordinary

When the sun rises, the working day begins for many and the responsibilities of life come into play

When the sun sets, the majority of people are ending their day and beginning a short period of rest

The brief moment between night and day is a period that should not be taken for granted

When the sun rises, the beauty of life is seen as darkness turns to light and the birds sing their daily song

When the sun sets, the day's adventures are concealed as light turns to darkness and the owl sings his own daily song

When the sun rises, all that has occurred in the darkness is revealed to our watching eyes

When the sun sets, those that are nocturnal creatures begin their daily rituals

Some say sunrises and sunsets are all the same
While both have their differences, I do know a distinct characteristic of both

This can only be seen if one waits in the light for a sunset or in the darkness for a sunrise

It's that one moment where night and day are colliding and showcasing a feature like no other

In the busy world we live in, I think people should take time to view a sunrise or a sunset

They will find something like nothing else

I call it the BEAUTY OF LIFE

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