Crystal Waters💦
Q: What’s the worst slime you’ve ever made? Comment below!

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Pistachio Cloud ☁️ Your battery percentage is your chance of getting your Dream house. Comment below what your is!

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🌈How to make rainbow Floam! What’s your favorite kind of Floam? Mines gel glue Floam!

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🍓Strawberry Thickie🍓
Q|| what’s a color you love? Mine is yellow!

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•This slime is from a trade with @helloslimesssss

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What’s your favorite subject in school right now? Mines creative writing:)

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🧜🏼‍♂️Mermaid Tails🧜‍♀️
What’s your least favorite kind of slime? Comment below! Mines jiggly slime

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🍉Sour patch kids🍉
Scented just like the name! I got this slime in a trade with @helloslimesssss and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! Definitely check out her account!

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Trade post! This is from @helloslimesssss ! Please do not ask them for free slime :) -
-package: package was very nice, nothing leaked or broken
-SLIMES: slime was was thick and stretchy very nice and fun to play with smelled amazing 5/5
-Sour patch slime smelled AMAZING and was so fun to play with! No bead fall out 5/5
- I loved the glitter and the beads very cute and fun!
-Candy was very yummy!
-came with borax very nice! 5/5
Thank you again @helloslimesssss I can’t wait for you to get mine! •

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Green apple 🍏
I love this slime made from @cousins_slime_factory! It’s so soft and stretchy! Not to mention it smells amazing! •

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Review for @cousins_slime_factory! I was so excited to review them! Please do not ask them/bug them for free slime or to review them if they don’t want to. -
Package: package was great, no leaks breaks or spills! (And it came in a Vans box). The package inclulded extras, slime and a note. -
EXTRAS: Extras were awesome! I got a cat squishie, a lip molded slime, fake snow and some candy! 5/5 on extras for sure. -
SLIME: First was a 4oz black cloud slime labeled Volcanic rock. Loved the name, very soft and clicky with I love in cloud Slimes. It held together nicely and was very fun to play with!
Next was an 8oz jiggly slime that was a bright color but didn’t stain my hands! It had gorgeous golden glitter and was very stretchy! This slime was labeled Sparkling water!
Next was a 7oz green slime labeled green apple. This slime felt like a butter slime (not sure of it was) but was very soft, stretchy and smelled amazing!
Next was a finger sized slime that was jiggly and had beautiful golden beads in it! And she informed me that if I let it sit it will turn into an awesome iceberg slime!
Last was a 4oz sizzly slime and was so fun to play with. It was a bit hard to get out of the bag but it was so hot I’m sure the heat made it stick! 10/10 on all these Slimes for sure! Defiantly give a follow the @cousins_slime_factory they deserve it! Very well done and thank you very much for the package!

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Slushee bead mixing🤤
Do you prefer fishbowl beads or slushee beads? •
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🔥Burnt Marshmallow🔥

Do you like your marshmallows burnt or toasted? •

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Did you guess right? Comment down below! •
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💰Gold Bar💰
New super soft gold leaf pressing vid! Might go on shop! Use my code shopnow for 30% off your purchase!

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Pastel Macaroon🍭

#slimepressing video! Comment a ♥️ if you love these😂
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🌷Barbie Mattel💞

Love this slime pressing from @galaxyofslimee! Comment all pink emojis down below for a spam! 💞🌷💋💄... •

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