skull with a flower hat on a leg, youve seen it before, but this one is better. #skulltattoo #leaves #sunkenshiptattooandpiercing

Shading done from last night, color next time! Work in progress of these two dinosaur skulls by @nicoleroartattoos
Thanks! 🦖

Got a Friday the 13th tattoo of a cute werewolf eating the moon like a cookie done by @nicolerobertstattoos 😍 Thanks a ton! I love him. Still gotta give him a name. 🤔
Tattoo Number 21! ❤️
#tattoo #tattoos #washingtontattoo
#washingtontattoos #everett #everetttattoo #seattletattoo #seattle #seattletattooartist #sunkenshiptattoo #sunkenshiptattooandpiercing #werewolftattoo #werewolf #moon #moontattoo #girlswithglasses #girlswithtattoos #fridaythe13th #fridaythe13thtattoo

Yup, this happened ❤️😁👂🏻#industrialpiercing #piercing #sunkenshiptattooandpiercing

Finally got my Orca tattoo after countless months of thinking and waiting for the perfect design to come to mind. It's almost like it came straight from my dreams. Thanks to @morgandanatattoos for making it come true!! I love it so much! You are amazing and always make getting tattooed such a wonderful time.
I got this tattoo for the many years that I played soccer with my friends and family; our team name was the Orcas. I played from when I was about 5 years old until I was about 17. The number 36 represents my favorite number, which was my soccer number. Then the snowflakes are for my favorite time of the year, Winter; which also holds my favorite month, December. This tattoo means so much to me. And even though not every single tattoo I get means a lot, this one does 100%. I get tattoos because I want them and because they are a part of who I am, and who I have become. I'm a very artistic person, and my body is a canvas.
Tattoo number 19!
Artist: Morgan Dana (@morgandanatattoos)
Studio: Sunken Ship Tattoo (@sunkenshiptattoo)
City: Everett, WA

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