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I see you struggling; just hang in there. If you can look at your challenging moments, learn from them, and then use that knowledge to lend a helping hand to someone going through a similar experience — your pain will not be in vain. Hang onto that, use it to push you through it. 〰️ #sundaythought

Failure may not build resumes, but it builds character and teaches us the ability of change and adaptation.
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Not everyone's going to get me, and I get that 👌🏼😁❤️
We say the world is a beautiful place because everyone's so different but then somehow get annoyed when someone doesn't see the world through the same window. .
Everyone's value is made up of what they personally value most. .
So to expect everyone to see our value is a hugely unfair expectation as what they value is made up of what they value most too. .
Waiting or wanting to be understood by everyone is never going to happen. EVER!!!!! Nor should it. .
No one is needing to validate themselves to anyone. .
We were born validated. .
When has anyone said to a baby "prove your worth to me baby, show me why I should love you" (unless of course you're an arsehole) .
NEVER! So at what point does that change? .
Our worth is not something that is needed to be proven, it's always been there but falling out of alignment into someone else's values will always cause the need for validation or approval. .
That's such a heavy weight. .
True alignment to yourself never needs explaining or defending. .
If you can't see my worth as a human that just shows me we don't value the same things. .
And that's completely fine. .
I'm not going to try have anyone see it. .
Would a bird get annoyed at a fish for not seeing the value in being able to fly? .
The second I require someone else to know my worth I've forgotten it myself. .
Everyone just needs to show up as themselves each day so the ones that do value you, find you easier, and you can progress with much greater ease and alignment to what's most important to you and your tribe. #areyoumykindofBF?

Just a random thought from today:
We are confined only from the walls we build ourselves. .
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We are taught to bend and not break. Buy if we break are we weak? We are told beauty is attractive. But in darkness do we see it differently? #sundaythought #herhope #eniafeisis #allherwords

Everyday I wake up feeling thankful and blessed. Every human being has a story that has molded them into the person they are today. I’m grateful for every heartache, disappointment, failure , and painful experience because I now appreciate what I have so much more. Those events shaped me into the person I am today, and I realized I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. ( And so are you 👇🏻) God has blessed me with the things I used to pray for every single day. Everything in God’s timing ❤️🙏🏻✨#soulsunday #blessed

I heard this quote in young women’s today and it struck me! I loved it. So I came home and tried to doodle it! .
Hope you can read my chicken scratch! ❤️
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Plus on prend de la hauteur, plus on voit loin. #colors #philosophiedudimanche #sundaythought


Like seriously 😒 #sundaymood sometimes my own thoughts trouble me the most. Need a break

Anyone can make you smile but only certain people can make you happy⭐️ #sundaythought

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I am not being romantic, I truly believe Heath Ledger was a great actor and his career was on the cusp of greatness. Gone too soon. What’s your favourite Ledger performance? Comment below.👌🏻
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"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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