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Taiwanese soup. Yum! #Sundaysavors

Growing up, I always felt a little strange. I have always been a creative person & a dreamer. A big dreamer. Still am!
I was never quite like everyone else. This feeling stuck with me all throughout school, and was amplified when I hit high school and had people begin to talk about how weird it was that I took photography so seriously as a sophomore. Ohhhh if I could show you guys all the looks and polite, but concerning nods from both kids and adults that I got when I explained that I was going to skip going straight off to a 4-year university right away to build my business!! For me, I had found my calling and I knew it with all my heart! I began aimlessly grabbing at my dream until it slowly became a reality! So much so, I never ended up going to that 4-year university. Still though, I struggle with self doubt! You too? Gosh, it's the worst! Every day, I wonder how the heck this happened and how the heck I will be able to maintain and grow what I have.
But I chase my dream. Every day, whatever yours is, chase it fiercely, despite the fear, negativity and skepticism! In the midst of busy season, I am so incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for my clients, gratitude for my mentors and most of all, gratitude for my faithful Father.

Whatever your place in life, whatever your dream... pursue it and make it happen... with purpose and passion. If you don't, what's the point?! #sundaysavors


As the Four Horsemen descended on our nation this past November, I decided to give the restaurant in #Brooklyn a try. This is the same posh wine bar seen in #masterofnone when Dev goes on multiple rapid-fire dates. But before the show, it was known as that cool place James Murphy -- of #lcdsoundsystem fame -- opened with three other in-the-know dudes. Each collaborator brings exquisite experience to the table from business savvy to deep wine and food understanding. Just know that this is best served as a wine-and-food-pairing experience. Our waitress helped us pair each section of the menu (charcuterie/cheese, raw/cured, grilled and plated) to fabulous perfection. The food style is American tapas, so be prepared to share -- meaning this a great place to bring a #date. @azizansari knows what's up. I advise having the server guide you through the menu for the right balance of tastiness and budget. Because boy is it easy to splurge here. Lastly, I will offer some sage advice a friend once gave me...After we were stuffed from a massive meal he insisted we try the dessert. He said that more often than not, the dessert is well worth the extra calories. And @fourhorsemenbk did not disappoint in this category. The grilled fig leaf ice cream was the best damn ice cream I've ever tried. Takeaway: listen to your friends when they impart food wisdom; you won't regret it. #nyceats #foodie #winebar #fourhorsemen #tbt #sundaysavors #tapas #winepairings #nyc #charcuterie #icecream #tartare

Taiwanese soup. Yum! #Sundaysavors

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