Corbin is 9 months old! I no longer have a sweet tiny puppy....85+ pounds of pretty energy. ❤️ best little adventure buddy a girl could ask for. #bethepersonyourdogthinksyouare #corbs #labboxer #dogsofinstagram #sundaypost #bestdog #mybaby

White sheer curtains I added to my eBay listings today. Hydrangea by Habitat #whitesheer #cafecurtains #hydrangea #crispwhite #thriftedhome #ebayseller #sundaypost #hometextiles

Perfect Way of Finishing The Week! 😋😋😋

Drew league stuff📍U gotta love it🏀 @aubrey__ball Keep going hard broski🤛🏾 Good convo 💯 #gleague #drewleague #drones #morethanagame #sundaypost #dronedreams #cantstopwontstop #likeifyoudoingthesamething #likeifyouball

Sobreviví a esta semana y quiero más semanas así 🍀

I was having a chat with my friends how time flies. It was like yesterday that we send our kids to kindergarten then primary then elementary then without us knowing they'll be gone to university. Makes us thinking how much longer do we live? What will be left of us if we're wasting our time thinking and feeding our flesh? Time spent is not refundable. I have sinned and trying my hardest to stay on God's tracks. In order to do that, I have to watch my heart, what I think about. I have to watch my words, the things that I say. I have to watch my feet, the places that I go. When you're willing to change from what you were, there are always people who step up to discouraged you, making you feel that you're guilty for making a change, that you are what you were. But YOU'RE NOT. We can't change the past but we sure can change the future :)

¡Hidratar nuestra piel debe ser un paso esencial en nuestra rutina diaria! 🤩
Esta es una crema de hidratación CORPORAL enriquecida con activos que estimulan la creación de colágeno y elastina✨ @luxuryspabydrj .
Smile: @hernandelgadospadental
#ootdfashion #happiness #sundaypost #hidratationtime

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