Another relaxing weekend with Friday night walks to dinner and ice cream, asleep by 10 because, one margarita. Saturday shoots and hikes and homemade pizza from veggies from the garden and Sunday lazy days. We walked and played and watched some Planet Earth. Fought to the bone for naptime (see monitor photo). I never ever thought I would be one of those people that did anything to make their kid nap, but here I am 2 and almost a half years in and finding myself laying on the floor, holding his hand begging him to close his eyes. I honestly can’t believe he’s not tired, he’s like his dad he runs on energy and smiles or something. Me, I love sleep, I wake up and out of confusion and heavy sleep I ask what day is it, where am I, who expects what from me today, and where is the snooze button. But nonetheless we gave up on nap today, took a family walk around Denver and celebrated @aaronm.goodman birthday with Thai food and chocolate, dogs and cuddles. Thank you @kristin.colleen for taking the camera and capturing this one of me and my snuggly boy.

Things Knox has done this week, he started saying “Ooooh, yeah, Sure!” Makes me laugh every time. I told him he needed to come over here by the time I count to 3 or his nose goes on the wall, he proceeded to look at me and tell me to pick a wall... he started screaming at the top of his lungs in the car, ya know, for fun. And he started asking Why? Which I know is kind of dreaded and will get annoying but it’s adorable right now and makes me want to answer the first 3 times seriously and the last 3 times with ridiculous answers and see what sticks. “Where’s rice cake” oh it’s in the back “why?” Because daddy put it there. “Why?” Because he loaded the car and didn’t know you wanted it. “Why?” I’m not sure but I can’t reach it. “Why?” Because I have short arms “Why?” Because I’m not very tall and this is as long as I get. “Why?” Because if I try to reach back my arm might fall off and then you can never have a rice cake again. Or something like that... 2 is a really funny age, I can’t even imagine him growing out of this stage, but enjoying all the nonsense along the way. #sundayon #knoxabe #knoxandnoel #knoxandtalia

It’s Sunday and that means I shoot, I observe and I try to create something that will keep me bonded to these fleeting moments with something to grasp on to. The days feel long and the years quick but these images will help me remember and connect. The more I read about shame and vulnerability and connection the more I see clearly on how our role is to find something in someone else that we can relate to. Our goal is to connect through physical relationships, to photos, to social media to our kids as they grow, to pets when we need something more, to an outfit a song, a written letter, or show, but more than anything we crave human connection. And we find it weird if someone doesn’t have that need. We want to feel wanted by our family and friends and potential clients and like-minded individuals (and even strangers on the internet) but when there are so many other influences in our lives sometimes we lose who we are and try to connect to someone else by altering our thoughts. Of course we are ever changing, but I am definitely someone who feeds off of others energy, take offense too quickly am far too sensitive and try to always be myself but definitely morph in trying to please others. I crave, need and ache to please others in anyway possible, and absolutely lose myself in those moments and often look back and am disappointed in my rush to judgement or decision I made. But in all realty maybe that’s who I am, I take on others to feel what they are feeling in order to create and build work, to know that I am not here to make my work about me, but to connect to you on a deeper level that allows me to give you what you want. Connection is everything, we feel it from the first breathe of that baby on our chest to when our little ones depend so deeply upon us that it can feel like, while we are everything to them, they are just floating through this world trying to connect to everything we tell them to; do this, don’t do that, this is right, absolutely not that. I am blown away the connections kids make, the way their memories work and the way they can make us connect to ourselves so deeply and they don’t even know it. #sundaythoughts #sundayon 🤛 #knoxabe

Domingo a gente só engorda 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #sundayeating #sundayon

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I’m so tired. And I was not one of the people featured in the running group photo.... all of those humans ran from Aspen to Crested Butte on Friday and back yesterday, because you know, that’s fun. We all have different ideas of fun :) @tivss and I were the caravan of food, clothes, and children. We stayed in CB for 2 nights and drove back. Not enough time in that gorgeous town by any means. We hit the road at 9am yesterday, But with 2 kids under 2, with lunch and diaper stops and crazy traffic it took us until close to 5:00 to actually get home. I feel like maybe I ran the 11 Miles, ok probably not. Nonetheless it was a great little getaway and every time I’m in the mountains and away from the day-to-day I just can’t even begin to answer emails or texts or any messages (not a great business plan I know, I apologize). There is something about being in nature that makes you turn off, reset and not care about the outside world. I contemplate if I could actually live out here and what our lives would look like, would kids be getting everything they deserve in education, adventure and socialization? And I really think they would have that and so much more; Noel and I have put so much emphasis on our jobs and that has decided where we create a life. We live near the highway so he can get to work easily without living in the suburbs, we built a studio and live in a fairly central neighborhood to reach lots of clientele, so there’s no getting up and going anytime soon for us. But luckily, this state of Colorado gives us everything we need to travel and get away and imagine our lives out here for 48 hours without actually packing up and going. Because our lives are here. We get the joy of turning off and not needing to uproot our lives and give our kids the experiences they should have, in the mountains, in the city and hopefully across the world, someday. Until then, we will pack up and head to another town another day for another adventure. #sundayon 🤛 #knoxabe #knoxandnoel

Our hobbies include eating and complaining that we're getting fat ..This Is what we did the whole Sunday ..(Btw,seriously I looked so fat yesterday)😂🤣😅#foodiesForLife#FoodComa#LoveForFood#Foodie#SundayOn#ToOurFavPlace#MumbaiDiaries#TheGoldQueenie

Domenica carichissima ragazzi, ragazze, signori e signore!!!!!!
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Midnyt. #sundayon

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