For a perfectionist cracks are not a good thing! I was talking to a friend at church yesterday about our hardest trials and that sometimes the light is hard to see!! It’s hard to look beyond the crack that’s right in front of our face to see beyond to the light ahead.
I know God has a plan for me and giving me hard things to go through is his way of making me stronger. I may not like it but I sure do need someone pushing me to be a better person! In this very “it’s all about me society” I think it’s hard to remember there are other people struggling as hard or harder than you, and if we can somehow just put away our differences and just love serve and let the light in through all our faults, sadness and fears. We can have a happier more fulfilled life! Be thankful for your cracks and let the light in. •


Really am confused at some supermarkets’ pricing. Here at Tesco, GU desserts - £3 each or two for £3. Perhaps the term you’re looking for is BOGOF?? 🤔🤔🤔 #supermarket #foodshop #sundaychores #sundaymusings #sortitout #foodie

I was sitting here thinking about life, well my life, as I sometimes do on Sunday nights. Probably has something to do with the start of the week vibe that comes over me. And I thought about the goals aka “dreams” that I have and how it’s all been going. .
I realized that there are one or two that I’ve let go of because I’ve grown and changed some of the things I’ve decided I wanted. By the way, you must, and I mean must, take the time to check in with yourself to see what still drives your passion, but at the same time decide what no longer serves you. But I also realized that there are a few that I refuse to give up on. I’ll kick and scream before I go into that quiet night. .
There’s a fine line between a dream that you have decided no longer serves who you are, and a dream that you give up on because it seems like it’s never going to happen. What separates the two, for me, is hope. I believe that hope is what makes you get up in the morning ready try again, and to be courageous enough to stay open in order to receive what you truly desire.
It’s ok to be completely happy with what you have, but at the same time want more from life. Understand that a life without hope, passion, and desire can be a very uninspired life. It’s crucial that we keep the fire in us alive and hope that tomorrow brings us closer to our authentic life. .
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I just needed to get this off my chest 😕🤔 This is one of the real reasons why we have 16 million tons of textile waste in landfills in the United States every year.
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Most recent confirmed data I could find from a 2016 report, based off of a 2014 study.
I actually have a lot more to say on this issue. 🧐
Follow me for more and perhaps we can start a movement together 🤔
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Don’t settle for anything less...thank you @adambilic66 for always having my back 😉😘😍#team #mylove #protector #savedme #solucky #hescalledandcanhehavehisshirtbackplease #loveyou #always #instaquote #qotd #sundaymusings

Coming at ya with some Sunday Lo musings ✨ For a long time I did my best to skip my struggle. I searched and searched outside of myself for that elusive feeling of lasting happiness. I jumped from day to day, week to week filling up my schedule as full as I could pack it with fun! new! exciting! happy! I figured if I did enough cool things and met enough cool people, I’d be happy right? If I avoided turning inward long enough, maybe the internal angst would just go away. Spoiler - it doesn’t. It was only when I finally decided to slow down and take stock that things began to shift. When I paused to turn inward toward my unruly emotions with curiosity, and say, “what’s this and why is it here?”. It took owning my struggle and accepting it and crying a lot for no good reason and processing and worrying I was crazy for a while to be able to truly begin to find the happiness I’d been searching for. Now I can be in the present moment without needing desperately to distract myself. I can be with myself without feeling constant anxious FOMO. I’ve always been the queen at finding shortcuts, but let me tell you, skipping your struggle is not a fruitful one. I tried it. Don’t be afraid of your darkness because the world feels so much lighter once you become friends with it 💕 #sundaymusings #mentalhealth

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