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Coffee + birdsong leaves all worries behind.

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Oh, how I wish I was back in bed watching Downton Abbey and pattern testing this cute Northwest Tank by @mickylathemaker

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Ever found yourself rescuing someone time and time again?

Over the last few weeks I've been doing some serious self reflection and I came up against the samething over and over again.

I like to rescue people, but why?

It's not because I want to be anyone's hero or receive some sort of prize but it was because I secretly wished that someone would have rescued me.

In all the times I've had conflict or been attacked or experienced loss I felt that weight so deep in my heart I always felt like I could not breathe or move forward.

It was always such a pain that kept me stagnet  and completely drained of life.

Everytime I've been there in those situations I would pray and pray but somewhere deep inside me there was this hope of rescue, so much so that when I see that pain in others I see it and feel it in myself.

I feel it's my duty to raise that person out of that situation because that's what I wanted for myself.
But what the key in this was, that I came to realise just recently not everybody wants to be rescued and sometimes it's more powerful to show people how to rescue themselves rather than rescuing them.

So if your ever tempted to place on your cape, remember there is great power in holding your own key and unlocking those chains yourself.


~~Yoga in da park is here!~~
Three weekends in FAIRVIEW PARK. No previous yoga experience needed. ⭐️All levels FREE Yoga⭐️
•Sunday June 24th 9am-10
•Sunday July 1st 9am-10
•Sunday July 8th 9am-10
Make sure to bring:
1. A mat or blanket (if wanted)
2. WATER (& caffeine if needed)
3. Smiles 😊
4. Bring a friend!
I hope to see you there! • Plz follow this account for more updates & photos: @thesearchforsatya • comment or DM me if you have Qs.
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Rooftop yoga hosted by @inmysolitudela 🙇🏻‍♀️ #namaste #sundaymorningvibes #westelm

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