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...you're lovely...
with your smile so warm...
and your cheeks so soft...
there is nothing for me but to love you...
and the way you look tonight

Welcome home to my Broken Promise Land. Where the sun don't shine. And the cold wind whines. Welcome home to my Never Ever Land. Where the skies are grey. There's no star to lead my way. You said you'd never walk away. [Weeping Willows]


And like a mirror these city lights shine

A state of mime.


Afloat on weekends. Capsized (and trapped underneath) for the rest of the weekdays. Yours truly on a rowboat called lyfe. 😌 #notsoprofoundafterall #sundaybluesedit

warm night on the beach


Diary Notes. Before the rain. Lullaby for the Shipyard Cranes.

The Terrible Twosome

Diary Notes. P a u s e. Morning Blues by the Sea. Coffee, Egg Sandwiches, and clear crisp water. Bliss.
“Each moment is a place
you've never been.” ― Mark Strand

the English side of la Manche

~ A Certain Kind of Sadness ~ .
Second in the series with @geniemodel
Assist: @keirahudsonartist

Diary Notes. After bloom. The Elder and the Little Twinkle. August remembers May.

Diary Notes. Turquoise and Green.
"You see, when we're small, which we often are, we're so tiny, and the Sea, the Sea is so very big." - Eva Goether

series :5 gazing upwards
haiku *434
in the late winter
upon a bed of flowers
the light of dusk fell
elizabeth wolf .
Model @flowerbaby.vegan

~ A Certain Kind of Sadness II, ~ 2017, Inkjet Print .
Model: @geniemodel
Assist: @keirahudsonartist

Diary Notes. August.
(The old Crown Bakery, part II)

Diary Notes. Little Twinkle in the Window.
(The old Crown Bakery, part I)

mother & child

Diary Notes. Stay untamed. Be a little Pine by the Sea. I love these words from one of my favorite authors, since I was very young, I've always kept them close.
"Believe that further shore
Is reachable from here.
Believe in miracle
And cures and healing wells
- Seamus Heaney


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