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Juicy "D" makes his debut as an artist in this video. Tour dates to be released soon!

In the meantime, you can order our Super Koozie by phone or stop by the shop. Available soon online. BUY NOW! (Full video can be found on our Facebook page.) 800.868.0053 | suncoastdiesel.com

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When @lowered_six7 buys a GoPro we've gotta use it. Andddd he forgot to lock his hubs so 2wd didn't like the launch #maulsshopdieselperformance #suncoasttransmissions #suncoastconverters #wcfab #danvilleperformance #bigsingle #yeeyee

Making progress on this ole thing

Finally going to hardway 😎 #hardwayperformance #SunCoastConverters #cummins #s476

||ALLISON BUILD ANNOUNCEMENT || We are pleased to be continuing to offer SunCoast Performance Allison transmission builds as an Authorized Stocking Dealer, but with a new twist and REDUCED cost! $4600, parts and labor which includes the option of dropping the truck off and picking it up done or we cover the shipping both ways on your transmission (Plus core fee if we ship you a finished transmission first). You pick ANY stall converter that you would like and all converters will be billet to handle the abuse of long boosted launches. **As a bonus each customer will receive a YETI Roadie with their purchase!! ** The transmission market is extremely competitive and some “companies” are trying to “make” their own kits, piecing parts together and claiming it to be the same quality as Suncoast with no actual data, no engineering background, no quality controls, no proof in actual running trucks, and without ever having sold or run the kit themselves. To make matters worse, they are trying to sell you these kits on a reputation that was built using Suncoast parts.

Purchasing a transmission is a big investment in your truck and you need to answer a few questions before you purchase. Do you want to buy this investment from a company full of broken and empty promises of dealer networks, traveling road shows, and no focus? Or do you want to purchase this investment from a company with a long standing reputation, intense focus, dealer networks, and physical locations? You, like most, will pick the latter as I encourage you to contact us about your transmission build whether it is now or in the future. We will always be here, in the same location, standing behind great products and customers like we always have.

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Finishing another Allison with a good vibe! #duramax #freedomdiesel #treehousebrewing #suncoastconverters


SunCoast Annual Research Laboratory Team 2017

Today we had a meeting of some of the brightest minds in the diesel industry to continue to bring you more of the innovation you've come to expect from SunCoast. Huge thank you to all the team members who could make it this week. Big things to come! Stay tuned.

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When @lowered_six7 buys a GoPro we've gotta use it. Andddd he forgot to lock his hubs so 2wd didn't like the launch #maulsshopdieselperformance #suncoasttransmissions #suncoastconverters #wcfab #danvilleperformance #bigsingle #yeeyee

Here’s a toast from the Emerald Coast. Don’t forget about our FREE TRANSMISSION INSTALL promo this month! Call us today to schedule your FREE install, and receive a FREE @bisoncoolers tumbler for all your beverage needs while you chill with us on the beach.

suncoastdiesel.com | 800.868.0053 📸creds: @blondeflamingo86
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Meet Branden Smith, the only one at SunCoast with any real style and swag. Branden was born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, where he played football and ran track, in addition to placing at state in weightlifting two years in a row. He once bench pressed 475 using his bare chin.
After high school, he joined the Army and eventually got sent to Korea...after getting into a bar fight and sending two punks to the hospital. How’s that for badass?

After four years yelling “Hooah!" Branden moved to Gainesville for college and afterward ended up at a law firm working in the records department. He then had a brief stint traveling Europe as a crotchless underwear model, which later inspired the Blue Steel look in "Zoolander." Branden eventually came back to his hometown, worked for Toyota for seven years, then was the general manager for Mr. Transmission before ending up at SunCoast. One time while traveling overseas with his boss at Mr. Transmission, Branden ended up in the security detail for boxer Roy Jones Jr. (Don’t believe us? Check this out at the :20 mark: http://tinyurl.com/ycz7mdnx. P.S.: He’s the one with the beautiful beard.) In August 2015, Branden Pa-Panden was brought into the SunCoast family to revamp our parts department. In June of ‘16, he moved on to sales, where he’s been busting ass and taking names ever since.

Branden is happily married to his wife, Sarah, and they have a daughter, Bailee, along with three dogs and five real fish. When he’s not selling transmissions or buying cars off Craigslist to refurbish, you can find Branden out there in the ocean...mmm…motorboatin'. In the south, Branden is known for having the toughest hair and strongest chin this side of Tennessee. Chuck Norris was second cast to Branden for Walker Texas Ranger. One time Chuck Norris punched him in the chin and died, and only a single lock of Branden's hair was able to bring him back to life. His hair is so tough that only a brush made of albino whale bones found south of Egypt can withstand the friction of his curls. He actually uses our own transmission fluid as styling mousse.

Putting the gap on @franky_boosted last night In Mexico and destroying the "I've never been 60 footed by anyone WRX kid" #maulsshopdieselperformance #suncoasttransmissions #suncoastconverters #borgwarnerturbos #wcfab #danvilleperformance

Down at the harbor for some work photography.

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