So in a 100 Follower celebration, I will be hosting a YGOPro tournament. Why? Because why not?😃
[Tournament Date]
September 1st; 9:00 - 6:00 PST
{ Tournament will follow attendance/etiquette ruling in Official Yugioh Tournament rules }
Here are the rules:
1) Of course you must have YGOPro downloaded, preferably the regular one and not YGOPro2.
2) Absolutely no meta decks! We want everyone to have a fair chance so use a deck that is not in the meta please 😅 Due to this rule, please have a deck list ready, take a picture/screenshot of it and send it to me
3) Is there an entry fee? Yes, there will be. How much? $0.25 only! If you can’t pay the $0.25 due to not having PayPal, ask a friend!
4) Each match of the preliminaries and quarter finals will only be one round. Semi and Finals will be best out of three matches.
5) Repost a screenshot of this announcement and DM me once done! -
1st Place) > 3 Booster Packs (CYHO, BLRR, & FOD)
2nd Place)
> One booster Pack (CYBO or FOD)
3rd Place)
> 10% off an order from shop
I will purchase prizes on the day you dm me for your prizes. If the shop doesn’t have the packs, we can work something out. And I’m sorry for lame prizes, sales have gone down meaning I can’t afford much ;((
{ TAGS }
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I'll be back tomorrow with another stream! See you guys then 💜✌

You guys have been amazing! 50 more SUBSCRIBERS to Go! PogChamp😮🔥

BROLY has been awaken....NOW🙏 , time to do frieza , vegito (phy and str) and Android 17 & 18 COMMENT DOWN BELOW👇👇👇👇 WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT#dokkanbattleglobal #dokkanbattle #goku #vegeta #supersaiyan3 #bardock #summoning #global

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