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Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown•

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Here you go, the beautiful couple that is Samir & Ath! Thank you you two for trusting me to explore the craft that I love and being awesome individuals throughout the shoot. I'll see you guys again soon for round two! 🙃 #samirfoundath #portra400 #leicam6 #summicron35

The Azan, or prayer call, is made five times a day as a rallying sign to ready one self before meeting Allah in our prayers. Likewise, when I left home to make my way to the Holy Land, my mother asked me to declare my own readiness to meet our Creator too.

So I went to the western most point of the house, facing in the direction of the Ka'abah, and call out the Azan.

The decibels reverberated through my lungs but the words left my mouth in broken pieces.

I was shaken in shame from standing infront of His Greatness and His Mercy.

Allah is truly Great.

Not everyone gets the invitation but here I am, amongst those who have been given the calling in the special month of Ramadhan. When I think back, it becomes clear that He has planned this moment of my life for the past 26 years.

He didn't want to bring me here when I had the means or when I was faced with other hurdles in my life. No, He waited to bring me here when the biggest test of my life, to date, was sure to break me down to complete pieces.

Verily, He will not test us beyond what we can shoulder ourselves. So when Hana departed for a better place than here, He knew that the only way I could get through this episode was to bring me close to His side.

Even though I was silently struggling to cope with the loss, I finally realised that there is gentleness in all of what He has willed for me. I was wrong to have fears of abandonment in my darkest hours. But again, He has planned it all with a clear purpose.

It was this fear that taught me what it means to fully submit myself to Allah; that He alone is sufficient for me; that He alone completes me; and so my heart is, first and foremost, for Him too.

So I thought it was fitting that we ended our time here with the Takbir on the morning of Eid-ul-Fitr;
Allah is Great,
Allah is Great,
Allah is Great,
To Him belongs All Praises.


My EDC for vacation



My EDC for vacation


Tall man in the concrete jungle.

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