Nice back superset I like to do at the start of back day sometimes. 4x10 lat pulls /dumbbell rows. Lil muscle pre exhaustion before the main workout. If you've never done it, try it out sometime. The purpose of this method is to properly over load the targeted area which in turn will help develop a struggling body part or just give you a nasty pump/workout. Either way it's good to go. Let me know what you guys(or girls) think. Also my Buddy @benbindseil is opening up a new spot in South Austin so be ready to see us throwin weight around in Austin!

Finished up last nights shoulder workout with my favorite tri-set. 3 sets of this will give u a huge pump. #goodliftin with @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount and @painngainfitness

IMPACT from Allmax Nutrition had me and my buddy @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount feeling strong on back day tonight. Definitely one of my favorite pre's at the moment. Go check it out. Did alot of volume work tonight so the pump was reeeaallll goooood.. Lol. Back is lookin a Lil thick so I'd thought I'd share. #gaintrain #liftlikeumeanit

Great back pump last night! Just some bent over rows. 3xfailure. #liftlikeUmeanit #tugboat #gaintrain

4xfailure good old fashioned dips.. They sucked.. Lol. Pump was serious.. #gaintrain #legarms #23'shereicome

Backs feelin pretty thick tonight.. Close grip Lat pull downs are one of my favorites. #gaintrain #thickerthanabowlofoatmeal

Man bench Monday! 565 for a solid single! Thanks to @benbindseil and @rocksdiscount for the best supps in SA. Helping me grow slowly but surely.. Felt real good. Maybe a 570 bench in there somewhere. #gaintrain #allnattybro #welcometotheswoe

Me and @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City area killed chest tonight! 4x3 with 495lbs.. Felt really good. Shootin for a 560+ bench soon.. The grind continues. #gaintrain

Finished off shoulder day with a Lil superset. 4x10 (50lbs) Lateral raises/front raises. Last set of the night and it burned like hell.. Lol. Excuse the faces.. Just means it's working.. #gaintrain

Nothing says leg pump like some deep pause reps. 4x10 with 455. Legs were tore up after this exercise.. Stop by @rocksdiscount in Universal City and try the new Kodiak attack pre.. It's got a nice kick with some crazy focus. One of my favorites.. #gaintrain #allnattybro #theswoelife

Arm day was brutal. 6 reps, 15-20 sec isometric hold then 6 reps.. 4 sets. No pre workout lately just been taking my Arginine and citrulline mallate every morning. I'm telling u the pumps are nasty once it's in ur system. My buddy @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City knows his stuff so hit em' up with any questions you may have. #allnattybro #theswoelife #gaintrain #summerswoe

Nasty chest day. Finished off the workout with this quad-set. 3x10 each. Press, flys,close grip and then push ups till failure. Made my stretch marks open up a Lil bit. Lol. The new N.O EXTREME from @rocksdiscount gave me a nasty pump tonight. Hit up @benbindseil for all ur supplement needs out in Universal City! #gaintrain

Solid shoulder day last night. Pump was real! If super setting front raises, upright rows, and overhead press.. 3x10 each one doesn't give u a pump don't know what will.. Lmao. #gaintrain #allnattybro #trapstomyears

4x failure overhead tricep extensions.. Nasty pump! #gaintrain

Lil deadlift session Sunday morning.. Back on the grind again.. My buddy @wil84tx didn't want no part of deadlift Sunday! Lmao. Just 4x8 with 585. #800thegoal. #gaintrain #allnattybro sorry for the quality he recorded it with a potato apparently...

I'm not the biggest, not the strongest, not the leanest but I promise you that I'm one the hardest working people you'll ever meet. I have a vision of what I want to look like and won't stop till I get there.. Who's with me? #neversatisfied #goodshoulderday

Had a crazy shoulder pump last night. Thanks @txtroublemaker for the cool picture. That Dust extreme from @rocksdiscount is ridiculous.

This was my last pull of 710lbs. Was pretty smooth. Could've definitely went for more but this pull put me in first so no need to. It was cool to meet some of the people that I inspire. Thanks for all the support!! #livinlarge #rocksdiscountvitamins

First Annual Austin city shoot out. It was a push/pull comp. Ended up taking first. Looking cool in my livin Large shirt from @benbindseil at @rocksdiscount in the Universal city area. My buddy @crw_90 took 3rd in his weight class. #alwaysimproving

Body update: 271lbs and stable. Been doing abs every night to keep them firm. Feel a little leaner but my strength hasn't faded so it's all good. #allnattybro #alwaysimproving

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