We spent the first 15+ minutes of outside time very mad and not interested in water time, but once we got all the bath toys out she was loving her Finding Dory water table! Hooray summer!! #merrynirene #summersummersummertime


Ahh, the picture in the left ... I am flooded with emotions ... feelings of gratitude thankfulness and hope. On the left I was four months postpartum and feeling extremely frustrated, upset and uncomfortable in my own skin. My second pregnancy was completely different from my first. The weight did not 'magically' come off ... I was stuck with an extra 20 pounds that I could NOT lose. •
Before baby number 2, I went to the gym religiously, ate super low carb (except for our "weekly pizza Friday night,") I used a gallon of creamer in my daily coffee. I 'thought' I knew what I was doing. I 'thought' I was eating healthy, and I could exercise away any poor diet choices. But after having my second baby, I was steadily gaining weight ... even though I was Cardio Queen 👸🏼 at the gym. I was confused, I was frustrated and I was pissed that my jeans were too tight! •
Then enter something NEW ... something ... that I was extremely skeptical about ... could working out at HOME get me in better shape than lifting like a beast at the GYM?! But you know what ... IT WORKED!! It's a magical little puzzle and all of the pieces work in beautiful harmony together. What pieces?? It's the daily workouts (for a stay-at-home, busy mama = priceless!) following a nutrition/portion guide that teaches you how to properly fuel your body, drinking superfoods and being an active member in a private challenge group. And now, as a Coach, I not only get to help others reach their health goals ... I have to hold myself accountable by practicing what I preach.

So I look back at some of my 'then' vs. 'now' changes I have learned: 👉🏼how to plan my weekly meals ahead of time so I'm not taking an easy way out and having 'pizza Friday' 👉🏼that you don't need to spend hours at the gym. If you just follow the program, you WILL see results!! #qualityoverquantity
👉🏼that Challenge Groups not only hold yourself accountable, but you also get to motivate and inspire others. 👉🏼LASTLY, I've learned that carbs are not your enemy. YOU CAN EAT CARBS AND LOSE WEIGHT!!🙌🏼 👉🏼FOOD IS FUEL. Out with the bad, in with the new. And for that, I am thankful.
Wisdom with age 😉

#BrewingRVA news from @threenotchdbeer:
Sipping on some summertime in a can. Surrounded by the smells of honeysuckle after a summer shower, and we have no complaints. Hopefully, your day is looking just as good. #patiobeers #drinklocal #vacraftbeer #leaveyourmark #fireflynightsapa #summersummersummertime
#RVABeer #RVABrewed #VABeer

Sipping on some summertime in a can. Surrounded by the smells of honeysuckle after a summer shower, and we have no complaints. Hopefully, your day is looking just as good. #patiobeers #drinklocal #vacraftbeer #leaveyourmark #fireflynightsapa #summersummersummertime

And for our next trick, we’re going to make 6 handles of vodka disappear, disappoint our parents, and embarrass our dates
#tadah! #summersummersummertime

Beantime patio is open for business stop by to check it out soon!! #summersummersummertime

Some love found me while working in the yard work in ninety degree weather.
#yardwork #memorialdayweekend #boggsvineyard #summerkickoff #summersummersummertime #appleton #wisconsin

2018 ZoomDance #summercamp Week One: Monsters Everywhere!
This week let your inner monster wild! We’ll read about and pretend to be monsters who love to bake and sing and dance, monsters who sneak and hide, and monsters who are just looking for a friend. Our show will feature big dance moves and cool costumes and masks.
Visit our website-link in bio for information and registration!
See you at Camp!
#dancingkids #artscamp #southphilly #southphillymamas #southphillypapa #eastpassyunk #summersummersummertime

Sunday = Active Recovery

Why Active Recovery ?

It's important to schedule an Active Recovery day into your fitness routine (hint hint ... my at-home workouts already have that built into the calendar for you ;)) An Active Recovery workout is less intense than a regular workout. You’re not looking to directly enhance strength, power, or athleticism; instead, Active Recovery will indirectly promote all of those things by getting blood flowing to muscles to enhance and accelerate the recovery process.

When you think of Active Recovery ... think: Strengthen, stretch and oxygenate your muscles as they take a day to rest, recharge and recover so you're ready to go for Monday's workout. Give those tired, sore muscles a muscles a day to repair & rest ❤

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