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"Summer Stones set of three", by Rob Delamater. Need to find a home for these. Love the pops of color with black. Hmmm Nice in a black and white Kitchen. #bdesigns #fineart #popsofcolor #RobDalamater #SummerStones

Office plants... Waiting for spring... #officeplants #summerstones

Summer is not dead ! β˜€οΈβœŒπŸΌ
#Summerstones #Exclu #PrivateSales #NewRef #turquoiserings #AmazoniteStone #PinkQuartz #vintagejewelry #jotd
See u tomorrow ! πŸ’«

What are the fish eating on the Yakima River? October Caddis and Summer Stones! Think Fall Colors for your fly selection! #octobercaddis #summerstones #orange #red #tan #fallcolors #pnw #yakimariver #flyfishing #troutwater #troutwaterfly #troutwaterguides @patagonia_flyfish @echoflyfishing @adiposeboatworks @suncadia @troutwater.guides @moldychum

School starts tomorrow, so for the last day of summer, we have our last #summerstones with Meghan! "I spent my summer at home in Chicago working, taking classes, (finally) celebrating my 21st birthday, and vacationing with my family- when I'm not trying to diffuse the little sister drama ;) I cannot wait to be back singing with my beautiful BTs!" πŸ’™ Have a great first day of school everyone, and we look forward to seeing you at auditions on September 9th and 10th!! #BTERMS

Our second to last #summerstones post already?! Here we have Kimberly! "I spent the summer adulting at my internship for a company called SOC! On the weekends I spent time catching up with different friends, hanging out with my family, and taking in all the snuggles I could get with my dog!" πŸ’™

ALSO, we'll be performing tonight at 9:45 on Festival Lawn, we hope to see you there!!πŸ’™πŸŽΆ

Emma is another one of our lovely #summerstones !! "After working outside all summer pruning people's yards, it's nice to finally relax on vacation up in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Otherwise I've been just hanging with friends, and I'm excited to sing with BT's again!" πŸ’™

Mashi is up next for the #summerstones!! "This summer I took classes, traveled to the U.K. and Europe, and spent time with friends & family. It's been an amazing summer with lots of unforgettable memories but I can't wait to be back with my BTs for my senior year. πŸ’™" Only a few more #summerstones left before classes begin:(

Emily #3 is up for our next #summerstones! "I started out taking summer classes and from there I've been relaxing and hanging out with friends! Can't wait to see everyone!" πŸ’™

Up next on our #summerstones is our Emily #2!! "I was at JMU for most of my summer taking chemistry and human physiology classes! I've been back at home for the last few weeks of summer working, catching up with friends and family, and trying to perfect a selfie with my mom! I'm counting down the days until I'm back with my beautiful BT'sπŸ’™"

#summerstones comin @ u again with Bianca!! "This summer I've honestly been focusing on myself and what makes me truly happy. I got two jobs at Urban outfitters and Pandora and have met incredible people who motivate and empower me! When I'm not working I've been focusing on my music, fitness page, and being positive!" πŸ’™

Hoy el amanecer no es igualπŸŒžπŸŒ—πŸŒ›#summerstones#summerlove#naturalstones#perfectmoments

Day 2 of #summerstones is brought to you by Ali!! "I'm interning at Cheddar, a live news network in NYC! It covers tech, business, and media, so no association with cheese whatsoever! As the social media intern, I've mainly been managing our Twitter and Instagram accounts! On the weekends, I've been spending time with family and friends, waterskiing, and re-watching friends for the millionth time! I also went on my first Disney cruise this month!" πŸ’™

As the school year approaches, we're wrapping up the summer by checking in and showing what the BTs have been up to over break!! First up on our #summerstones series is our lovely President, Emily! "I actually took 3 summer classes! Other than that, I've spent the summer relaxing/working on my tan and planning things for the new album we have coming out at the end of fall semester!! I can't wait to be back with all my BT babies!" πŸ’™

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