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Found a picture from full dirty bulk mode, I thought I was lean back then but now comparing I can see what I achieved in that short time even though cutting from april to June did drain me it also proved I could do anything I wanted to 💪🏻#transformationtuesday #biceps #triceps #bodybuilding #powerlifting #bodypositive #instafit #inspiration #motivation #transformation #gains #lifting #muscle #shredded #sixpack #abs #zyzz #progress #pump #gymshark #alphalete #veins #summershredding #chest

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill -------------------------------------------------------failing is inevitable. You have to fail in order to succeed. So why be afraid to fail? Everyone has to start somewhere. Wether it be that first 100 followers, or your first few customers on your new business, it may not always work out the first time. To find out what you're good at you have to try everything, or how else would you know you are good at them. People often mistake fame, and money bringing them happiness. However, it will make your life EASIER but in no way will it make you HAPPY. You have to love yourself, love what your doing, and be happy with what you have right now rather than what you don't have, and that's when you will be happy. And right when you start to become happy, and know that life is completely in your hands. That's when success comes. Kill this week, kill this month, chase your dream day in and day out.

Everyone wants to be on top, nobody wants to work for it. 🔥

snap👻 FalkeFitness
YouTube: Nick Falke 😁
I'm here to try and inspire and help you to make it to the top. Dm me with questions 👌
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Physical change is one thing but my transformation has brought me so much more then that.
Yes I still have down times and sometimes I fail. But my mindset is so different towards the things that do happen in my life.
You grow when you go through changes, and if you surround yourself with positive people then your mindset will also grow in that positive direction.
Thanks to these people for positively supporting me and helping me grow.

Check out my 14-18 year transformation! Video link is in the Bio!

Changing up the meals for meal prep. Decided to try a beef roast. It smells amazing 🤤🤤🤤

STOP👏🏻DOING👏🏻THIS👏🏻. Tag a friend who does this 😰.. I used to do this for the longest time too mainly because I saw everyone else do it and because well... it looks like a rolling pin. But your muscle is not dough, you cannot "knead" it as yummy as that sounds! 😐🥖
Rolling back and forth doesn't do much for your tight muscles, especially when you are using rollers at the gym which have lost their firmness after so many uses. In order for your muscle to release, find a sore spot and HOLD IT for 30 seconds. This will signal your golgi tendons to relax your muscle. It will be painful if you have a tight knot but as the seconds go on you will feel the pain begin to subside as the muscle is relaxed. Repositioning yourself helps you reach a deeper spot. If a foam roller is not enough, use something else like a lacrosse ball. ----------------------------------------- Foam rolling is a type of self myofascial release and it is amazing for pre and post workout. It helps release lengthen overactive muscles before a workout (ex. Adductors if your knees always move inwards during a squats) and helps soreness after a hard workout (doesn't get RID of it but helps alleviate a bit) and many other benefits! If done correctly you can recover lost range of motion as well. ------------------------------------------
p.s. Dyed my hair. Hasn't been black since high school lol I think I look more my age now 🙂

LEFT: April 1, 2017 RIGHT: July 14, 2017
The picture on the left is me the day I officially decided to compete in men's physique. The picture on the right is about 16 weeks later, 1 day away from my competition.
The 16 weeks between these pictures were not easy but every second was worth it. I learned so much about my body, nutrition, and even myself. .
I think that fitness draws a very tangible picture of the rest of life. You can see your consistent work turning into small improvements which over time build into huge transformations.
Everyone has goals, are you going to do what it takes to reach yours? #transformationtuesday

Wanna grow a Booty🍑? Three things:
1️⃣Nutrition- are you eating ENOUGH? In order to grow muscle you MUST be in a caloric surplus... whether large or small. And you must eat CARBS!
2️⃣Training- are you training and isolating ur glutes 3-4x per week? --
Check out my latest #youtube video🎥 for some really great Glute Activation exercises!
3️⃣PATIENCE & CONSISTENCY. Growing a Booty takes YEARS! Stick w it and the results will come.
If you're interested in more training info Check out my website for a Booty Building program designed specifically for growing the glutes and getting the MOST out of your training. Happy Tuesday fam!


slowly but surely hacking at this physique and feeling far better than I did at the start of the year 💪🏼 #6monthsapart #physique #transformationtuesday #transformation #progression #shreds #summershredding #motivation #nomoremrfatguy #fitness #gym #instafit #fitfam

Capitan Findus

6 a.m start had me feeling all down and tired and shit!
However I got my #CandyAss to the #unitgym and smashed my 6X3 at 80% #squats
Felt amazing after words, thats what fucking working out does to you people!

Bulk vs Cut transformation, right? Wrong.
The left was around February where I was maintaining/slowly gaining around 83kg (which was followed by a 5 week cut later in May). The right was me last week, during my bulk. However I managed to lose about 2-3kg over Longitude weekend and woke up Monday morning looking more shredded than I have all year.
The point is, body weight and as a result appearance, can fluctuate a ridiculous amount given certain circumstances. Circumstances that can have one looking leaner while bulking than they actually did when they were cutting (go figure). The moral of the story is, how you look on a given day is simply a snapshot in time and you should look to other methods to gauge progress as well.

I've been training for 11 years and I have tried most popular workout splits/routines. I have also tried most diet structures, manipulations. There are 100 different ways to do basically the same things. I've been personally helping others as a fitness coach for 5 years.

Here are some 6 things I've learned about people from being an online coach.

1. The large majority of people will yo yo diet all of their lives and occasionally reach out for free advice but won't act on it because it's free.
2. Most people know what to do, the basics at least. Anyone can get a great diet routine and training program free on google. So as an online coach, what's more important than anything is the communication and weekly checkins, if your coach is doing a bad job of these things fire him.
3. Diet and training isn't really hard, it's your mentality towards the 2 that determine how you feel about them.
4. People are always searching for outside motivation which will never work, true motivation comes from within.
5. A lot of you want to something but you use every excuse possible to justify why you aren't going after it.
6. All people have a basic need to set and achieve goals, if you aren't doing so you're lost.
Hey guys, where ever you're at in your fitness journey if love to help. Email me at Jordanonlinecoach@gmail.com for full online coaching, workouts and meal plans 💪

🔥🚒⛑ call 112 the gym is on fire 😂😂😂 #closeenough #summershredding

Most of you will notice that I am working out in this picture obviously, but that's not what I'm focused on. I see my number one fan standing right there taking pictures for me. That beautiful girl right there has supported me through this journey more than anyone else has. I am extremely grateful that I can call her mine 💗

Preciate all the love and support✊🏾💯just dropped ep.4 link in bio best one I have made yet‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥#newseries #checkitout #linkinbio #letsgetit #tfitness #thejourney #waves #youtuber #subscribe #subscribers #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #gains #like #comment #newvideo #dctg #summershredding #stb #macros #comingsoon #programs

2 of my favorite supps right now for shredding, why?? Because they help me maintain these gainz during a hard cut 👌
Con-Cret Creatine (hcl): I recently switched to creatine hcl b/c it doesn't have to be loaded and requires a smaller, more potent dose. I use this to help me maintain strength= maintained volume= maintained muscle.
BPI BCAA's: I always sip this during fasted cardio, my workout, or anytime I can't get to food to ensure my body isn't using protein as energy. BPI also includes a CLA complex to promote increased fat oxidation.
All supps from @powerhousenutritionlbk

Been slacking on my BCAA's lately and I am sooooo sore from my workouts. Time to get back to my routine! 💪🍴

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