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I'm closing out this week with a heart bursting at the seams with gratitude.
Ever since I launched Soul Connect 6-ish months ago, I've been on a quest to truly embody this work so I can fully show up as I continue to create a movement. This week, I had the honor to host our monthly Tribe gathering, connect with some badass boss babes, and create a collaboration that will truly elevate others. I couldn't feel more aligned with {my why}
Funnily enough, as I tended to my adulting duties, I was getting into my car, immersed in thoughts about ways I can serve my growing Tribe, I had a stark realization that, hey I am THIS. I am living out loud this work. I am this movement. It was one of those Universe wake up and {welcome to your life} moments. Another beautiful example of awakening everything I need within me.
I recall the joy that pulsed through me when I snapped this pic of our Tribe connecting + creating community. And as I sit here readying myself for the week ahead, I can't help but feel so grounded, so ready, and so, SO grateful ❤️

I'm a little behind with my #summerselflovechallenge this weekend so here is my penultimate entry for #embraceyou on day 6. @baileyopsal said "How often do you hide your true self out of fear of what people will think? Embracing yourself, owning your story, and sharing your truth with the world can be a scary thing." So who am I? I had a bit of a head start on this one because I'd been meditating on the Sanskrit Mantra "So hum" (which means "I am") this week. It's a bit of a detour from my usual mindful meditation practice and to be honest, not a lot revealed itself during these sessions. Since then however, a lot of thoughts have begun to unfold naturally in my mind about who I am. I'm still making sense of it all to be honest but here are some thoughts that have emerged.
I'm an introvert but a keen observer of people and interpreter of behaviour. I'm a story teller and writer. I'm a mother and lover. I am increasingly patient. I am most happy in nature. I find peace in beauty and order. I feel my emotions deeply. I don't always get it right and I'm learning to be OK with that. I like to feel the ground beneath my feet. My soul is much wilder than my outer persona.

Last day of the #summerselflovechallenge today and it has been a beautiful ride. So many women connected, grew, and shared their truths together this past week.

Day 7 is all about #powerfulreflection so I wanted to share something has been tugging at me this entire week.

Despite understanding boundaries and knowing how to set them, they continue to be very challenging for me to actually put into action. I sometimes find myself struggling to follow through and take care of myself in a way that allows me to stand up for myself.

This weekend (like a perfect lesson coming at me at a perfect time) something was said about me that bothered me deeply. I struggled with it for nearly an entire day. So what did I do? I created a boundary about why that wasn't okay with me to happen again and let the person know. Was it easy? Absolutely not. It was heart-breakingly hard. But I'm so glad I did it.

Stand in your truth, say what needs to be said, and don't apologize for any of it.

You are worth that.

How are you reflecting on things today?

The final day of the #summerselflovechallenge is here and it’s all about #powerfulreflection .  Throughout the entire week, I have asked you to get really honest and curious about different aspects of deep self-love.

From here, it’s up to you.  I have shared some key pieces that have been instrumental to me.  Now, it is up to you to discover what pieces are most important to you and to implement them!

This challenge was a great starting point to experiencing self-love but again, it is only a starting point.

Loving yourself is a constant journey, one that requires a commitment every day.  This is what is so beautiful about it.  You get to continue recognizing your lovely self everyday, not just at the final destination!

So today, I want you to get really curious about what worked the best for you this past week.  Was there something that felt best to do?  What has your soul, mind, body, or spirit been craving?  Are you acting on that desire?

{This is who I am and I don’t care who knows it}

Vulnerability is all about being completely yourself and embracing who you are. Not hiding out of fear or keeping yourself hidden and small. Being vulnerable & speaking your truth, if nothing else, is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate to yourself that you are worth loving. That you love yourself enough to be exactly who you are. That's freeing!

So long, I tried to fit in with people I didn't even want to be like. I did what every one else did so that I wouldn't be seen as the misfit I always felt I was. But the older I get & the deeper I get into my self-love journey the more I couldn't give a crap what anyone thinks of me.

I am (just like you) an undefinable & beautiful human being moving through life exactly as I want & intend to. No explanation needed. How amazing is that?
#summerselflovechallenge #embraceyou

Day 6 of the #summerselflovechallenge is about deciding to #embraceyou
How often do you hide your true self out of fear of what people will think?
Embracing yourself, owning your story, and sharing your truth with the world can be a scary thing. It requires us to step out of the shadows and into the light. It requires us to say “this is who I am and I don’t care if you like it or not”. Owning who you are is vital on the self-love journey. Without it, you continue to live your life on the sidelines, never truly allowing others to get to know the beautiful person you truly are.

How do you embrace you and lean into vulnerability & truth in your own life?
P.S. Know someone who needs to hear this? Tag them below so they can be a part of this journey!

Day 5 of the #summerselflovechallenge is here and its all about deciding to #lovewhatyoueat
So naturally, I had pepperoni pizza and macaroons for dessert ✌

What foods do you love? Eat them without guilt...it is complete F R E E D O M

Today's #summerselflovechallenge with @baileyopsal was to eat something I love without any judgement or guilt. Naturally, I chose chocolate chip cookie, just cooled from the oven. Yum.
Mindful eating can go a long way towards helping us build better, more intuitive eating habits that serve our body well and allow us to eat what we love. When we tune into what our body needs and what feels good, we often eat a better, more fulfilling diet naturally. Emotional eating is less likely to happen.
Mindful eating generally has 3 steps.
1. Take a moment to take your attention down into the body. Breathe deeply and explore what you notice in the body. What does your body need? Also notice (without any judgement) any cravings that you may have. Allow them to just be there for a moment and explore whether your craving will give your body what it actually needs.
2. When it comes to eating, place your full attention on your food. Engage all your senses - sight, taste, feel, sound, smell. Be aware of when you start to feel full and stop eating at that point.
3. When you've finished, notice how you feel. How has it impacted on your body and your mind? Noticing how food affects our body makes it easier to eat the foods that make us feel good.

Talking all about #lovewhatyoueat over on day 5 of the #summerselflovechallenge .
I asked all the ladies in the challenge to make a list of all the foods they love. Not the foods they think they love because they don’t allow themselves to have them. Not the foods they tell themselves that they love because they are "healthy". But the foods they really, truly love.

And to be truthful, that can be hard. How often do you eat something because you feel like you should or have to? How often do you avoid certain foods out of fear?

Today I encourage you to eat something you truly love without guilt and without judgment. That is the only way to F R E E D O M !

Went for a solo walk this morning for day 4 of the #summerselflovechallenge to show my body some love.

Ever since I stopped exercising out of fear (fear of weight gain, fear of not being loved or accepted because of my body), my body started to relax and feel more comfortable. I was able to make choices based on what felt good to me, not what I thought I should or had to do. What a relief that was!

How are moving your beautiful body today?

Today's #summerselflovechallenge is to do some intuitive movement. Intuitive movement means being guided by what feels good for your body right now. Taking a moment to rest, engage your senses and listen to what your body is telling you.
Today had been a muggy, rainy day but the clouds parted this evening and the sun came out. Going out into the fresh, cool air felt amazing. I feel quite stiff returning from my walk though, so some gentle bedtime yoga is probably in order.

Day 4 of the #summerselflovechallenge is all about intuitive movement and body love (my favorite!). When we comes to our bodies, we can either live from a place of love or fear.
Generally, love speaks to you gently, quietly urging you to listen to your intuition and be guided by how your body is feeling.

Fear speaks to you in should's or have-to's. It uses guilt or comparison to force you to do things that may not feel the best for you.

Today's challenge is all about finding a new way to move your body that feels fresh, new, and comfortable. Something that will help you say #ilovemybody . Want to join in on the fun happening over with the self-love challenge tribe? Head to the #linkinbio to join

P.S. If you know someone who could use some body love this summer, tag them below so they can stay connected and live from a place of love instead of fear ❤

“No that doesn’t work for me.” I’ve been busy all day proclaiming this to no one in particular and it feels amazing. So often I am too self-conscious or scared of what other people will think of me when I stand up for myself that I never do. So today during the #summerselflovechallenge I am discovering what I will no longer stand for by becoming a #boundarywarrior.

Creating boundaries has been a big piece of self-love for me personally. When someone crosses the line, says something to me that I’m not okay with, or treats me less than I deserve, I am able to now say something to them. And it’s a relief! The happiest, most self-loving people I know have the firmest boundaries.

So that's why I love rose so much! Day 3 of @rg_acupuncture Summer Self Love Challenge is about bringing rose into your day for it's calming properties. This is my natural rose perfume by @nyr_official 💗 a spritz of this makes me feel like a clean wealthy goddess haha! #sensationalsummerhealth #summerselflovechallenge #rose #naturalperfume #nealsyard

"No that doesn't work for me." How hard can it be to string those words together sometimes? I know for me it can be really challenging, which is why we are spending all of Day 3 of the #summerselflovechallenge taking about becoming a #boundarywarrior

Throughout the day, I encourage you to get really curious about what you are allowing in your life that you would like to let go of. Is there anything you are no longer okay with that you want to create a boundary for?

P.S. Know someone who could use some love this summer? Tag them below for some daily self-love inspiration ❤

Practicing my dance moves for Friday 💃
Day 2 of the #summerselflovechallenge is here & it's all about becoming a #selfcarewarrior . So today I decided I'm going to take the dance class I've been wanting to try for months but was always too scared to sign up for. Here's to courage and new beginnings!

How are you taking care of yourself today? 😊

Day 2 of the #summerselflovechallenge is here and it is all about becoming a #selfcarewarrior💛
I truly believe that self-care is the doorway to yourself. It is the backbone of self-love and the more you explore it, the more access you have to the power of loving yourself. Which is why self-care is the first and foremost topic of discussion with the Summer Self-Love tribe.

Today's challenge? Try a new form of self-care that you have you never experimented with before. -Always wanted to try a salsa dance class? Sign up!
-Want to plan a solo getaway? Book your ticket.

If you want to learn even more about deep self-care (that goes beyond massages and manicures!), head to the #linkinbio to sign up for the FREE Summer Self-Love Challenge ❤

P.S. Know someone who could use some extra love this summer? Tag them below so they can join the goodness this week!

Day two of the #summerselflovechallenge is to embrace a form of spiritual self care that you don't normally do. I've loved so much of becoming a mother in the last few years, but one of the aspects of my life that has taken a back seat is spending time with friends on my own. To relax and laugh and just be me. This Saturday I'm having a spa day with a group of friends and I'm so excited. We've been friends for such a long time and they've been there for me through all the flakiness and ups and downs. I'm truly grateful to have wonderful people in my life.

Day 3 of the Summer Self Love Challenge by @rg_acupuncture 💗 today, every time we give out energy to someone, we're practicing to consciously give some back to ourselves. I find that playing a singing bowl quickly whacks me back into connection with myself. It's like the sound is instantly realigning me with my natural frequency! Cooool! #summerselflovechallenge #sensationalsummerhealth #singingbowl #soundhealing #connection

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