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Let's be honest, feeling great starts on the inside. That’s why during this week of #summerofSELFcare, we’re focusing on the food that fuels the amazing things you do daily. Nabeela Lakhani (@farmingitup) is a farmer-entrepreneur working for @squarerootsgrow, an urban farming accelerator. She was frustrated by the disconnect between people—especially people living in cities—and the food they eat. So she joined Square Roots Grow to help make agriculture less distant and more transparent. Lakhani spends up to 20 hours a week inside a shipping container in a Brooklyn parking lot growing a variety of greens like Tuscan kale, a Japanese variety of mustard greens, rainbow chard, and more. Then she works with the program to sell the produce at farmer’s markets and through a delivery service. Her ultimate goal: Food that you can trust. (Full story in bio.)
Keep checking out our story all week for daily tips to help you nourish your body! | 📷: David Urbanke (@davidurbanke)| Wardrobe Styling by Rika Watanabe. H&M by Holly Gowers using La Prairie and Alterna for Atelier. | #TeamSELF

Unplugging more helps me hear my true voice clearly again.
And yes, I realize the irony in saying this on a social media post, so I'm offering this thought nugget (full video is in the @selfmagazine site along with other fantastic content), putting my phone down, and taking my dog to the beach. Seriously y'all: my creativity rolls when I take the time to think instead of replacing quiet space with scrolling or refreshing my email. Resist the habitual urge and see what magic sparks. 👊🏾🙏🏽✨
#aimtrue #refresh #creativity #selfmagazine #summerofSELFcare

S U N - K I S S E D ☀️😘💋// Sometimes self-care is as simple as taking a mid-day break for a quick dip in the pool! 💦👙😎 #summerofselfcare #takecareofyourself #enjoylife #braidsbylorine #latergram

When it comes to caring for yourself, strong connections and friendships are crucial to remaining emotionally healthy day-to-day.❤️ Best friends and "Another Round" podcast hosts Tracey Clayton (@brokeymcpoverty) and Heben Nigatu (@heavenrants) illustrate this #summerofSELFcare idea perfectly through their relationship and work. On "Another Round" they talk about anything and everything, from Swedish Fish to reformative justice and the importance of spreading empathy. Both women recognize their platform as a powerful tool to connect and educate others and they hope to help their audience feel better represented, understood, and cared for. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about their podcast and personal self-care routines. | 📷: Helen Eriksson (@_heleneriksson_) | Wardrobe Styling by Alexis Colby. H&M by Holly Gower using Becca Cosmetics and Amika for Atelier Management. | #TeamSELF

Goodbye pink hair! I'm sure I'll see you again some time :) #radicalbodylove #effyourbeautystandards #fatbabe #summerofselfcare #bodylove4all

Otherwise known as things I have to remind myself of every five minutes. #summerofselfcare #beherenow

Day 4 of the #summerofselfcare. Learn a new skill. Brush lettering workshop with @remkebeckers.

My go-to physical self care hot day treats are all about feet. I don't mean pedicures (these dancing/gardening feet need callouses and I only paint toes for special occasions). Mine are two super simple bedtime rituals. 1️⃣ I sit on the side of the tub and wash my feet, then run them under really cold water. And 2️⃣ I massage them before sleep with a little coconut oil and a drop of lavender oil. Mmmmmmm... happy feet.

This is the setting. The mission is #selfcare and the action is sleep (maybe). 🌜✨ #summerofselfcare #makedreams #makelove #dontforgetyourbonnet @smackbangdeisgns


Today's lunch wasn't quite this but was made up of the similar things from the hospital cafe I'm doing my rotation in - a fruit cup, @chobani plain yogurt, and some @quaker microwave oats. Not gonna lie, I prefer this 👆🏼 version (tagged in photo) but some days you've gotta make it work 💁🏼 Happy Friday Eve ✨ #DIdaily

That almost end of the week wine down 💆🏻what are you doing for YOU this week? #thewellful #wearewellful #selfcare

Don't wanna ~ clog ~ up your feed but it's my second day in retail rotation and these are my shoes for the next month, the white coat helps but the hairnet really brings it all together #DIdaily

Sundays are for...pretending your kitchen is an IHOP 🥞
Pretty plain jane but perfect pancakes made with @arrowheadmills pancake mix, @foragerproject unsweetened cashew milk, 1 @vitalfarms egg and topped with @fage yogurt and homemade blueberry syrup 🤤 this Sunday can't go wrong now #wearewellful #thewellful

Okay fine, I mean, if you insist 💐🌿🌵 #thewellful

Week one almost done and feeling like these figs (and a lil like @avokween) 🤸🏼‍♀️

We don't always treadmill run (dreadmill?) but when we do, it's here ⚡️⚡️ who else is running a race this fall? Tell us where/which one! 👇🏽 #thewellful #trainingtuesday #marathontraining #halfmarathontraining #psyougotthis #runselfierepeat #nyrr #mhrc #nycmarathon #dreadmill

Day 81 // Flowers on my desk. A gift from a lovely and thoughtful friend. Every time I look at them it is a reminder to breathe in and breathe out. Let's start the week. .
#summerofselfcare #emmyandco #hygge #flowerpower #dolesscreatemore #goalsettergoalgetter #seizetheday #makeithappen #happymonday #mondaymotivation #mondaymood

Follain (read: falling) in love with Boston starting with this dreamy shop for all things natural beauty, self care and just a gorgeous airy space 🌱 happy saturday #thewellful #follain @follain #naturalbeauty #selfcaresaturday

The realization from my previous post was so incredible for me.

It really proved to me that when we confront and accept our uncomfortable feelings we take away their power.

Yesterday I climbed to the top of this pyramid and sat on the edge. I said out loud in English and in Spanish my new mantra: I exist even if alone/ Yo existo aunque esté sola.

What are you willing to confront and accept about yourself?
#therapygirl #therapylife #travelingtherapist #igtherapy #friday #friyay #visitmexico #mexico #coba #mayanruins #maya #mantra #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #sayyes #sayyestolife #rivieramaya #visitrivieramaya #history #selflove #selfcare #summer #summerofselfcare #vacation #vacationtime #bilingual #spanish #mexican #chicana

Pour some sugar (cashew milk) on mee (my @purecocobeet bowl) 🎶 these basically tasted like adult cocoa rice krispies 🤸🏼‍♀️• rec from @balancewithb & @twist_of_lemons ✨ happy Thursday!! #thewellful

✨If I've learned one thing from this world of social media it's to say "no" to ANYTHING that leaves you feeling drained and disheartened. 🙅🏻 It's a tough lesson, but something that's very much needed for your own emotional health... and it's something I'm going to apply more fiercely in the next few months. 🌸👌🏼I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to make more time for all the things that bring me joy. ✨{Wearing @onzie // Styled by @inflowstyle} #myyogalife

Is this thing on?! How did @gemmacorrell know exactly what we look like meditating (sometimes) 🙇🏼‍♀️ 😂Hope your Wednesday is sprinkled with whatever kind of mindfulness, meditation, grounding works for you.

If you haven't already seen @immaeatthat's recent post about mindful eating (or really any of her posts) it's worth checking out!! Happy humpday ✨✨✨ #thewellful #regramlove @gemmacorrell

Hey now, hey now, this is what breakfast dreams are made of 💫Feeling like Hilary Duff when she slays Paolo's concert on a class trip to Italy (my study abroad experience was not that 🤔) This is likely my trendiest breakfast of the season bc let's be real these products are amaze and delish but don't always buy them regularly for $$$ reasons. So saying when in Rome & enjoying it while it lasts 🙋🏼
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🍳2 @sietefoods almond tortillas, @kitehillfoods chives spread, 2 @vitalfarms eggs (that are as gorg as the box they come in), @wildbrine kimchi hot sauce (obsessed), onion, tomato and topped with garlic powder and crushed red pepper flakes ENJOY #thewellful

yesterday marked the first day of my senior year of college. among other things, that means one last year of trying to convince myself to do work at the library rather than a cozy coffee shop... so far, i'm not doing too hot...

💦Two things I love most: Outdoor adventures 🌴🚣🏼 and spending time with my man & our lil pup. 💕#Summer2017

you know a store that has 'plants make people happy' written in its window is going to be a good one.

this weekend i finally visited @thesill (aka plant heaven) in Chinatown and adopted a baby snake plant that i named Ophelia. and i'm already planning my next trip back... ☺️

Happy Labor Day

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