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Dear NYC commuters, let people off the train first. Today I had to interject my body in a fist fight taking place .5 ft away from me as I got on the L train at Bedford. The station was packed due to medical emergency delays and signal issues. People were all lined up within an inch of the platform edge as the train pulled in. This woman tried to step back and let someone off and an altercation ensued. This man starting shoving and laid hands on her so she went off. The two shoving each other and yelling. By now the three of us are inside the crammed train car. He was grabbing her and trying to forcibly eject her from the car. She was swinging. As we were all on the train at this point I worked myself between them, facing her, and tried to talk them down as passengers behind me grabbed the guys arms. Needless to say it was a lot for a Thursday morning after I had already angrily waited on the platform and been shoved around for 35 minutes. Rush hour. I fear we are entering yet another #summerofhell on the subway...
#thanksMTA #fixtheLtrain #fixthesubwaynow #goodsamaritan #thankgoodnessididntgetshanked #NYC #commutefromhell #menofthemetro #icanteven

Not a bad view to have during my breaks this weekend #cpa #capstone #summerofhell

Dang, I guess the MTA is bringing back the summer of hell. #nylife #mta #walkingdead #summerofhell

Mail call #2! This was designed by @winstontseng. I needed both posters. Of course, I couldn’t decide which one I liked more. #mta #lirr #summerofhell #winterofhell #delayed #yourtrainisdelayed

Great news – your train is DELAYED (again). We’re re-releasing the beer that got you through the #SummerofHell to get you through the #WinterofWoes. Join us at @shakeshack Penn Station on 3/7 from 5-8 for beers, burgs, and, of course, delays. Plus, the first 100 folks to buy a beer get a free burger.

get ya lighters up. @speakeasylongbeach tonight. island vibes tomorrow. #manicmonday #summerofhell #longbeachnynotcalifornia #lowtide #lowlife

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