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you ah (biotch) and he a (biotch) and yall like twin sisters 😂

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#study and #assessments are much easier being done outside on 30 deg days. #summerfun ☀️ 🌴

Had my 2nd #hellofresh meal tonight and it was yum! Thai spiced meatballs with noodles and broccoli! I was so excited to try it and so thankful a friend sent me a free box, but don’t think I’ll continue it for just me. Although the kids ate the chicken and pasta from last night and Trey ate several of the meatballs tonight! Have you tried any of the food delivery meal kits?

I want that coat 😍

Mama hustle...fueled by Superfoods!
In the past I have been one to make every excuse under the sun to not workout at night. I would moan and groan about it being dark outside. Not sure how that could keep me from working out, but it did. I cried about it being cold. I played the "I worked hard all day" card. You name it, I made it an excuse.
Coaching has given me the mental strength to do what makes me feel good...instead of making excuses and being upset with myself because I sucked.
What is one of your "can't workout" excuses!?!?
If you want to find that motivation to workout and want to change your current excuse making self, I would be happy to chat with you about my 21 Day Lifestyle Bootcamp. I will share all of the tools that have helped me to be successful in my journey.

okay time to get to work


now i gotta make a theme and all this other shit but it’s okay

i have so much muse for her bruh

Same same but different

Come to try our plum sake 🍶with our freshy tasty sushi 🍣 for this beautiful day 🔅
Feel free to ask our lovely 😊 staffs for drinks and food 🍴☝️️ #summerday #summerfun #glenelgbeach #sushiroll #swetpotatoroll #plumsakes #plums #alchol #japanesefood #japanesecuisine #thebestsushi #sushiadelaide #healthyfood #fitness #fitnessmotivation #simplysushi #simplysushiglenelg #simplysushilife #freshyfreshy

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