Before they get you
Like they got me #summerfeelingforthe4

Off to wonderland my dear.
The people aren't so friendly here. #inspiretheoceann #srslyemileepickme #thisismyfavebella

going away in 7 days, won't be posting much when I'm away - no wifi 😭 - but will post heaps when I come back //


"I love lamp"


Sweet summer.

Too late #summerfeelingforthe4

shelly beach //

I've spent so much time waiting for someone to care, I've stopped caring about myself - @lovepoemms
pc: @thevelvetsea

Not my photo, but it is my edit.

Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over
Pc and ec: @thevelvetsea

“From the center, no one can run. Not even wind.” Model: @thevelvetsea

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