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Hello tropical paradise! In my infinity pool 💗🦄🌈⭐️🌞 xoM 📸 @hungrysydneysiders .
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L i v r e 💙 | Pareço poética, mas tô sem foto #vibes

Must make these more often ✨
@nutrabolics BCAA popsicles 👌🏼
I mixed up 2 serves of BCAA'S with water & froze.. amazing for hot days, killing sweet tooth cravings and something fun to eat. I'm now obsessed with them 🤗 Favouite flavour right now is 🍍🍍🍍


Life is good! Go explore! ☀️🚶🏻


30 degrees calls for nook juices! That beautiful Summer weather is still holding up the goods!🌿🌿🌿🌞🌞🌞#nookandnourish #yorkepeninsula #nourish #juice #summerdays

One of the smartest things all over #straya are these oceanpools. Keep those nasty stingers and sharks at bay.

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Because I was afraid to change, but that's not an excuse to stay.

Saudades desse dia e de vocês 😍❤ ps: sei que não deveria olhar pra câmera 😂

Beautiful shot of the lake at #campsolomonschechter

Day 15 #40daysofartistlifetruth
Of the Paradox of Patience
A little peek into how I work...my sketchbooks are actually not filled with just sketches, but 90% is all words. Shocking for a visual artist right? Today I was craving creating and painting waters...even my arms were viscerally screaming for release. My brain, being a stubborn habitual thing decided to load my eyes with a bunch of imagery from instagram or pinterest. Too much imagery, not enough words. Imagery overload. My arms got a little peeved but what could it do but scroll? I'm not trying to highlight my phone and digital habits, i'm sure you heard enough from life to put the phone away. What I'm trying to say is that the saturation of imagery in my life has crowded out the imageries i've created myself. Whether its defeat from comparison or distraction from constant new things and pieces that bounce around, where is the truth behind each imagery curated? What happened to powerful and meaningful curation? .
So why am I showing you a part of my sketchbook that is clearly not words? Its like this, silence to a visual artist or visually inclined person is like words. Calm and flowing as a river. As much as our souls need silence and nature so we also need balance in stimulation (visual vs. literary). I am clearly not a good example of this, but see it like this: you want at once to be whole and also to be continuous all in one breath and life. Your patience teeters between whole chunks and moving waters. And you want closure and also exploration, completing projects and also innovation.
Photography is at the nerve centre of our paradoxical memorial impulses; we need it there for how it helps us frame out losses, but we can also sense it crowding in an ongoing experience, imposing closure on what should still be open. #tejucole
Because I deal so heavily in visual expression (photography, illustration, painting), secretly, i'm really a writer (more writing to come) How long will I wait for my arms and brain to collaborate? .
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Deixa fluir ❤😍💭

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