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L’une de mes principale motivation à faire ce que je fais, tu peux bosser depuis n’importe où ! 📱

Il suffit simplement de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, de leur enseigner comment atteindre leur objectif et de les suivre au quotidien pour y parvenir 💪🏼 Et toi quels sont des objectifs ? 🔝
En terme de silhouette, d’énergie, de performances ou de vie ? ✨
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Día 20 || Plie Squat Pulses || #100squatchallenge
Hoy sí hay video 😊! Solo 10 días más y termino esta tortura 😂.
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✨Would you really care if your weight stayed the same, if your body composition drastically changed?

If your goal is to REALLY change your body permanently, I hope this picture helps you realize how the scale means fuck all🚫, & how useless it is to obsess over!🙅🏻‍♀️

When I hear women say things like, “I want to lose 10 more lbs, I just need to lose the fat around my back/waist, I just want to TONE UP, etc” - I hear them saying they want to add muscle to recomposition their body and make it look a certain way (usually leaner, tighter, curvier, yet ‘smaller’). I mean, that’s what we all want, right!? #duh

SO, how do we do this? What is “body recomposition” anyways?!

Body COMPOSITION is the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle mass in human bodies.

Resistance training (aka lifting, weight training) consistently & over time results in simultaneous fat loss & muscle tissue gain, which causes body REcomposition. This usually takes years of consistency and *at least* decent programming in the weight room and decent nutrition. (Notice I said decent, not perfect 💁🏻‍♀️)

There’s clearly a huuuuge difference in my lean body mass and body fat % in this 4 yr comparison. But if I let the scale be the only thing I let determine if I’ve made progress?...😧 NO DOUBT, I would have quit soooo loooong before I came anywhere near my goals!
*pls note I have fluctuated from 125-145 over the years, my weight did not stay consistent*

You do not need to see a lower number on the scale to see progress.

I went from depressed, skinny fat and weak; to confident AF, strong and thriving.
I got over my obsession with the scale.
I got over my desire to take up less and less space.
I got uncomfortable and got over my fear of the weight room.

Now, I get to help other women see the light at the end of the tunnel of yo-yo dieting and days of cardio!💜 I know what it’s like to be stuck in that cycle & be depserate to see results, and my mission is to get other women out of it for good!
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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately as to why I’ve been eating so much. And I find this topic gets many people stumped and confused about what they thought they knew about nutrition and training to achieve a slender and toned figure.
First, let’s start with the basics. If you want to grow muscle, you should be eating more than your current baseline metabolic rate aka. caloric surplus. By doing this, you are simply aiding your body in fuelling energy for the bigger and heavier lifts, as well as replenishing / restoring your muscles 💪🏼 It is possible to grow muscle in a calorie deficit but it is a lot harder and the results come by a lot slower - I wouldn’t recommend.
Secondly, by growing more muscle you are increasing your metabolic rate. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. So what does this mean? It means that your baseline metabolism gets higher and higher and in turn, you also have to eat more to ensure that calories in are greater than calories out (for muscle growth) 🏋🏻‍♀️
And thirdly with the increased metabolic rate, this means that by the time you want to lean down, your body is primed very well to deal with fat loss. The best way to lose fat is when you are able to slim down and still be eating a decent amount of food 🍗🧀🥞 and with the smallest amount of movement. There’s no carb cutting and no ridiculous restrictive, low calorie diets here. My increased metabolic rate will allow me to lower my calories to a decent, sustainable level and still be able to lose fat.
Another important fact is that fat loss is not a fast process. If someone promises you that you’ll be able to get the body of your dreams in 6-8 weeks, truth is that you’ll be on unsustainable meal plans and training programs to get those quick results, and in the end, you’ll pile all the weight back on 🙅🏻‍♀️
If you’re looking to do things the stable way, I suggest getting a well qualified trainer who knows their shit. I’m only talking about the absolute basics here and there’s a still a lot more I didn’t cover. My bomb ass coach @oliviaorchowski has taught me everything I know 🧠

New #Workouts!
Boys only 👌🙅‍♂️no ladies 😊

Every Tuesday 6pm - Bar Workout behind Whitlam Centre Liverpool 👏.. all fitness levels welcome !

Can’t wait to smash it!

Righto , I’ve been hanging onto this gem of a video for a little while. Videos show transformations a lot better because you get the angles and stuff. But I was hesitant to post this Incase it comes off a bit .. like raunchy. Because I have my dressing down on. But I promise it’s not. Omg I’m cringing. This is not supposed to be sexy. And fuck. If this is sexy then I guess I just can’t help it 😅 I don’t know .. I still get a bit awkward about posting this sort of stuff on the internet but I’m committed to showing real results so I added a nifty little tune to the video to make it even more clear that it isn’t a sexy video. K? Cool! Thanks 🤓
Just to remind you, I lost almost 50kg, then reverse dieted pretty damn well for 6 months. I’m currently almost 2 weeks into a 6 week mini cut! I’m cutting on 2175 kcal, 1040 of which are from carbs. (260g carbs 160g protein and 55g fat). I’m eating 80% whole foods and 20% of what I like which could be chocolate.. chips. A burger... sugar in my coffee . Whatevs ! The most important thing about a diet ? SUSTAINABILITY and ADHERENCE! If you can’t sustain principles long term I.e for the rest of your life than there’s no point! Anyway I’m still cringing about this. But the cool thing will be the side by side video at the end !!! Tomorrow is week 2 check in with a comparison photo , yay !
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