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Chapter 14
Annie's POV (dream):
Kenzie went to the hospital and she pushed me. I fell, and my back hurt. "don't ever touch Hayden!! he's mine" Kenzie shouted."what's wrong with you Kenzie? please just admit that Hayden doesn't love you anymore" "oh really? Hayden doesn't love me? Nu-uh, well Hayden doesn't love you, he's playing with you, he loves me more, he loves you not". Now I began to think if Hayden really loves me, but I'm sure he loves me. He wouldn't confess if he doesn't love me as much as he did with Kenzie. "Kenzie please leave I don't want you here!!"I gasped while standing up. I saw her walking towards me getting a knife from her back. I started to panic "what are you going to do Kenzie?! bring that down" "I'm going to destroy you Annie! And me and Hayden planned this so shut up girly!!!"Kenzie held my neck with both of her hands putting the knife in her pocket. I can't breathe, every second it gets harder. she pulled the knife from her pocket, as the closer the knife is getting to me, the harder I can't breath. I tried screaming but my scream is not enough because she's holding my neck. .
Hayden's POV:
I woke up to Annie screaming, I immediately wake her up as she started to move her arms like trying to get away from something. She woke up as if she's having a bad dream, a really bad one. She's crying, she's breathing really hard, I hugged her. "It's going to be alright" I said while putting her hair away from her face. "Why is she trying to kill me Hayden? what did I do wrong?" she gasped. "Who's trying to kill you?" "k-kk-kenzie?" she said looking into my eyes. Kenzie? Why would kenzie kill Annie? Is it about what happened when I kissed her. "Your just having a bad dream Annie come on go back to sleep" I sat in the couch and closed my eyes, I thought. why did I care for Kenzie? well it's just a dream. But dreams can be true. -
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I don't know which I like better this (aka the original) or Noah's alien edit... @noahcyrus @huntersummerall

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