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"Push yourself again and again. Don't give an inch until the final buzzer sounds." 🏀⛹🏽🏆

First Day High 👑
It's official i'm your Binibini 27.

Styling: Francis Chee
💄: yours truly ❤

#bbp2018 #binibini27 #hennamazing #hennanstoppable #hennandefeatable #sultankudarat #sksikatka #proudmindanaoan

Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than i've ever been. -Iaian Thomas 👑

Hmua💄: Kai Bablin
Styling : Mickey Asuelo
📸: Lory Obero

#kccajandig #proudmindanaoan #sultankudarat #sksikatka #model #asian #confidentlybeautifulwithaheart #folio

Minister's Wives
Volleyball girls

Buhay bukid dito sa aming farm! 😂🤣 Ta sakay ta Traktora!

Guess ano ang aking karga? 😉😄 ❤ #Bagumbayan #SultanKudarat #Roadtrip #TripDiaries #AdventuRoj 👣 #PalmOil #HappyWeekend #Instagood #Travel

100% cotton Inaul woven by Iranun weavers from Sultan Kudarat courtesy of @manilacollectible
Inaul is a Maguindanaon and Iranun word meaning 'weaved' and is a manually-weaved fabric unique to the Maguindanaon and Iranun peoples of Muslim Mindanao. It is commonly used as #malong or tubular skirt. Weavers spend three to four weeks to finish four-meter long Inaul depending on the intricacy of the design. Inaul is considered as 'Barabangsa' - a term synonymous to regal, royalty, and pride. Inaul weaving is said to have more than 20 recognized designs and patterns inspired by patterns in nature as well as geometry.
The Iranun are a Moro ethnic group native to Mindanao and the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. Originally from the Sultanate of Maguindanao, Iranun is one of the oldest existing nations in the world and were involved in pirate-related activities in the Malay world for centuries - the word Lanun means 'pirate' in the Malay language. Iranuns successfully fought off the Western invaders under the famous Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat, and excelled in maritime activities, plying the route connecting the Sulu Sea, Moro Gulf to Celebes Sea, raiding the Spanish-held territories along the way.
Sources: @nationweavers and wikipedia

Ad//First week of January shoot, we found ourselves in Mindanao ❤️ Wearing Hijab & Dress from Sittie Asiah MuslimahApparel .
For faster transactions or online orders, please contact them via Facebook or IG @sittieasiah .

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Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol

I don't ride coattails, baby!


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