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Small size #suitofarmour - this one 140cm high - life size also available #Shrewsbury #shoplocal #quirky

Wayne primps and polishes his half-scale suit of armor in the gallery at the Rocky Mountain Blacksmithing Conference. He is not a hobbyist but a real armorer, being one of the few people who are fortunate to have been trained in England by a traditional armorer. It is a very secretive profession. #rockymountainsmiths #armorer #suitofarmor #suitofarmour #armourer

One half scale suit of armor made by Wayne Frame on display in the gallery at this years Rocky Mountain Blacksmithing Conference. #rockymountainblacksmithingconference #rockymountainsmiths #armer #suitofarmor #suitofarmour

Full harness of armour made by Robert MacPherson for Dr Tobias Capwell, Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection โžก๏ธSWIPE RIGHTโžก๏ธ. It is unfortunate that no full sets of English armour from before the sixteenth century have survived. Despite this, a distinctly English style of armour did emerge in the fifteenth century, the style and typology of which can be discerned from the numerous high-quality monumental funeral effigies which have survived in churches across England. Through Dr Capwell and others' study of these, the English style of armour has identified and described. This English style appears to fit somewhere between the minimalistic, sleek styling of Italian armour and the more ornate, heavily fluted German style. The result was very effective and aesthetically pleasing armour, which the renowned armourer Robert MacPherson has recreated here. The armour is built in a style common from 1440-1460. The blackened steel armour is decorated by strips of copper alloy riveted to the plates, decorated by floral designs. There are two helmets to accompany the armour, one designed for battle, the other for jousting. The armour is flexible, connected by accurate reconstructions of the buckles and hinges shown on monuments, and is not as heavy as one might expect, since the weight is spread over the whole body, allowing for dynamic, athletic movement required on the battlefield or the tourney ground. This armour reconstruction is of great importance to scholars and armourers, as it represents the culmination of years of study into a lost art form and the creation of a tangible representation of history. #armour #suitofarmour #harness #reconstruction #history #historical #middleages #medieval #medievalhistory

Take a moment today to stop and remind yourself to be the calm, centred, strongest and inspiring version of yourself. You are in control. You've got this. KNOW who you are. KNOW what you want. KNOW what you deserve. DO NOT settle for anything less. Friends, #LETSGO

Guard Duty. A suit of plated armour standing guard beside two splendid chairs in the Great Hall at Speke Hall, Liverpool, UK.
The impressive Great Hall is the oldest part of the house dating from the 1530's.
#spekehall #tudor #mansion #suitofarmour


Small size #suitofarmour - this one 140cm high - life size also available #Shrewsbury #shoplocal #quirky

Noch eins von unten im Keller #suitofarmour #vaults #dinnerspot #hereforthedumplings

Working on some little two colour reductions!

House elf suit of armour

Had a nice meal here, but I reckon this guy has been waiting a while for his dinner! #sidcup #roomy #suitofarmour

Take a peek inside what is described as Wales' own Dowton Abbey #westburycastle on my blog. Soon to be a wedding venue ๐Ÿ˜ and what a beautiful one it will be ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿคต

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