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a few bonuses of needing to get wood; save money on heating bills, have the most amazing heat when it's -40c outside, spending quality time in the bush with my husband, and never have to spend money on something like a gym membership.. makes all the sense to me! (plus look how pretty cut wood is when it gets rot/needs to get cut) #exploremb #lovecbcmb #farmlife #suistanable

We proudly present a new brand: Be Soap My Friend. A vegan care brand from Austria that focuses on sustainability through the use of natural raw materials and refillable packaging. Regram from @besoapmyfriend. #vegancare #suistanable #sissyboy1982

Holy guacamole! Got my #nomadics in the mail today. And there more beautyfull and comfortabel then I thought! #vegan #nomadicstateofmind #suistanable

In 2016 we planted over half a million trees, saved 6600 tones of co2, trained over 1000 cacao farmers and could pay them a price for their cacao, which is ten times higher than "Fairtrade". THANK YOU! ❤️ #originalbeans #suistanable #bestchocolate

Last week I was a guest on Veckans Affärer Hållbarbetspodden and @jessicacwodmar Listen on acast! #lexingtoncompany #lexington #hållbarhetspodden #suistanable #veckansaffärer

Nejkrásnější košile od @tatomymo 🖤👌🏻 #suistanable #slow #fashion #recycle


Good morning 🙌.
We were stacking a little town for this week's #babipurchallenge . We used #grimmswoodentoys #grimmsrainbow #selectatoys and #grapattoys 💜💙💛. All available @babipur #welovebabipur

Yeah our weekend starts💙🎊🎉
Which plans do you have for the weekend?
I woke up feeling not well today. I guess i will get a cold. Additional on our way home (by bicycle) we got wet💧☔. So now little 🐝 and I are enjoying our warm home😊.

Magical @pichulikafrica - The Harvest collection 💫

Inlove with how every design, stone and material has a meaning - honouring the makers and inspiration behind the piece

#pichulik #pichulikharvest #new #suistanable #ethical #cycles #inspiration #inlove #obsessed #fashion

I promised a post about our #laundrydetergent @my_ecoegg 😊. #zerowasteweek is the perfect opportunity.💚
First of all it isn't a zero waste alternative but we save a huge amount of waste with it! This egg is filled with pellets which can be refilled.
Since 5 months we use it for every washing. It's also perfect for #clothdiapers 💙. #ecoegg completely replaces powder or liquid and saves us money too💕.
We use the laundry egg together with stain remover (2nd pic) which I directly put on the clothes which got stains. Additional i add ecological water softener. Even if you don't have very hard water you will probably need the softener. But with #clothnappiess it needs to be the right one!
Another advantage is that it's hypoallergenic and doesn't contain harsh chemicals.
💧This is no ad. I just love this #moneysaving and #ecofriendly alternative. I bought the egg @babipur . In Germany it's also available at @stoffywelt 💚.

Dirkson & Dirkson 🍃 Kom op deze herfstige dag bij ons langs in de pop-up loods in Dongen! De koffie staat klaar ☕️

#zerowasteweek 💚
We mainly drink tap water💧. Ok i also drink a lot of coffee😉🍵.
Did you know that tap water in Germany is healthier and more controlled than water you buy in the shop?
I got my own isolated reusable bottle from @hydroflask and little 🐝 uses an isolated #purakiki 💚.

With kids a lot of things are great for #reuse 💚. For example the lids of baby food jars. 🐝 loves to play with them. (Older pic)
Unfortunately another day at home because M is still sick. 😷😴

#zerowasteweek 💚
I love flowers but not all the packaging around them. So why not go for a walk and pick some wild 🌼🌸🍀. We are very lucky because we have 3 fields nearby where you can pick flowers on your own and leave a small amount of money🌻💛🌻💛🌻.

Dirkson & Dirkson 🍃 Aanstaande zaterdag kun je deze mooie spullen scoren in onze pop-up loods! @vantrommelen heeft ook allerlei moois te koop, dus zorg dat je komt!

Dirkson & Dirkson 🍃 Perzisch tapijt/loper nu €50,-

Dirkson & Dirkson 🍃 Allemaal pareltjes ✨ Perzische tapijten, antieke flessen, spiegels en nog veel meer! Aanstaande zaterdag kun je deze scoren in onze pop-up loods! @vantrommelen heeft ook allerlei moois te koop, dus zorg dat je komt!

Dirkson & Dirkson 🍃 Spiegelwand.. ✨ Antieke spiegels van €5 tot €30
Aanstaande zaterdag kun je deze scoren in onze pop-up loods! @vantrommelen heeft ook allerlei moois te koop, dus zorg dat je komt!

Dirkson & Dirkson 🍃 Aanstaande zaterdag zijn wij open!! Kom struinen tussen al het moois in onze pop-up loods van 11.00 uur tot 17.00 uur!
Sint Josephstraat 39 Dongen

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