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For those who've been missing me telling stories, today's collab w @nexttowndown is one in which we can all find ourselves. These young men- & new friends- stepped into a real place and shared their incredible gifts. Go watch the full video now. Link in Bio. Please share with anyone who needs an answer or message of hope. Love. ❤️💪🏽🌏

Song: #18002738255 @logic @alessiasmusic
Videographer @justjaimar
Location @peerspace
Arrangement / Production Jared Jenkins

#logic #alessia #1800 #suicidehotline #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #loveall #equality #lgbtq #translove #equalrepresentation #nexttowndown #alysonstoner #music #cover #hiphop

Me, my beautiful girlfriend, and my dedicated apprentice are going to be attending this amazing event tomorrow doing free henna!!! Event info Walk Location: Hagerstown City Park - 501 Virginia Ave - Hagerstown, MD
Check-in/Registration Time: 09/23/2017 at 8:00 am
Walk Begins: 9:30 am
Walk Ends: 11:45 am @xskywalkerart @beeeeho #tattmyholebody #bornofalegacytattoo #henna #fightsuicide #walk #suicideprevention #volunteer

Safety first, that’s the name of the game. Check your bike, make sure it’s ok. Make sure it’s running and registered for the day!

Above all else, have fun!

See you at DGR 2017, and thank you for the support.

DGR is proudly supported by @zenithwatches and @officialtriumph.

#20burpeechallenge completed by @tech_nasty of the US ARMY! Thank you for helping spread awareness about veteran suicide 🎗
An estimated 20 veterans commit suicide everyday. Help us raise awareness of veteran suicide through health and wellness. Whether you're doing 20 push-ups, burpees, or deadlifts...we just want to encourage everyone to get out there and continue raising awareness, providing education, and reducing the stigma of mental conditions. Together we can help in the fight against veteran suicide 💪 #20tozero
Need information or resources about PTSD/Veteran Suicide Awareness? Head over to

#20tozero #project22 #veterans4veterans #ptsd #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #neveralone

two years ago we lost a beautiful soul, miss you every day Amanda.
always mo💙 #suicideprevention

{ Please Stay 12/20: Jem Carstairs’ Note to You }
My life has been a candle against so much darkness; Tessa & Will kept me warm for so long, until they could no longer as I was submerged in the Silent City. I had to find a spark to get me through, then. It was difficult. More than difficult. But not unattainable. Having it known that my heartbeats were very limited made each day & each fleck of emotion impactful. The memory of that still does. I didn’t expect to ever fall in love or have any sort of significant life. But I did. I do. Qīn'ài de, meaning will emerge for you, too. It doesn’t matter how many days you get; what matters is that you live in them, live with them, live with those around you. Experience. You are so beautiful. The world may have chipped away at you, but you cannot be broken irreparably. I’ll help you find all of the pieces. We’ll put you back together again—even if it means discovering new things to fit the spaces of you. Will, Tessa, & I all have different beliefs about the meanings of life, but we’ve learned together not to doubt that there is meaning. It has seemed lacking many times throughout our lives. There were points where each of us were prepared to surrender to death. But knowing what I do now, I’m so glad we didn’t give ourselves before death was ready to take us. The wheel goes full circle. It has in many ways, many times. But it’s subtle; it may take centuries even. Each moment ties together to make the wheel turn. We live & love, & it changes things, even just minimally. There is a point to all of this pain, I promise you. It comes in kindness, in gentleness, in the notes from a violin or the current of the Thames. We impact each other. No matter what comes after, the days we spend now give purpose beyond obligation & mortal bodies. The wheel turns. It will turn with you. I’m here for you through the sorrow. Together, we can come back from darkness which seems eternal. We’ve been silent for too long.
Please stay.
At last with love,
Jem Carstairs
{ #theinfernaldevices #tid #shadowhunters #themortalinstruments #tmi #jemcarstairs #suicideawareness #suicideprevention }

There's a DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) skill called "half smile". The skill is used to bring down distress. For example, I was really angry and frustrated this morning. The anger and frustration definitely matched the situation - meaning my emotions were valid. (By the way, I feel like so many people get mixed up when they're told to use skills in distressing situations. By no means does it mean that the other person is "right" or justified in what they said or did that made you feel a negative emotion. At the same time they may have been in the wrong, you get to decide if you stay in that hurt, or if you get out of it and continue on. All it means by using skills is that you're choosing to better yourself. Emotions last only a few seconds, and they pass; however, it is our thoughts and reactions that continue us to experience the distress.) So anyway, I got to decide if I wanted to continue rolling my eyes all day and being angry at the world. I chose to do "half smile", which is exactly what it sounds like - smiling a little bit, which is the opposite of the negative emotion you're likely feeling. Because my body language - slouched over, stiff and tense, took on those emotions of frustration and anger. So by standing up straight, smiling a bit (which by the way, feels totally uncomfortable in the moment !!), I physically altered what my mind was telling me. Usually when I use "half smile", I end up laughing out loud, because it feels unnatural and I feel like I look so silly !! But it absolutely works.
Also I want to say that it is healthy to express emotions. However, when emotions are negatively impacting your day, that's a huge problem. You don't want to be carrying over stuff from even a few minutes ago into a new moment. And every moment is a new moment, and a chance to start over. So it's best to be skillful so we can effectively cope and move forward. And I mean, why would you wanna feel frustrated and angry all day?! I sure don't! Comment below or message me if you'll think about using this skill, if you're gong to use it or if you have used it. I'd love to hear about your experiences. ❤️

so much love today,, missin you forever jewy💛🍍 #suicideprevention #teampineapple #jillyb🍍


Today I walked in support of my friends who lost their son along with those who walked for the loved ones they have lost. Suicide and depression are a very real struggle everywhere. No one and no place is exempt. Please let's talk about it, no more stigmatized or taboo associations. I walked for those I have lost, I walked for those who have attempted, those who have thought about attempting and for myself. •

#orangefordeclan #depression #suicide #suicideawarness #youarenotalone
#outofthedarkness #suicideprevention #afsp #nomorestigma #sunny #blueskies #sunshine #pnw #pacificnorthwest

Suicide Prevention Month Post: If you know me, you know that one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone refers to suicide as selfish. This article from @themightysite explains it perfectly. .
"A friend once said something like this to me: “I would miss you so much if you weren’t here tomorrow, and I would be very sad, but I would understand if you can’t be.” It touched me so deeply. He heard me. He understood I wasn’t trying to hurt him, or my family or anyone else. I was trying to cope. And sometimes trying to cope isn’t enough."
#suicidepreventionmonth #suicideprevention #suicide #mentalhealth #mentalillness #depression #themighty #strength #understanding

"But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."
1 Peter 2:9
You Are Enough... Just As You Are. Chosen. Loved. Blessed. Highly Favored. BeLeaf (Believe) in You.

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and in honor of this cause I am selling these 3" canvases for $4. All of the money raised will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, so please message me if interested! 😊@namicommunicate #youareloved #suicideprevention

Your friends and associates aren't the only ones who bring joy to life. Pets provide an unconditional love that help make us kinder, happier, and healthier. Shout out your fearless, four-legged pet who helps you through the good, bad, and ugly in life with the hashtag #gotmysix. 🐹🐎🐖🐈🐾🐕#family #pets #dogs #cats #pigs #hamster #guineapig #animal #socialsupport #suicideprevention #petsarefamily

The homie @jmotttt spreading the Vibes with Philadelphia Phillies Zac Curtis!! 🔥🔥#PositiveVibes

Today’s travel takes us 1 hour from home to play/coach/watch an early morning soccer game. Utah is beautiful even on a very cold fall morning. Every day we get to spend with Mitch is a blessing. We thank God everyday we have another day to spend together. Life is short, don’t waste time on regrets. Get out and enjoy the world around you. #travelingmordecai #travelwithacause #staystrong #stopthestigma #mentalhealth #suicideawareness #suicideprevention #suicideawarenessmonth #starbucks #hotchocolate #keepmewarm #getoutside #lovelife #soccer #kidsgrowuptoofast

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